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Björn CLERN ooak (One Of A Kind) guitar models.

Click on photo for more info Welcome to try at TIPTOP shop :Katarinavägen 22, Stockholm. .

Björn CLERN Bass

Björn CLERN Bass Jazz Bass. 3 pickup.FRETLESS.ooak (One Of A Kind). NEW.4982g.

Solid 1 piece walnut body.Thick slab Ebony fingerboard.3 Special custom lipstick pickups.Bullet preamp with adjustable gain on inside. Hårt fodral i svart lädertolex med röd lyxig plysch insida med Clern guld logo stickat på insidan.Finaste Italienska läderaxelband med Clern loggorna ingår. 45-105 & intonerad.Byggd på Katarinavägen av bc & perfekt injusterad oxå."ooak" (One Of A Kind) betyder att varje exemplar är unikt, ej serietillverkat.Lätt relik behandlad för en inspelad känsla.Passa på! Kanon instrument-våga pröva ;-). . .

Björn CLERN Bass Jazz Bass. 3 pickup.ooak (One Of A Kind). NEW.4219g.

Very nice Walnut top on boxelder body.2 NOS Schekter "tapped" JazzBass pickups from late 1970s (15,5 kohm) + 1 Duncan QP pickup.Badass bridge.Great new Gotoh 1970s style tuners. Dark and straightgrained Indian Rosewood slab fingerboard on satin nitro finished maple back of neck.Bone nut.Hardcase in black leathertolex with red plush interior with stiched CLERN gold logo on the inside.Finest Italien leather strap with Clern logos incl..
Info about the pickups.

Björn CLERN Bass Jazz Bass. ooak (One Of A Kind).

Cool Multicolor paint on lightweight alder body.Solid slab EBONY fingerboard with jumbo frets on gloss finished maple back of neck.Bone nut.Grover tuners. Schaller bridge.Neck size like early 1970s Pbass.Active pickup:USA Seymour Duncan PRECISION Bass with miniswitches for several different EQ setting, great sounds.Clern leather strap & Clern Hardcase incl... 9600 SEK
Seymour Duncan info:

Björn CLERN Bass P Bass -55. ooak (One Of A Kind).

Thin Nitro finish Butterscotch yellowed Blonde on 1 piece lightweight ASH body.Weight only 3686 gram! BOCOTE fingerboard on WALNUT back.Bone nut.Great neck with JazzBass nut width for easy playing.Nut width: 38mm.Strings through body for great sustain and tone.Vintage type LITE tuners from Gotoh.Satin Nitro neck finish. Hardcase in black leathertolex with red plush interior with stiched CLERN gold logo on the inside.Finest Italien leather strap with Clern logos incl.La Bella flatwounds & intonated. Built by bc & perfect adjusted.Nitro finished in Nacka by bc & team. "ooak" (One Of A Kind) means that every guitar is unic, not factory made.Light relic treated för a great worn in feeling.Great instrument - dare try it ;-).. .

Björn CLERN Bass P Bass -55. ooak (One Of A Kind).

Thin Nitro finish white Blonde on 1 piece lightweight ASH body. Strings through body for great sustain and tone. Steel bridge and saddles. 1 piece nicely flamed maple neck, thin nitro finish. Bone nut. Nut width: 41 mm. Vintage type LITE tuners from Gotoh. DAD halfround 50-105 strings & intonated. CTS pots and vintage cap. 50s style dome knobs. Hardcase in black leathertolex with red plush interior with stiched CLERN gold logo on the inside. Finest Italien leather strap with Clern logos incl. Built by bc & perfect adjusted.Nitro finished in Nacka by bc & team. "ooak" (One Of A Kind) means that every guitar is unic, not factory made. Light relic treated för a great worn in feeling. Great instrument - dare try it ;-).. ..

Björn CLERN Bass P Bass -59 Custom. A width neck. OOAK (One Of A Kind).

Black thin nitro finish on very lightweight alder body.Nice lightweight: 3,780kg.Dark straightgrained Slab Rosewood fingerboard.A-width at nut (same as vintage Jazz Bass).Bone nut.Titan bridgeplate.Hot CTS pots.QP pickup.Vintage blue Fender capacitor from 1960s.Mint green vintage style 1959 pickguard.Clern hardcase with red deluxe interior.. 10900 SEK


Fender / Squier BRONCO Bass.(Musicmaster Bass reissue). 2006.

