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Ampeg R-15-R Super Reverb combo Guitar Amplifier. 1964.

All tube model.15 inch speaker.Newly renovated and sounds great!.

Ampeg SVT-410HE bass cab. .Mint condition.

SVT-410HE bass cab - 4x 10" with horn, 500watts/8ohm, 122dB SPL, frequency response: 60Hz-18kHz. Weight: 41kg. tysken 8800sek inkl cover.Vårt pris inkl cover!! Pris inkl 25% moms. Crazy deal 6900 SEK


Björn CLERN STR-60 Custom, ooak (One Of A Kind). New.

Gulnad Olympic White Nitrolack på lättvikts Poppel kropp. Vintage relic typ Stål svajstall.Lönnhals med tjock "slab" mkt fin Rosewood, matt Nitro lackad.Halsen är C tjocklek ( som en -60a ungefär) och med 22st breda jumbo band. (1 extra band).Handslipad riktig bensadel för bästa ton. Gotoh vintage relic Kluson typ stämskruvar.Coolt multilager sköldpadde plektrumskydd.USA mikar & custom kopplad via deluxe 5 läges omkopplaren för fler sounds. Hardcase i svart lädertolex med röd lyxig plysch insida med Clern guld logo stickat på insidan.Finaste Italienska läderaxelband med Clern loggorna ingår. 10-46 & intonerad.Byggd på Katarinavägen av bc & perfekt injusterad oxå.Nitro lackad i Nacka av bc & team."ooak" (One Of A Kind) betyder att varje exemplar är unikt, ej serietillverkat.Lätt relik behandlad för en inspelad känsla.Passa på! Kanon instrument-våga pröva ;-).. 11500 SEK

Björn CLERN TLE Deluxe -72, ooak (One Of A Kind).

Gulnad Olympic White Nitrolack på ask kropp. Bullit halsen är nitrolackad. Rosewood greppbräda med lönn baksida med medium C tjocklek och med höga vintage band.Handslipad riktig bensadel för bästa ton.Vintage typ humbucker i halsläget med alnico 5. Customlindad stall mik med alnico 5.Nickel mikkåpor.Push-pull pots på båda ton kontrollerna för serie/parallell humbucker sound.Vintage typ "Hardtail" stall med 6 intonerbara sadlar i rätt pressad stål på stallbas av stål.Kluson stämskruvar.Sköldpadde plektrumskydd. Hardcase i svart lädertolex med röd lyxig plysch insida med Clern guld logo stickat på insidan.Finaste Italienska läderaxelband med Clern loggorna ingår. 10-46 & intonerad.Byggd på Katarinavägen av bc & perfekt injusterad oxå.Nitro lackad i Nacka av bc & team."ooak" (One Of A Kind) betyder att varje exemplar är unikt, ej serietillverkat.Lätt relik behandlad för en inspelad känsla.Passa på! Kanon instrument-våga pröva ;-).. . 12500 SEK

Björn CLERN Bass

Björn CLERN Bass P Bass -55. ooak (One Of A Kind).

Thin Nitro finish Butterscotch yellowed Blonde on 1 piece lightweight ASH body.Weight only 3686 gram! BOCOTE fingerboard on WALNUT back.Bone nut.Great neck with JazzBass nut width for easy playing.Nut width: 38mm.Strings through body for great sustain and tone.Vintage type LITE tuners from Gotoh.Satin Nitro neck finish. Hardcase in black leathertolex with red plush interior with stiched CLERN gold logo on the inside.Finest Italien leather strap with Clern logos incl.La Bella flatwounds & intonated. Built by bc & perfect adjusted.Nitro finished in Nacka by bc & team. "ooak" (One Of A Kind) means that every guitar is unic, not factory made.Light relic treated för a great worn in feeling.Great instrument - dare try it ;-).. .


Casio RZ-1 Digital Sampling Rhythm Composer.

"Casio RZ-1 The sweetest 8 bit sampler and drum machine".
More info here:
Video here:


Eastman AC 812. OM size. NOS.New Old Stock. Top-Of-Line!

Top-Of-Line model with finest solid rosewood back and sides.Super finest ENGELMANN Spruce top.Selected finest mahogany neck.Flamed maple binding around body, neck and head.Come is original hardcase. The 8-series has been discontinued. The 8-series were, and remain, the highest quality acoustic guitars made by Eastman. Not sure why they decided to discontinue, but best guess is that they ran out of Engelmann Spruce at a good price! hey are fast becoming a collectors item due to the quality of craftsmanship and materials. Don't let the "Made in China" stereotype get in the way of a very high quality, hand made, excellent materials guitar that will hold it's own against any Martin, Gibson or Taylor of similar style and materials. . 17200 SEK

Eastman AR 803 CE-16D Uptown Professional. 2009.Used, vg cond.

