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Björn CLERN STR-58 Custom, ooak (One Of A Kind)."Mr Earl". New.

Nitro Olympic White on lightweight alder body. Fantastic quartersawn maple neck.Medium C shape like a real 58. 9,5 radius.Thin nitro satin finish. Genuine bone saddle. Titanium saddles on brass plate and alu trem block, for amazing tone and incredible sustain. Brass tremolo claw. CTS pots.Vintage brown cap, Alnico 4 pickups. Great vintage sound with slightly hotter in bridge. Humcancelling in pos 2 & 4. Tone on bridge pu also. Full alu shield. . 3191 gram. 13900 SEK

Björn CLERN STR-60 Custom, ooak (One Of A Kind). Brass special. New.

Transparent Cherry RED Transparant 100% nitrocellulose handrubbed finish on lightweight swamp ash body. Superb dark slab Rosewood fingerboard. Very nice and hard quartersawn maple neck with some flames. Satin nitro+oil finish. Vintage high 22 frets. Brass nut. Gotoh Kluson tuners. Custom SSS pickups with brass pickup covers. NOS brass bridge & saddles with alu block. Brass trem claw. 5 ply pickguard. 5 way US witch. 10-46 & intonerad. Hardcase i svart lädertolex med röd lyxig plysch insida med Clern guld logo stickat på insidan. Finaste Italienska läderaxelband med Clern loggorna ingår. Byggd på Katarinavägen av bc & perfekt injusterad oxå. "ooak" (One Of A Kind) betyder att varje exemplar är unikt, ej serietillverkat. Lätt relik behandlad för en inspelad känsla. Passa på! Kanon instrument-våga pröva ;-).. 3503gram 14500 SEK


Clern D-28H.With pickup. New.

Dreadnought size body.ALL solid Woods! Solid Sitka spruce top. Solid ROSEWOOD back and sides.Vintage style Herringbone binding.Genuine EBONY fingerboard.Mahogany neck.BONE nut and saddle(intonated).1930s style Martin type headstock with Clern logo in pearl and abalone.Special extra strenght headstock design.Nickel plated open vintage tuners (like 1930s or Waverly).Neck shape taken from an extra nice 1950s Gibson, slightly rounder and thicker. (Ebony bridge and bridge pins.You may choose from: Clern Deluxe GIGBAG (with cool reflecting tape): thick padding,highest quality materials OR Clern HARDCASE with hygrometer on inside for 500sek extra.ToneRite treated for best tone! A superb copy of Martin D-28 at a fraction of Martins price.Check it out now! .Designed by Bjorn Clern, loudly made in China & Only sold in TIP TOPs shop.. Superdeal SMARTMANs Martin D28 ;-) 8500 SEK


Daion Acoustic Nylonstring ELECTRIC Cutaway. model DPC-999.Made in JAPAN. 1983.

Copy of Gibson Chet Atkins model. Incl original hardcase. Pickup is a little weak on 1 string-can be fixed. Priced as-is.. Crazy deal 2500 SEK


Eastman AC E8D. Traditional Series.SITKA spruce.(=Martin HD-28). NY.

MARTIN HD-28 för 15900kr? Nej, men samma ljud, samma träslag och minst samma kvalitet från EASTMANs handgjorda model AC E8D: Handkarvat Solid SITKA gran lock, Ebenholz greppbräda o stall, Solid Indian Rosewood baksida o sidor.Mkt fin mahogany baksida på halsen.Äkta bensadlar,handpolerade.Ebenholz stallpinnar (Martin har plast...).Handkarvade Scalloped braches.Lufttorkade träslag,inga sprickor i vårt torra klimat !Äkta 100% Nitrocellulosalack! Japanska Gotoh open back stämskruvar. Mkt fint hårt etui ingår. Daddario strängar.Perfekt stränghöjd och intonation. För mer info kolla: www.tiptop.se Välkommen in till TIP TOP MUSIK Katarinavägen 22 T- Slussen Stockholm öppet tis-fre 13-18, lör 12-15 08-6427300 12 mån räntefritt på allt ! Vi skickar gärna - öppet köp 7dagar.. Superdeal 15900 SEK
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Fender Telecaster 52 reissue Bigsby. JAPAN. 2004-2005

BUTTERSCOTCH on ash body. Blackguard. Maple neck, slight V shape. All original. CRAFTED IN JAPAN.. 3723 gram. 14500 SEK

Fender Telecaster 52 reissue. USA. 2011.