SHORTSCALE! Torino Red body.Maple neck.Made in Indonesia. Perfectly setup and intonated also. Ready to play!. Superdeal 1750 SEK

Fender Bass V. 1965.

Sunburst.All original.Original hardcase. Very worn , extremelly rare & cool!. 52000 SEK

Fender Bass VI Blonde (!). 1963.Ex cond.Extremely rare.

Blonde on ash body.All original.Black Rosewood fingerboard.Orig hardcase.. 170000 SEK

Fender Jazz Bass "-69" copy by Maple (GRECO). Made In Japan. 1976 ca.

Natural finish on very cool solid (not laminate as many sunburst were) Zen ash body.Very flamed Maple neck with black block inlays in fingerboard and black neck binding.Tortoise pickguard.Weight:4,3 kg.All original except cool D tuner installed.New TT hardcase.. 9500 SEK

Fender Jazz Bass. 1964.Vg cond.

Sunburst on alder body.Clay dot neck with very nice BRAZILIAN rosewood. Neck dated 7FEB 64A.Refreted with bigger frets. Original pickups.All 3 pots original and dated 6403. Original tortoise pickguard.Original logo. Neck is nitro oversprayed. Original tuners works fine. L-serie number.Hardcase. 3962 gram without metalcovers or 4129 with both metal original covers. Sounds amazing! Low and very comfortable stringheight. . Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. 95000 SEK

Fender Jazz Bass. 1965.

Sunburst.Neck date:7JUL 65A. L-serial #. Rare Pao Ferro fingerboard. Newer reissue tuners installed. Original Pearl dot inlays, no binding. Reissue tortoise pickguard. ! pot dated 1965, 2 newer CTS pots. Original grey bobbin pickups dated 1965. TT Hardcase.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. 79000 SEK

Fender Jazz Bass. 1965.

Original Sonic Blue with matching head.Original logo and very yellowed Sonic Blue turning to green.All original except body refin.Headstock has original finish, only body nitro refin. Was once refinished in purple, this was removed but a few small spots of purple in neck pocket tells the story.A small area under pickguard still has the original Sonic Blue color before its started to turn green.Superb BRAZILIAN Fingerboard with Pearl dot inlays.Original custom color w/b/w pickguard! All 3 pots dated 304-6512.(week 12,1965).Original pickups.Neck date:7 MAR65A.L-serie#. Lightweight:4,15 kg with both covers on.Hardcase.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. 65000 SEK

Fender Jazz Bass. 1966.

Fiesta Red nitro refin body.Dot neck with binding (rare only made late 1965 - early 1966).Rare Egg shaped original tuners.Black Rosewood fingerboard.Refretted and worn but still plays nicely with low stringheight.Small repair of neck binding, no wood missing.Neck is oversprayed.All 3 pots original & dated early 1966.Original tortoise pickguard.Neck pickup original and dated -66.Bridge pickup grey bobbin reissue.Both original metal covers.New 45-105 strings and intonated.4030gram without metalcovers or 4197gram with covers. Original hardcase.. 56000 SEK

Fender Jazz Bass. 1970.

Original Sunburst on alder body, very worn.Dark nice Rosewood fingerboard.Pots dated 1970 week 51.Lightweigt:4318 g with both metal covers.All original.TT hardcase.. 55000 SEK

Fender Jazz Bass. 1978.Excellent all original cond.

Black.All original.Dark rosewood fingerboard.Lightweight: only: 4311gram. incl hardcase.. 29500 SEK

Fender Precision Bass. 1966.

Blonde.Neck dated march 1966.Original tuners & logo.Original frets in still very playable.Neck width: 44,0mm.Pearl dot neck.Original pickup dated 7-12-66.Original pots dated:137-6609 = week 9 year 1966.Original knobs.Body nitro refinished. 1 piece ashbody.Weight:4,3kg. New Fender strings 45-100.Hardcase incl.. 45000 SEK

Fender - SOLD

Fender A list of a few examples of sold ones... See below here.For reference & fun only ;-)

. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1962 january.

Fiesta red,old pro nitro refin by Tip Top ca 1994.Original pots,dated 1961 week 52.Neck dated 1/62.Slab Brazilian rosewood.Original pickups.Mint green pickguard (reissue).. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1965

sunburst. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1965.