2 pickup model.Classic finish.16 inch wide.Handcarved solid spruce top.Handcarved flamed solid maple back and sides.Genuine Ebony fingerboard on maple neck.Handpolished bone nut.Ebony bridge,perfectly carved to fit each top individually.Real nitrocellulose finish,hand rubbed to perfection.Gold plated hardware.Gotoh tuners.Vintage Kent Armstrong fullsize humbucker.25.0 scalelenght.Hard shell case.Totallly hand made!Fantastic value and sounds and plays great!A superb alternative to Gibson L5CES!. Superdeal 16900 SEK


Epiphone Acoustic Steelstring model AJ-10.

used.With dc case.. 2200 SEK

Epiphone Junior amp top 2006.MINT condition.

Product Information You can get amazing power for your guitar with the Valve Junior Head. The 5-watt power of this Epiphone guitars amplifier delivers great performance that is sure to blow your mind. This Epiphone power amplifier gives 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outputs to power any type of additional speaker, within single 8" box to a 4x12" cab. The power amp circuit in this Epiphone guitars amplifier uses a 12AX7 preamp tube and EL84 power amp tube that produces a distinctive speaker sound. To reduce the noise this Epiphone power amplifier has DC filaments. So, let your music rise to its true glory with the Valve Junior Head guitar amplifier. History The Epiphone Valve Jr. version 1 combo was released in 2005 as a part of Epiphone's line of amplifiers. In January 2006 a head version was released and also a version 2 combo. In June 2007 an updated head version and a version 3 combo were released. The first Epiphone Valve Juniors (version 1) were only combo amplifiers and received only a fair reception, due to such problems as buzzing and hum caused by the AC filament voltage. Epiphone then released a head version, correcting these issues and changed the AC filament voltage to DC voltage. Version 2 combos also featured these modifications. The version 1 and version 2 combos feature an 8" 4 ohm Ceramic speaker. In 2007, Epiphone released a speaker cabinet that can be used with the Epiphone Valve Junior, featuring a 1x 12" 16 ohm Eminence Lady Luck speaker rated at 70watts RMS. Head only versions have 4,8 and 16 ohm outputs. Early versions mainly have Sovtek tubes and later versions have a variety of tubes such as JJ, EH and Sovtek tubes. As of summer 2012, these amps appear to have been dropped from the line. The Amps page no longer exists on the Epiphone website. Modifications The Epiphone Valve Junior has become very popular to modify because of its basic design. There are many websites, kits, and forums dedicated to this purpose, including the Epiphone official amps and accessories forum. Some sites offer kits to match the gain characteristics of Marshall, Fender and Vox amplifiers. These kits often do not include a bridge rectifier to convert the version 1 AC filament supply voltage to DC, instead they suggest twisting the AC leads together to cancel the generated electromagnetic fields, a technique used in twisted-pair Ethernet cable to eliminate cross-talk. Serial Numbers The first 4 digits of the serial number are the date code MMYY (MM=month, YY=year). Version 2 Valve Juniors have date codes starting at "0106" January 2006 up to June 2007 when version 3 was released. This one:#0806... = 2006. 1850 SEK

Epiphone - SOLD

Epiphone ES-5 Zephyr Blues Deluxe. 2001.

Sunburst.Incl Epi hardcase. Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe 1999-2005. Based on the vintage Gibson ES-5 from 1950s. The idea to start making this reissue model came from Mr TIP TOP, when he met Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg at a dinner in Stockholm ca 1998.All the specifications and improvments ideas from Mr TIPTOP where noted by Rosenberg on a paper napkin and it came in production within a year after the dinner! A T-Bone Walker ES-5 for the playing musician! As a "thank you for the idea" Mr TIP TOP got a free Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe from Epiphones President. Body: Single rounded cutaway Maple body & top Flame maple veneer Neck: Set Maple neck Rosewood fingerboard with block inlays "Vine of Life" inlay on headstock 20 frets 25.5" Scale 1.68" nut Binding:5-ply body, neck & headstock Electronics: 3 P-90 Pickups Middle pickup reverse polarity for hum cancelling 3 Vol. 1 Tone controls Hardware: Gold hardware Tune-o-matic bridge with rosewood base Frequensator tailpiece Gold speed knobs 3-ply evelvated pickguard Colors: Natural (NA) Vintage Sunburst (VS). Sold

Epiphone Les Paul Special- II LE.