Butterscotch nitro on ash body. Maple neck, rounded not thick or V. All original incl tweed hardcase.. 3619 gram. 22000 SEK

Fender Telecaster Bass. 1972

All original. Very worn Olympic White on ash body.Cool yellowed from the sun also.A real relic, no fake. Weight:4515g. FAT sounding & plays great! Thumbrest moved to different position. Hardcase.. 39000 SEK

Fender - SOLD

Fender Stratocaster 1979..

Original transparant Blonde finish on ash body, very rare. Maple neck with original tuners and frets. All 1979 dated original pickups on original -79 blk/wht/blk pickguard. Pot dated 1979.1 pot changed (dated 1980). S9 serialnumber. Original tremolo and arm. Original backplate. Hb rout in bridge pos. Original hardcase. . 4556 gram with trem arm. Sold


Gibson ES-335TD. 1967.

All original except (probably) old factory refin in natural (or walnut) which has tanned and faded to this cool color.Original color was cherry, can be seen under neck pickup. Pro refretted. 39,9 mm nut width.Plays great! Original type Deluxe tuners reinstalled (once had Grovers). Original very worn hardcase, painted white... . 84000 SEK

Gibson Les Paul Signature. 1974.

Very rare model.Goldtop.All original except missing pickguard. Original hardcase.. 59000 SEK

Gibson Les Paul Studio. 1996.

Wine Red. Gold parts. Original pickups. Gibson hc. 4154 gram. 12900 SEK


Gretsch Doubble Anniversary model 6117. 1962-1971.

Sunburst. 2 great sounding HiLo tron pickups. Hardcase.. 28500 SEK

Guild - SOLD

Guild Starfire Bass. 1966.

All original except Nitro Natural refin. 1 original big BISONIC pickup, legendary great fat sound! Intonates fine. Low stringheight. Old repaired headstock crack, very stable. Very worn ohcase. Starfire basses have been introduced in 1965 and where pretty popular back then, famous player as Felix Pappalardi (Journey), Steve Boone (Lovin´Spoonful), Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane), Phil Lesh (Greadful Dead), Chris Hillman (the Byrds). played a Guild Starfire bass because of their own sound. The Guild Starfire Hollow bodied bass guitar is one of the more desirable vintage bass guitars of the 1960s, and gained recognition by its high profile users of the decade. and It was a very well built thinline semi-acoustic bass, with a short (30") scale, and a rich woody tone - though with far less of the muddiness of the Gibson and Epiphone bass models that was its inspiration. The Starfire bass stood up well against hollow body rivals such as the Epiphone Rivoli, Gibson EB2 and Fender Coronado bass. There were two Guild Starfire bass models, the single pickup Starfire I, launched in 1965, and a dual pickup Starfire II debuting in 1967. The Starfire pickups of the 1960s were made by Hagstrom (Bi-Sonic), and were very highly regarded. In fact it was the clarity of response of these pickups that meant Alembic kept these in place when modifying the circuitry of the Casady / Lesh basses of the late 1960s. The Hagstrom Bi-Sonic was a single coil unit, with a very unique design. The Bi-Sonics continued to be fitted to Guild Starfire (and JS) basses until 1970, when Guild finally replaced them with their own brand new humbuckers. These are really great pickups, but for some reason, instruments fitted with these humbuckers are not as desired by collectors as older examples fitted with Bi-Sonics. The earliest single pickup Starfire basses had a single pickup in the bridge position, with finger rests positioned above and below the strings in the neck position. Later (1966), these were reversed, with the pickup moving to the neck position. The Starfire's bridge was also made by Hagstrom, and consisted of a metal baseplate with rosewood saddles. It remained a feature of the Starfire throughout it's production run, with only a slight shape change in 1968.. Sold
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Guitarron Mexico Handmade.

