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Bjärton 12 string. 1970s.Ex cond

DC case.


Clern D-28H.With pickup. New.

Dreadnought size body.ALL solid Woods! Solid Sitka spruce top. Solid ROSEWOOD back and sides.Vintage style Herringbone binding.Genuine EBONY fingerboard.Mahogany neck.BONE nut and saddle(intonated).1930s style Martin type headstock with Clern logo in pearl and abalone.Special extra strenght headstock design.Nickel plated open vintage tuners (like 1930s or Waverly).Neck shape taken from an extra nice 1950s Gibson, slightly rounder and thicker. (Ebony bridge and bridge pins.You may choose from: Clern Deluxe GIGBAG (with cool reflecting tape): thick padding,highest quality materials OR Clern HARDCASE with hygrometer on inside for 500sek extra.ToneRite treated for best tone! A superb copy of Martin D-28 at a fraction of Martins price.Check it out now! .Designed by Bjorn Clern, loudly made in China & Only sold in TIP TOPs shop.. Superdeal SMARTMANs Martin D28 ;-) 6900 SEK


Fender Bass V. 1965.

Sunburst.All original.Original hardcase. Very worn , extremelly rare & cool! The original Fender Bass V was a model of electric bass guitar produced by Fender between 1965 and 1971. It was the world's first five-string bass guitar. Only about 200 Fender Bass V models were produced, before being discontinued in 1971. The Bass V is unusual in its dimensions: although it is three inches longer than a Precision Bass, the Bass V has only 15 frets. Although most modern five-string basses feature a low B string, the Bass V featured a high C string, to allow reading bass players to reach high notes on the instrument more easily. The top note on the instrument is E♭, the same as a standard 20-fret 4 string Jazz or Precision Bass. The Bass V originally came with chrome bridge and pickup covers. . 52000 SEK

Fender Amp: - SOLD

Fender Amp: Bassman 50 Top BLONDE + Tremolux Cab 2 x 10 BLONDE tolex. 1963..

6G6B model. Sounds great! Fully serviced and ready to be played for many years! Original Blonde tolex, smooth version on both top and speaker cab. Original choketrafo marked 6307 = week 7 year 1963. Original OT (Output-transformer) marked 6337 = week 37 year 1963. Original Swedish Hagström Transformer. S-marked (= originally sold in Sweden) Nice strong tubes: 2 x 5881 matched from Ruby, 4 x 12AX7 Ruby and Sovtek. Most capacitors original, only 4 newer 25/25volt for best performance. Newer bias cap = more stable bias (=good). All 6 filtercaps exchanged year 1998 with fresh 22/500volt Ruby (=stong sounds and low noise). Stamped 2 times with TC3963 on inside of amp = week 39 year 1963. MI on sticker = sep year 1963. Great vintage sounds!! Original 2 x 10 inch speaker cab with smooth blonde tolex - orig speakers and sounds great.. Sold

Ibanez - SOLD

Ibanez Archtop AF-85 flametop. 2012.

Sunburst.All original.Perfect setup with flatwounds.Intonates nice.Gigbag.. Superdeal Sold


Malmberg Custom Hollowbody. New. Super lightweight: 2,45 kg.

New Limited edition model.Extra thick body but totally Hollowbody without F holes. Hand carved maple top and back.Superlightweight:2450g!! .Ebony or Rosewood fingerboard.Lightweight aluminum wraparound.Special design Giovanni pickups.Nitrocellulose handrubbed finish.Bone nut.Hardcase.Designed by Björn Clern and approved by Göran Malmberg. . 16500 SEK

Malmberg Rock & Roll magazine mars år 2020. Malmberg article in the great magazine "ROCK & ROLL" .march 2020 :

4 pages about guitarbuilder Mr Göran Malmberg in ROCK & ROLL magazine march 2020.

Malmberg Special PROTOTYPE #P 06. .

Sunburst with black back and sides.Bookmatched flamed flat maple top. special design pickups.Tattoo inlays.Satin nickel hardware.Zero fret. Doubble multiple binding around body edges and headstock.Superb quality! Pro Gigbag included. Signed by Göran Malmberg.. Superdeal 6500 SEK

Martin - SOLD

Martin Stinger AMP. 1990.

Made in Korea for USA Martin brand.. Sold


National ES-335 copy. Made in Japan. 1970s.

model EG-680. DC case. Superdeal

Selmer - SOLD

Selmer Treble "N" Bass 50 Mk II Top. 1966.

50 watt.Very similar in sound and construction as a Marshall JTM45 with 2 EL-34s and the great GZ34 rectifier. "The T´n´B 50 was probably the longest-running Selmer amplifier in production, from the early 60´s to the late 70´s.The Mk II version followed the croc-skin models, and changes were largely cosmetic. Cabinet covering was changed to black vinyl, the front being covered in a very attractive white/blue on black patterned grillcloth similar to designs used by WEM and Vox at that time, with a large light-blue Selmer logo. Handle is leather with Vox-type mounting brackets, and vent grilles are no longer used as ventilation to the back is improved.Normal and Bass channel each have 2 inputs and controls for volume, treble and bass, and an on/off switch and pilot light are provided. On the rear of the chassis are voltage selector, 2 slo-blo fuses and 15 & 7.5 ohm speaker output sockets.Dimensions 21" x 8.1/2" x 8", valve complement ECC83 (3), EL34 (2), GZ34 (1).This simple, functional and reliable amplifier occupies sonic territory somewhere between Vox and Marshall and can emulate both, probably the reason for it´s popularity.Oddly, the very attractive livery seems to have been used only on the T´n´B and not other Selmer models.". Sold
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