Black.News 9-42 strings and intonated & setup.Made in China.Gigbag.. Superdeal Sold


FBT Bass combo model Jumbo 200B. 1974.

20 watt. 1 x 12 inch original FBT speaker.Works and sounds louder than 20 watt. Made in Italy.. Crazy deal 950 SEK


Fender Precision Bass. 1974.

Lightweight: 3616gram! Very worn Alder body, originallly sunburst, but since late 1970s stripped and refin in nitrocellolose to natural-looks very cool.Neck dated week 40 year 1974.Dark and straightgrained Rosewood fingerboard, converted long time ago to FRETLESS.Nut width:40,4mm - very playable. Original tuners.Neck is very worn and almost no finish on back of neck.Original tortoise pickguard with original pickup dated 1974.Both pots dated 1974.Original bridge saddles on Titanium base plateplate (for even better sound).Non orig hardcase included.Plays great and sounds fantastic.We can refret it if you want, with frets that you may choose (at a cost).. 27500 SEK

Fender Amp:

Fender Amp: Pro Reverb Blackface. 1967.

45 watt.Basically same amp as Super Reverb but with 2 x 12 inch speakers.AA165 wiring.PG date on sticker on cab makes it 1967.Original reverb tank & footswitch.New reissue speaker cloth.2 x 12 inch Fender speakers from 1979 reconed with early 60s Jensen type of cones by LW.Renovated with new fliter caps and uograded with some new Spraque and Mallory caps for best sound.Original choke + original OT.Original 110 volt powertrafo.Including 240 volt to 110 volt extra transformer.Death cap removed and MID control installed there instead.Bias set with old but great sounding GE USA 6L6 tubes.Rare and great sounding combo!! . 24900 SEK

Fender Amp: Super Reverb Blackface. 1964.

New speakercloth and tolex. Original OutputTransformer and choke. Old Swedish original powertransformer changed for a much better new reissue 240 volt PowerTransformer from MOJO. 4 x ceramic speakers dated 1966, made by Oxford (465). Filtercaps replaced 1996 with correct quality and values. Some worn out caps on inside upgraded to Spraque and Mallory caps. New preamp tubes.Bias set. Sounds legendary great! . 22500 SEK

Fender Amp: Vibroking 2x12 Extra Cab. Used.Ex cond.

Original Blonde tolex (no longer available). Probably the best 212 cab ever made by Fender... Features include closed-back birch plywood enclosure. Rated for 140 watts at 4 ohms." 2 x Celestion vintage 30 (UK made). Sounds great.! Great Vintage looks. A Vibro-King® Custom combo sounds much better with this extra speaker cab. Also perfect for using with a vintage blonde Fender Bassman top from 1960-1964. . 7995 SEK


Gibson ES-225T.Thinline, Triple pickup. T-Bone Special! 1958.

3 P-90 is better than less...The famous T-Bone Walker conversion! 3 volume knobs, 1 tone.With 3 way switch you get all pickup combinations! 1 original P-90 and 2 great vintage handwound Voodoo P-90 pickups.BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard - with CITES certificate included.Hardcase.. BRAZILIAN Rosewood CITES certificate incl. 34900 SEK

Gibson ES-330TD. 1962.

Very worn and cool, a real relic vintage Gibson ES-330 hollowbody! Almost no finish left on body, probably top refinished at one time... Original screaming P-90 pickups with original black covers. Original pots. Block inlay Rosewood fingerboard, frets still very playable. ABR-1 bridge with Titanium saddles for best tone. Reissue Kluson Deluxe tuners with cream buttons. Unbleached hard Bone nut installed. Bridge pickup shimmed to get closer to the string for more balanced volume with the neck pickup, (same idea as Gibson installed on ES_5, ES-225 and others). Hardcase incl. One of the best sounding ES-330s we have ever had... Call fo price. .


Hagström Bass.Blue flake/glitter top. 1950s.

Very rare.All original with original gigbag.This one was in Guitar World Magazine and books with photos of John Peden (NYC).. 25000 SEK
More info about glitter basses here:


Höfner Violin Bass model 500/1. The BEATLES bass! 1964.Ex cond.

Incl original dc case..


Kay Archtop Cutaway with P90 pu 1950s.