High quality! The percussive, driving sound of any mariachi group comes from the distinctive guitarron. Though it is most common in mariachi and Mexican folk music, the guitarron has been used in recordings by Mothers of Invention, The Eagles, Talk Talk, and more. Whether you’re looking at guitarrones for more traditional purposes or to add a unique boom to your music, TIP TOP has the guitarron for you. What is a Guitarron? The Guitarrón is a large bass guitar. Guitarrón translates to large guitar – the suffix means big or large. It has 6 strings – 3 that are nylon wound with a nylon monofilament core or nylon fibers, and 3 that are steel, bronze or copper wound with a single steel string core. Guide to the gauge of each string (from 6th to 1st) 6- A ( .098 ) STEEL/BRONZE WOUND 5- D ( .075 ) STEEL/BRONZE WOUND 4- G ( .055 ) STEEL/BRONZE WOUND 3- C ( .105 ) NYLON WOUND 2- E ( .070 ) NYLON WOUND 1- A ( .055 ) NYLON WOUND. 7900 SEK
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H.H Pfannkuche

H.H Pfannkuche Acoustic Classic Nylon handbuilt guitar. Testudo (turtle/tortoise) brand. 1965.

Ebony fingerboard. Solid Spruce top Rosewood back/sides. Nitro finish. TT hardcase. Testudo (turtle/tortoise) brand.
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Hagström / Schaller M6 tuners.Chrome. New Old Stock from the 1970s.MINT!

If you want to upgrade or restore your old Hagström, this is the best tuner they used.Old 1970s German quality tuner with stairstep buttons. We have 4 sets left...Price for a set of 3+3 tuners:. Superdeal 950 SEK


Kay Electric Bass Deluxe model 5923. ( K-300 body shape). 1965 ca.

sunburst. Newer modern chrome tuners.. 3115 gram. 17500 SEK

Kay Jazz II # K775. 1964 ca.

This is the model Eric Clapton used early 60s. very worn! 11-50. New TT HC..

Kay K-300 1960s.

All original except pickguard in vintage yellowed pearl! Nut upgraded long time ago in real brass.Ultra cool.New TT hardcase.. 17500 SEK


Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 124. 1964. #476.


Levin - SOLD

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 133. 1967. #160.

Newer tuners.. Sold

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model W32.

Solid spruce top. Laminate rosewood back/ & sides. Snowflake inlays. Rosewood fingerboard. Made in Korea. . Sold

Levin Archtop model 22. 1947.

Sunburst. Noncutaway. Maple neck. Floating minihumbucker. Newer vintage style tuners from Gitoh Japan. .OHC. . Sold
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PRS McCarty COPY (=KOPIA) by Shine: Custom 530 SD Special. New.

Great flame maple top!Set in neck.Dot rosewood fingerboard with medium jumbo frets.USA Seymour Duncan pickups for great sound!Wilkinson wraparound bridge for best sustain and tone.Pro gigbag included.Great PRS type copy.. Crazy deal 4495 SEK

RADIO vintage!

RADIO vintage! RCA Victor model X-551. 1950s.

Range: 540 -1600 kilocycles.5 tubes.. 950 SEK


Rickenbacker 370/12 VP. 1996.

Special order with vintage Toaster pickups and silver tolex hardcase. 1 owner since new!. MINT condition! 42000 SEK


Roland Amp:model Cube 40 Combo. 1980s.

Made in Japan.The classic jazz guitar amp.Original orange tolex.Small and Sounds great!. 3900 SEK


Shine Custom 530 Special. USA Seymour Duncan. New.

Honey burst. on flame maple top.Mahogany back. USA Seymour Duncan pickups:59 neck + 14B bridge.Wrap around bridge - fully adjustable for intonation. DOT neck with Jumbo frets.Gold plated hardware.Highest quality from Korea.Listprice:7480 Gigbag.. Superdeal 4995 SEK

Shine Les Paul Custom copy.W440. NEW.

