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Akke Lundquist

Akke Lundquist Acoustic Steelstring Handmade. 1960s?

Made in Skellefteå, Sweden Nice quality handbuilt guitar..


Bjärton Acoustic Steelstring model J-45 EL. 1968.

All original with great sounding original pickup. DC case.. 7300 SEK
Model info here:


Björn CLERN TLE Thinline -69 Custom, ooak (One Of A Kind).sb nitro

3 tone Nitro Sunburst on Ash top Hollowbody with F hole. Alder back. Cool aged vintage white pickguard. Gotoh vintage bridge with BRASS intonated saddles for best tone, volume, sustain and overtones. Gatton/Barden type of bridge blade humbucking pickup. Satin Nitro laquered maple neck. Bone nut. Gotoh Japan Kluson style vintage reissue tuners. Super lightweight: gram. Hardcase i svart lädertolex med röd lyxig plysch insida med Clern guld logo stickat på insidan.Finaste Italienska läderaxelband med Clern loggorna ingår. 10-46 & intonerad.Byggd på Katarinavägen av bc & perfekt injusterad oxå. "ooak" (One Of A Kind) betyder att varje exemplar är unikt, ej serietillverkat.Lätt relik behandlad för en inspelad känsla.Passa på! Kanon instrument-våga pröva ;-).. 2690 gram. 13200 SEK

Evidence Audio

Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable 10 feet = 3 m. NEW.

GUITAR PLAYER PICK AWARD. Jämnför Tyskens pris 1288 sek ... USA direkt:115usd+frakt+tull+moms... TIP TOPs. Crazy deal 695 SEK
Svensk info här:

Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable 15 feet = 4,5 m. New.


Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable 20 feet = 6m. NEW.

GUITAR PLAYER PICK AWARD.Tysken tar 1799sek (nov 2023). Köp Svenskt, vi tar bara. Crazy deal 950 SEK
More info here:
Svensk info här:

Evidence Audio Melody Instrument Cable 20 feet = 6m.

Tysken tar 1169 kr (nov 2023). USA direkt:113usd + frakt+tull+moms... Köp Svenskt.vårt pris:. Crazy deal 750 SEK
More info here:

Evidence Audio Melody Instrument Cable 15 feet = 4,5m. New.

. Crazy deal 650 SEK


Fender Acoustic steelstring model CD 140.

Built in pickup and preamp.. 3500 SEK

Fender Acoustic steelstring model DG-8S NAT

Solid spruce top. gigbag, strap and picks incl. Pro setup by tiptop.. 2200 SEK

Fender Acoustic steelstring model Sonoran.

Surf Green. Built in pickup and preamp... 3400 SEK

Fender Stratocaster Standard Squire JAPAN. 1986.

Black withmatching headstock. All original. SSH. 7500 SEK

Fender Stratocaster.COPY by Shine. New.

Sunburst on very lightweight and very resonant Paulonia body. Great for younger people or anybody who wants a very lightweight nice strat style guitar.Strong acoustic tone,Rosewood fingerboard. gigbag included. . 3200 SEK

Fender Telecaster 52 reissue Bigsby. JAPAN. 2004-2005

BUTTERSCOTCH on ash body. Blackguard. Maple neck, slight V shape. All original. CRAFTED IN JAPAN. Japan. 3723 gram. 14500 SEK

Fender Amp:

Fender Amp: Blues Deville TWEED 212 combo. Made in USA. ca 1993.

All original. 50 watt. 2 x 12 inch speakers.4 wheels added for easy transport.. 9500 SEK

Fender Amp: Blues Junior cab MINT.

Empty.No amp or speaker. (We sell used speakers also).Perfect if you want a small and lightweight extra cab for your amp!. Crazy deal 1595 SEK

Fender Amp: Super Reverb Blackface. 1965.

4 x original Ceramic speakers. Original USA 110 volt PT (powertransformer). Extra 240-110 volt trafo incl. Footswitch for vibrato / reverb. Neg feedback control knob on backside added where ground switch was located. New grounded cord added. "Death cap" + ground switch removed for safety. All filtercaps changed for best performance. Some new capacitors for best sound, high quality from Mallory, Spraque etc. .Sounds magical!. 2 new TUNG SOL 6L6GC-STR + GZ34 from Sylvania.. 29500 SEK


Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird KOA.Custom Shop. 2005..Ex+ cond.