Shoreline gold.Lightweight alder body.Old pro nitro refin of body.Neck date:7 APR 65A.Original grey bobbin pickups.All 3 Pots dated 1964.BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard.Hardcase.FANTASTIC SOUNDING & PLAYING BASS!. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1966

olympic white, pro refin by Tom Murphy.. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1966

Dot neck with binding.Burgundy mist with matching headstock.Pro refin, pro refret. Nice birds eye neck. Sounds and looks "like a million dollars"!. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1966.

Cool yellowed Olympic White alder body (nitro refinished by tiptop,not relic).Original logo and nitro finish on neck.Neck dated:7OCT66A.Original frets.Headstock repair by Ad Lib.All pots original, dated 1966.Tuners from late 60-early 70s.Tortoise pickguard,nice but nonoriginal.Upgraded with Titanium bridge for best tone.Big F metal cover over bridge pickup.Pickups rewound.Fender hardcase.Sounds and plays fantastic.A cool players bass!. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1969.Vg- cond.

Black.Original except old nonpro refin on body and neck.Sounds fantastic and plays great!Orig pickguard is repaired.Pots dated week 40 1969.Neck dated dec 69.Orig hardcase. . Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1969.

Original Fauxburst alder body: sunburst over white primer (very rare).Rosewood fingerboard converted to fretless.. Sold
Info about

Fender Jazz Bass. 1969.VG+ cond.Nice weight: 4,3kg with 1 metalcover.

Sunburst on alder body.Original Pickups dated to 1969.All pots dated week 28, year 1969.Orig blue 0.022 cap.All original except nut (now brass).Fender metal bridge F-cover included.Hardcase.Plays great!. For sale at Copenhagen Guitar Show 30/9. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1973

sunburst, original. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1974

Olympic White alder body,which is now very yellowed and cool.Maple neck with pearl inlays.Very lightweight!!. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1974.

Maple neck.Unusally lightweight!Body old refinished Burgundy Mist.1 pickup from 1974, 1 newer Voodoo. Sounds and plays great.. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1974.

All original. Sunburst on lightweight alder body.Pots dated 1974 week 29.pickups dated 74 etc.Both covers.Small repair of binding on neck.Newer nut.Orig hardcase.. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1974.Very good cond.Nice weight, only 3985g!

Olympic White on alder body (nitro refin).Maple neck with pearloid block inlays.Original 4 bolt, (last year).Original except the pro refin on body only.TT Hardcase.. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1975.

Refinished in Natural,nitrocellulose.Feels more like a -66 than -75.Sounds incredible! Very lightweight.Alder body.Reissue tortoise pickguard.. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1975.

Original Natural(upcharge in the 70s)on ash body.Almost 1 piece body!Maple neck.All original.THE funk bass!Very cool vibes.. Sold

Fender Jazz Bass. 1981.

Sonic Blue,very rare original finish thats turned greener by sunlight.Maple neck with block inlays.Original white pickguard.Pots date 1981.All original.Hardcase.Sounds great and plays wonderful.. Sold

Fender Musicmaster Bass. 1973.Vg cond.

Original custom color Sonic Blue, turning green in a very cool way.All original.An old sticker have left a shadowing on the front, can be covered with a new one we suggest.Wornmark in body after where thumb has been placed, filled with some white color.Anyway... a Great bass!!. Sold

Fender Precision bass -51 reissue 1998ca.

2 tone sunburst on lightweight ash body.Flatwounds makes this cool baby sound like a bass should.Almost mint condition.Be cool get this bass now!. Sold

Fender Precision Bass -55 Reissue.STING Signature model. 1999-2002.Ex cond.Lightweight: only 3,82kg!

2 tone sunburst on nice grained swampash body.Maple neck.All original.Crafted in Japan P + 5 DIGITS = year 1999-2002 .Fantastic bass! TT hardcase.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass -59 Relic Custom Shop. 2005.

Blonde ash body.Very lightweight!! Slab Roseood fingerboard. All original incl case candy and cert. OTHC. Sold

Fender Precision Bass -62 Reissue USA. 1983.Good cond.Very worn, a real relic!Crazy suntaned

Slab rosewood fingerboard.FULLERTON era! Neck date:3-31-83 = march 31, 1983.Marked by J.TORRES.This is one of the early reissues when Fender made very few instruments per day.Frets still very playable.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass Special.Made in USA. 1980.