Black or Vintage White with gold hardware. GLUED IN SET NECK, like a Gibson, NOT bolt on. Pro gigbag included.Plays and sounds great! . Listprice:3980 sek. TIP TOPs . Crazy deal 2995 SEK

Shine Razor 300 Deluxe. NEW.

Translucent Black sunburst on arched bockmatched flame maple top.Mahogany back.Strings trough body.Jumbo frets.Razor pearl inlays in fingerboard.Nickel plated hardware.Highest quality from Korea. 103ZA pickups. Shine Pro gigbag included.5940 sek.. Superdeal 3595 SEK

Shine Bass

Shine Bass Les Paul style. New.

Flame maple top.2 Music Man type pickups.Sunburst.Active preamp.Bolt on neck with 6 screws!Thick gigbag included.. Superdeal 4900 SEK


Teisco Bass Conrad / Tempo. 1960s.

33 inch full scale. 1 pu, original. Sounds great!!. 6500 SEK

Teisco Electric guitar. Made in JAPAN. 1960-70s.

Black. 1 original pickup, sounds great! Plays nice too!. 3200 SEK

Tube Rectifier:

Tube Rectifier: 5U4GB / 5AS4A General Electric 1970s, NOS = New Old Stock from the 1970s!

Super quality not found in new rectifier tubes.. 390 SEK


Vox AC-100 top. 1966ca.

. 39000 SEK
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Vox Valvetronix Tonelab SE Guitar Effects Processor 2004-2006.

The original Vox Tonelab was a desktop guitar multi-effects processor based on the preamp circuitry of the Vox AD60VT and AD120VT. The first generation Tonelab included a single S/PDIF digital output jack for recording and a pair of stereo analog outputs for connection to a guitar amplifier. The optional VC12 floor controller allowed Tonelab to be remotely accessed in live performance. When Vox determined that the circuitry from the original Tonelab tabletop multi-effects processor could be installed inside the VC12, the second generation Tonelab, the Tonelab SE, was born. The Tonelab SE was optimized for live performance. It ditched the digital S/PDIF connector used for recording purposes while keeping a pair of ¼" analog stereo outputs. The Tonelab SE also increased the number of effects available from 22 in the standard Tonelab to 50 in the SE. Tonelab SE Specifications Amp Models (16): Black 2x12, Tweed 1x12, Tweed 4x10, AC15, AC15TB, AC30, AC30TB, UK Blues, UK 68P, UK80s, UK90s, UK Modern, Recto, US HiGain, Boutique OD and Boutique CL. Cabinet Simulators (11): Tweed 1x12, Tweed 4x10, Black 2x10, Black 2x12, Vox AC15, Vox AC30, Vox AD412, UK H30, UK T75, UK V30, US V30 Tonelab Effects Pedals (16): Comp, Acoustic, Vox Wah, Auto-Wah, U-Vibe, Blk/Org Phase, Octave, Ring Modulator, Treble Boost, Tube OD, Super OD, Boutique, Fat OD, Org Dist, Fuzz and Octafuzz Modulators (11): Classic (CL) Chorus, Stereo (ST) Chorus, Classic (CL) Flanger, Blended (BL) Flanger, Phaser, Duo Phase, Textrem, Rotary, Pitch Shifter, Mod Delay, Filtron, Talk Mod Delay (11): Echo Plus, Multi Head, Analog Delay, Mod Delay, Sweep Delay, Stereo Delay, Cross Delay, 2 Tap Delay, Rhythm Delay, Hold Delay and Reverse Delay Reverb (11): Spring 1, Spring 2, Plate 1, Plate 2, Chamber 1, Chamber 2, Room1, Room 2, Hall 1, Hall 2 and Gate Programs: 96 Pedals: (2) Swell and Modulation Connectors: ¼" mono input, 2 x ¼" stereo/mono analog audio outputs, ¼" send and return insert jacks, headphone, Midi In/Out, jack for an external 9 volt/18 watt AC power supply Dimensions and Weight: ~28" x ~9.6" x ~3" ~13.7 pounds. price as new:750usd..
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