The Hummingbird Custom is one of Gibson Acoustic’s most popular Custom Shop models. Handmade at the Custom Shop in Bozeman Montana, this model is based on the company’s original Hummingbird, which was first released in 1960. Few guitars in the company’s line of fine acoustic and electric guitar have as much lavish ornamentation, though the overall effect is anything but gaudy. This instrument features a headstock and bridge bearing custom inlaid Hummingbirds in flight, each hand engraved and made of solid mother-of-pearl. The top of the Hummingbird Custom is constructed of solid Sitka spruce, while the back and sides are hand-selected SUPERFLAMED koa, a timber found only in the Hawaiian Islands. The binding is 8-ply, with abalone on top and 5-ply on the back. An elegant Orpheum-style fingerboard inlay of colorful abalone contrasts beautifully against an African ebony fingerboard. Finally, the pickguard of the Hummingbird Custom is suitable for framing with its ornate pearl and abalone hand engraved inlay work. Each Hummingbird Custom is created with elaborate gold tuners, personally engraved by Gibson’s master luthiers. The neck is constructed of solid tropical mahogany with a comfortable round profile that will please most musicians. As discriminating guitarists in the 1960s immediately discovered, underneath the Hummingbird’s somewhat flashy ornamentation is a solid, high quality guitar with a superbly balanced sound. This stunning example of Gibson’s master craftsmanship comes standard with a deluxe plush-lined, Custom Shop hardshell case.. 79000 SEK


Gretsch Duo Jet. 1967.

All original incl original hardcase Black. Bigsby. Vg cond. . 65000 SEK


Ibanez Stratocaster Silver Serie. Made in JAPAN. 1977.

Very rare burnt ash model! All original. Maxxon Excel pickups! Hardcase.. 12900 SEK
Model info here:


Kay Hollowbody Swingmaster K-672. 1961-1965

Ex cond.Pro refretted. 2 great sounding P-90 type pickups. Those Kleenex-box pickups are nothing to sneeze at. (Sorry!) They’re more properly called P-35s and consist of a single-coil that was wound for Kay by Gibson, so they produce that nice, fat familiar P-90 sound, but with their own subtly different voice.The scale length is 25.7-inches, which is little longer than Martin standard and about an inch longer than the scale length of a Gibson ES-175. The guitar has a 1 11/16″ nut.Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. TT hardcase.. 14500 SEK
Model info here:


Malmberg Standard.Crown inlays. New.

Amber SUNBURST.Mahogany body with flamed maple top.Doubble multiple bindings around body.Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard.Medium jumbo frets.EZ lock tuners by Wilkinson.Wraparound aluminum wraparound bridge by Wilkinson for great tone and sustain.Giovanni Vintage GVH-1 alnico pickups for vintage PAF tone.Push-pull for singlecoil sound on both pickups.Pro level gigbag with Malmberg stiched logo.This updated reissue of the 1970 Malmberg is produced and redesigned by Björn Clern and Superbly made in Korea under license from Mr.Göran Malmberg.Inspected and signed by Göran Malmberg himself! . 7980 SEK

Malmberg - SOLD

Malmberg Standard Tattoo.LIMITED EDITION Pantera. New.

Pantera Grey Metalic.This special color matches Mr.Göran Malmbergs famous DeTomaso Pantera racing car!!Special "white lady with necklace" knobs.Special open back matching tuning knobs.Doubble Black Giovanni Custom GCH-2 pickups:alnico 5 magnets with heavy formvar coil:heavy output,varmer,fatter,heavier sound.DC resistance: neck 9,6 k and bridge 15,0 k.Very limited supply. SOLD-OUT!. 8500 SEK Sold


Peavey XR-600B Mixer Amp. 1980s

Great small club mixer or use it as a strong bass amp. Great sounding Reverb! Fine quality, Made in USA Peavey XR-600B is a 6 channel powered mixer: 210 watts @ 4 ohms and 300 watts @ 2 ohms XLR and 1/4" inputs for each channel individual controls for level, monitor, lows, highs and effects master 9-band graphic EQ master controls for main level, effects and monitor master controls for main spring-type reverb, monitor reverb and aux outputs for main, monitor, effects in/out for graphic EQ inputs for foot switch, aux. and power amp.. 4500 SEK
Original Manual click here:


Shine Frontier Studio SSH. New.

Maple neck trough construction with rosewood fingerboard. Quilted maple top. SSH pickups. Neck pickup is a strong humbucker in strat size.Sound great! Grover tuners. Strings trough body for best tone.Thick gigbag included. Made in Korea. Listprice 8495 kr.. Crazy deal 4295 SEK

Tube Preamp:

Tube Preamp: 12AU7 Tungsram. (= ECC82).Gain factor 19. NOS=New Old Stock from 1970s!!

Perfect for your old Vox or for Fender REVERBs 12AX7 (= ECC83, 7025, ECC803, E83CC, 6681) : GAIN 100,..... 5751: GAIN 70,..... 12AT7 (= ECC81, 6201, 6679) : GAIN 60,..... 12AY7 (= 6072 : GAIN 45 12AV7 - 5965) : GAIN 41...... 12AU7 (= ECC82, 5963, 5814, 6189) : GAIN 19..... Preamp Tube Gain Factor Choosing pre-amp tubes by gain factor One simple tweak that is favored by guitar amp users is to plug in a pre-amp tube with a slightly different gain factor. Replace the V3 12AT7 Reverb Driver tube with a lower gain 12AU7 to give you more usable room on the Reverb Control. The Reverb pot can be a little touchy with a usable range from 0 to 3 or 4. A 12AU7 wont push the reverb circuit as hard so the usable range can extend up to 5 or 6 on the dial and make dialing in just the right amount of reverb easier. The lower gain 12AU7 can also reduce reverb circuit noise.. Superdeal 250 SEK