Spruce top. Highly flamed maple back and sides. Mahogany neck with nize Rosewood fingerboard. Natural finish, refin at some time. Plays and intons fine, with 11-52 Nickel strings. Vintage style P-90 pickup installed: 9,27kohm. New 550+250k CTS pots. Old 0,022 brown cap. Drop shaped hardcase incl. Sounds great!. 12500 SEK


Levin Acoustic Nylonstring model LG-17. 1975.Good cond.

A renovated old Levin. Repaired headstock and body back. New bone nut. New goldplated tuners. Specifications: Non-cutaway. Grand Concert size: Body width: 380 mm. Body length: 480 mm. Body depth: 98 mm. Fingerboard width: 50 mm. Scale length: 650 mm. Spruce top with undetermined bracing. Mahogany back & sides. 5-ply bound top. Single-bound back. Mahogany neck with non-adjustable T-shaped duraluminum truss rod. Unbound rosewood fingerboard. Rosewood bridge. Nickel plated strip tuners with white plastic buttons. Matte natural finish. Ten year warranty. Introduced: ca 1963 ca 1969: Fingerboard width: 52 mm ca 1970: Pearloid tuner buttons. 514484 (1971) ca 1972: Headstock vener. ca 1975: Body depth: 95 mm. ca 1977: Changed rosette design. Some examples made in Finland. ca 1979: Three year warranty. Latest known Sweden made example: 567592 (1979) .
Model info here:

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 123. 1955.

Light sunburst. Low stringheight. Very playable neck. Original tuners oiled and works fine. New 11-50 round core PhB. Frets polished and rw fingerboard very nice and oiled. 1 repaired top crack and small regluing of side/bottom. All original. Specifications: Non-cutaway. Concert size: Body width: 360 mm. Body length: 465 mm. Body depth: 98 mm. Fingerboard width: 49 mm. Scale length: 630 mm. Spruce top with LADDER bracing. Flame birch back & sides. Single-bound top. Unbound back. Mahogany neck with non-adjustable T-shaped duraluminum truss rod. Unbound rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlay. Rosewood bridge. Nickel plated tuners with white plastic buttons. Sunburst finish. One year warranty. Introduced: ca 1955 ca 1962: Changed headstock shape. Latest known example: 1968.

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 135 JUNIOR. 1969.

Specifications: Non-cutaway. Body width: ? mm. Body length: ? mm. Body depth: ? mm. Fingerboard width: ? mm. Scale length: 595 mm. Spruce top with undetermined bracing. Birch back & sides. Single-bound top with soundhole monogram. Unbound back. Mahogany neck with non-adjustable T-shaped duraluminum truss rod. Unbound mahogany fingerboard with pearl dot inlay. Mahogany bridge. Nickel plated tuners with white plastic buttons. Matte natural finish. One year warranty. Introduced: ca 1968 ca 1969: Also available with nylon strings as Model 139 Junior. Latest known example: 1971.

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model LT-18. 1967.

Specifications: Goliath size: Body width: 400 mm. Body length: 505 mm. Body depth: 95/120 mm. Fingerboard width: 43 mm. Scale length: 630 mm. Spruce top with X-bracing. Flame maple back & sides. 4-ply bound top. Single-bound back. Mahogany bolt-on neck with adjustable truss rod. Single-bound ebony fingerboard with bass side pearloid block inlay. Ebony bridge with individual adjustable plastic screws. Nickel plated strip tuners with white plastic buttons. Natural finish. Ten year warranty.. 9500 SEK
Model info here:

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model W36. 1974.Ex cond.

Mahogany back & sides. 5-ply bound top. Single-bound back. Mahogany neck with adjustable truss rod. Unbound headstock with silver logo badge. Unbound rosewood fingerboard with mother-of-pearl dot inlay. Rosewood bridge with individual height adjustable plastic bridge saddles. Nickel plated strip tuners. TT Hardcase included.. 11500 SEK
model info here:


Premier AMP model 120 combo. 1950s.

. 6900 SEK


PRS Humbucker 1 pickup. NOS. NEW OLD STOCK.

We have many PRS pickups in stock.Find out why PRS sound so great. Models: McCarty bass, McCartyt treble, McCarty Archtop, Dragon II bass, #7 bass, #7 treble PRS SE humbuckers from Korea: 400kr . Crazy deal RING 08-6427300 för mer info! 1195 SEK
More info here:
Dragon II info here:

PRS Humbucker 1 pickup.For PRS SE Korea models. Mint.