Original Lake Placid Blue on headstock.Original finish on Maple neck.Natural Refinished 1970s ash body.Gold hardware.Active electronics changed to passive vintage wiring + serie / parallell on the original miniswitch. Great playing and sounding P bass.Weight: 3967g.Gigbag.. Sold
Great info about this model here.

Fender Precision Bass. 1959.Very lightweight: only 3,91kg with bridge cover.

Old Olympic White rf.Slab rosewood fingerboard.Original tortoise pickguard, shrunken but still ok. Neck dated 1959 week 45.Body date under pickups:10/59.Original white flat 0.1 cap.Strong original pickup:11,7.Refin neck with reissue logo.Original tuners.A fantastic sounding and playing bass! Reissue Fender Tweed hardcase.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1960.Ex- cond.

Dakota Red.Black slab rosewood fingerboard.Clay dots.Original tuners.Old pro refin on body (original color was sunburst, can be seen in neck pocket).Both neck and body dated 1960.Reissue Mint green pickguard.Original pickup and bridge.Original jack.Incredible sounding and playing vintage Pbass from the best years:slab 59-62.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1962.Weight:3650

Yellowed Olympic White, pro nitro refin.Nice dark Brazilian rosewood veneer fingerboard and clay dots with original frets.Neck date:5 AUG 62C. Pickup pocket date in body 8/62.Original pu & both pots dated 1962 (304-6231) with original 0.1 cap.Original tuners, bridge, knobs, pickguard and shield.Neck overspray.Bridge cover incl.Nonorig hardcase.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1964.Vg+ cond.Nice lightweight: 3650g.

Worn Sunburst.Black BRAZILIAN Rosewood with original frets.Neck dated 5APR 64C.Original tuners, works fine.Pickup measures 10,6 kohms,sounds great.Original tortoise pickguard, shrunken but still ok.Original aluminium shield.Original knobs.2 newer CTS pots.Old Brown cap.Trussrod works fine.Hardcase.Please call for price.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1965

Sunburst, another one. Very light and nice. one owner for 30 years... Great. . Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1965.

Sunburst.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1965.Leight Weight:3,60 kg.

Sunburst, original.Neck date:5AUG65C.Original with the rare Pau Ferro fingerboard (lighter in color, great sound, Eric Johnson favorite wood for fingerboards.)Tone pot dated 1965 week 20,volpot -77..Grey bobbin pickup which measure 9,25 kOhm.Great woody sound!Original Hardcase... Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1966.Lightweight:3,85kg.

Olympic White, body nitro relic pro refin.Original pickguard, shield,pots and pickup.Pots dated:week 42 year 1966.Original neck finish and logo.Neck dated:5DEC 66C.Upgraded with newer reissue tuner that works more precise better than the original.L serial number.Hardcase.Fantastic bass!. . Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1967.Vg+ condition.Nice lightweight:3,90 kg.

Original Firemist Gold Metallic ! Neck stamped:5 JAN 67C.Very nice, almost black rosewood fingerboard with Pearl dots.Original pickup grey bobbin sounds great and dated feb 1967.Custom color w/b/w pickguard. Both original metalcovers.Original black Fender hardcase.All original except vintage reissue pre-CBS tuners (looks the same but tunes better).. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1968.

Sunburst.Rosewood neck.Neck dated:5 JUN 68B.Neck finished in cellulose laquer!Original "Egg"shaped tuners!Pickups dated 8-1-68.Pots 137 6642.Original (for Sweden) beige case.All original,lightweight and great player.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1968.

Original Sunburst,very worn, a real relic!! Rosewood fingerboard.Extra Jazz pickup.Hardcase Fantastic.DU SOM ÄGER DENNA BAS NUMERA, KONTAKTA OSS, VI HAR FÅTT KONTAKT MED ORIGINALÄGAREN I USA.RING 08-6427300 TACK.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1970.Vg cond.

Original Sunburst on alder body.Very nice neck with the rare "A" small width at nut.Superb dark rosewood fingerboard.Pickup original grey bobbin and dated 1970.Both pots dated 1969.Original tortoise pickguard.Newer vintage reissue pre-CBS tuners, works great.Brass nut installed.Hiscox Hardcase included.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1971.

