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Björn CLERN TLE -59. ooak (One Of A Kind).

White Blonde on lightweight 1piece ash..

Björn CLERN TLE -64. ooak (One Of A Kind).

Lightweight alder body, thin nitro Natural finish.1 neck humbucker with serie/paralell on tone control.More info & Photos soon..

Björn CLERN TLE SURFBOARD custom, ooak (One Of A Kind).

More info & Photos soon....

Björn CLERN Bass

Björn CLERN Bass Jazz Bass FRETLESS.3 pickup.ooak (One Of A Kind).

Solid 1 piece walnut body.Thick slab Ebony fingerboard.3 Special custom lipstick pickups.Bullet preamp with adjustable gain on inside. Hårt fodral i svart lädertolex med röd lyxig plysch insida med Clern guld logo stickat på insidan.Finaste Italienska läderaxelband med Clern loggorna ingår. 45-105 & intonerad.Byggd på Katarinavägen av bc & perfekt injusterad oxå."ooak" (One Of A Kind) betyder att varje exemplar är unikt, ej serietillverkat.Lätt relik behandlad för en inspelad känsla.Passa på! Kanon instrument-våga pröva ;-). . .

Björn CLERN Bass Jazz Bass. ooak (One Of A Kind).

Cool Multicolor paint on lightweight alder body.Dark Rosewood slab fingerboard with jumbo frets on gloss finished maple back of neck.Bone nut.Neck size like early 1970s Pbass.Active pickup:USA Seymour Duncan PRECISION Bass with miniswitches for many different but great sounds.Clern leather strap & Clern Hardcase incl...

Björn CLERN Bass Jazz Bass.3 pickup.ooak (One Of A Kind).

Very nice Walnut top on boxelder body.2 NOS Schekter "tapped" JazzBass pickups from late 1970s (15,5 kohm) + 1 Duncan QP pickup.Badass bridge.Great new Gotoh 1970s style tuners. Dark and straightgrained Indian Rosewood slab fingerboard on satin nitro finished maple back of neck.Bone nut.Clern leather strap & Clern Hardcase incl. photos soon....


Eastman AC 520 Flat back. Mahogany body. Used.Ex - cond.

Finest solid handcarved ENGELMANN spruce top.Solid flamed mahogany back and sides.Ebony Fingerboard,bridge and bridge pins.Bone saddle and nut.Real wooden binding around body and neck! Bridge reglued and a few dings on binding.Deluxe Hardcase included..Sounds great! . Superdeal 9500 SEK


Fender Jazzmaster. 1962.Vg cond.

Olympic White, old refin over original sunburst (which can be seen under pickguard.Body dated 8/62.Original pickups, sounds great.Original tortoise pickguard.Neck is nonorig, but with Brazilian Rosewood slab fingerboard over quartersawn great maple.Clay dots.Nitro finish with correct logo.Perfect frets.Original Sweden beige-brown hardcase incl. . OnHold


Flot-A-Tone AMP. 1950s.

Flotatone amps were made from 1946-1960s.Newly renovated, sounds great..

Gibson - SOLD

Gibson SG Special. 1963.Vg+ cond.

Original Cherry Red nitro finish.Fantastic black BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard with original frets in great condition.A killer early SG !! . Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold


Silvertone AMP combo. model 1442 (or 1446?). 1960s.

All tube: 2 x 6V6, 2 x 12AX7 + 2 more tubes.Sounds great! Built in tremolo, works fine.1 x 12 inch speaker. 110 volt.All capacitors checked and OK.New powerchord with ground for safety.New speaker cable.Incl pedal for tremolo.. 8200 SEK