Black bobbins.Taken from PRS SE guitars when upgraded to US pickups.Sounds fine.Made in Korea.. 400 SEK

Silvertone - SOLD

Silvertone AMP combo. model 1482. 1960s.

All tube: 2 x 6V6, 2 x 12AX7 + 2 more tubes.Sounds great! Built in tremolo, works fine.1 x 12 inch speaker. 110 volt.All capacitors checked and OK.New powerchord with ground for safety.New speaker cable.Incl pedal for tremolo.Compare with blackface Fender Deluxe ;-). Sold



Reprinted from Acoustic Guitar Magazine April 1996. Players:Mike Auldridge , Bob Brozmans, Jerry Douglas, Ben Harpers, Greg Leisz, David Lindley, Sally Van Meter. For amplification and recording, almost all the players interviewed use the Sunrise soundhole pickup (Sunrise Pickup Systems, 8101 Orion Ave. #19, Van Nuys, CA 91406). Much of the Sunrises mystique follows David Lindleys sound and his declaration, "Its got magic stuff in it!" Manufacturer Jim Kaufman identifies the Sunrises "magic stuff" as its quick response, sonic imaging, pole pieces that make an audible difference when adjusted, and ability to move with the guitars top. For microphones, Lindley and Harper favor vintage tube mikes like the AKG C-12 and M-50, while other players mention high-end Neumanns, like the U-67 and U-87. For live performances, Bob Brozman mixes a Sunrise with workhorse Shure SM-57 mikes "because thats what everybody has, so I adapt." .

Sunrise Owners comments!

THE best pickup for acoustic guitar."The Sunrise is a classic","Kills piezo´s, even the best","On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this pickup a: 10 Fantastic value", "this is an excellent pickup for all styles.I have played with these for fifteen years and have never had a problem." Info:The Sunrise Pickup has earned the respect of professional players on stage and in the studio for over 25 years. In that time it has proven itself as a reliable, tough, professional unit. This pickup and matching preamp represents the ultimate in the uncom- promising search for a truly acoustic guitar sound capable of high sound pressure levels. The Sunrise Pickup mounts securely in the sound- hole, and can be wired with endpin and mini connectors, allowing easy removal if desired. A long wire Sunrise Pickup with 24 inch cable is available for temporary installations that run the wire out of the soundhole. Sunrise Pickups will fit into 4 1/4” to 3 1/2” diameter soundholes. Sunrise Pickups work equally well for 6 and 12 string guitars, right or left-handed. All Sunrise Pickups have the unique design feature that allows the pickup to couple and sense the body resonance and top of the guitar its mounted in, and still maintain a 116dB feedback threshold. The string volumes can be set with 6 adjustable polepieces. The pickups have an injection molded black ABS composite housing sealed in epoxy, and are completely shielded from RF and hum..

Sunrise Preamp mono 18V NEW.In stock again!

THE best in preamps for acoustic guitars.Fantastic,compare it to your own preamp and you will notice a big diffrence.7 days full return right,no questions asked... The Sunrise Preamp Buffer Box is a line matching device designed specifically to access the coupling feature built into Sunrise Pickups.The output of a Sunrise Pickup should be sent first to this preamp. Sunrise Preamp Buffer Boxes provide the pickup signal with 12dB of gain, high resolution, and impedance matching capabilities. The active 18 volt Bi-Polar powered circuit eliminates pickup loading and line loss due to long cable runs, and also delivers up to 4 years of battery life with 2) 9 volt Eveready Alkaline batteries. The S-B1 has two 1/4” parallel output jacks (Sunrise and Aux) which allows the same signal to be sent to two separate sources. The S-B1 produce the widest frequency response possible from a battery powered preamp, and allows the Sunrise Pickup to operate at it’s full design capabilities.. 2200 SEK

Sunrise S-1 model.LONG cut wire and no jack.. NEW.In stock again!

Pickup for acoustic guitar.THE BEST-THE ORIGINAL!It mounts easily in the soundhole.Used by many pros who know:Ben Harper, Eric Bibb, Jackson Browne, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Shawn Colvin, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones, Richard Thompson, Emmylou Harris, Johan Norberg, Mattias Torell etc.Try it and you will love it.If you read Acoustic Guitar Magazine you know how often it is on the cover...IN STOCK AGAIN!Kund kommentar:"Sunrise micken har landat! Vilken återgivning, vilken bas!. Mycket nöjd kund. Tack / Fredrik".... 3100 SEK

More info here:


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