Sunburst.Rosewood fingerboard.A lot of wear on back of neck-"SRV".Lightweight alder body.All original.Too cool!. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1972.

Walnut color on very lightweight alder body.Original A neck size = jazzbass width!!!Very rare. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1974.Good cond.3,8 kg.

. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1974.

Original Natural finish ashbody.Rosewood fingerboard.Neck date week 21 -74.Not heavy.Old Dimarzio pickup.Sounds great and plays "like butter".. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1974.

Lightweight: 3616gram! Very worn Alder body, originallly sunburst, but since late 1970s stripped and refin in nitrocellolose to natural-looks very cool.Neck dated week 40 year 1974.Dark and straightgrained Rosewood fingerboard, converted long time ago to FRETLESS.Nut width:40,4mm - very playable. Original tuners.Neck is very worn and almost no finish on back of neck.Original tortoise pickguard with original pickup dated 1974.Both pots dated 1974.Original bridge saddles on Titanium base plateplate (for even better sound).Non orig hardcase included.Plays great and sounds fantastic.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1975.

Sunburst on very,very lightweight alderbody.Mapleneck A-size neck = jazzbass width.Feels absolutely great.Fantastic P bass!!! . Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1975.Excellent cond.

All Original very cool Mocca Brown! Very dark rosewood fingerboard.Nice weight.Pot dates are late 1974. TT Hard case included.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1976.Weight:4,6 kg.

BUTTERSCOTCH (very rare!) Blonde.Ash body,heavily yellowed from the sun.Nice playing Maple neck.Both covers.Original type bridge reinstalled.Original Hardcase.Too cool!!. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1976.Vg+ cond.

Blonde ash body, very yellowed and cool!Maple neck. . Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1977.Good cond.

Olympic White on VERY lightweight ash body, very yellowed.Rosewood fingerboard on original A-size neck width (=jazzbass width at nut,very rare!).Vintage Pinup sticker on back.Great vibe and so cool!. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1978.

Very yellowed Olympic White.Maple neck.Lightweight.Very cool!Now restored with black pickguard,original 1978. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1978.

Sunburst.Rosewood fingerboard:Nicely flamed neck.Lightweight.Very worn.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1978.Almost mint!

FRETLESS.Sunburst on ash body.Orig hardcase.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1978.

Olympic White, very yellowed and cool.All original.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1978.

Original Natural on nicegrained ash body.Nice dark rosewood fingerboard.Tortoise pickguard.Hardcase.Very worn and cool, real Relic!!. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1978.Vg cond.4,55kg.

Original and nicely Yellowed Olympic White ash body.Dark Rosewood fingerboard.All original except upgraded with Seymour Duncan QP for great fat lows.Plays very nice and sounds incredible!Hardcase.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1978.Vg- cond.

Original custom color Wine Red transparant on ash body.Body dated 2/28 (1978) and stamped 0805 (week5 1978) in neck pocket.Original Maple neck with 1978 serial number on headfront..Pickups: old 1970s Schekter USA Prec-Jazz set for fatter & more sounds.Extra routing under pickguard.Titan bridge plate,vintage dimensions but better sound.Great player & sound very good! TT Hardcase.. Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1979.

Sierra Sunburst.Maple neck.All original.Extremely worn!! TCF marked on back of head = used in a prison in Texas. (TCF= Texas Correction Facility).If this bass could talk.... Sold

Fender Precision Bass. 1979.Excellent cond.

Original Natural (=upcharge in price back in the 70s).Maple neck.Nice!!Fender Hardcase.. Sold

Fender Telecaster Bass 1968.

Olympic White ,now looks very yellowed and cool.Cellulosa laquer on both neck and body,loooks very 50s!Unusually lightweight for being from 1968.Reissue single coil pickup and pickguard from Fender.. Sold

Fender Telecaster Bass. 1971.

Olympic White, very worn - a real RELIC!!!All original.. Sold

Fender Telecaster Bass. 1972

Yellowed Olympic White on ash body.Body pro nitro refin.Original neck finish.Original big humbucker pickup and pots,dated 1972.Hardcase.. Sold

Shine Bass

Shine Bass 702 Jazz bass. NEW.

Solid Paulonia body.Lightweight -very suitable if you are tired of heavy basses.Shine Pro gigbag included.Great bass!. 3595 SEK