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Bjärton Acoustic nylonstring model Isabella. 1964.


D Angelico

D Angelico Acoustic Steelstring model.

built-in pickup. used.


Epiphone / Gibson Les Paul Standard flametop. 2011. Made in Indonesia.

All Original. Flame maple top 57 pickups. with Grover tuners. TT hardcase.. 6500 SEK


Fender -56 Stratocaster Custom Shop. "20 anniversary" RELIC model. 2015.

Fiesta Red. Gold parts. Maple neck. ALL ORIGINAL. Call for more info!. 45900 SEK

Fender Stratocaster -57 Reissue Mary Kay.RELIC CUSTOM SHOP. 1995.

super early RELIC Blonde ash body,very lightweight! Maple neck. All gold hardware. Orig deluxe tweedcase. Call for price and more info..

Fender Stratocaster Player. 2021.

3 tone sunburst on alder body. Pau Ferro fingerboard. All original. SSH pickups..

Fender Telecaster -60 copy by SHINE model W160. NEW.

Cool vintage Blonde (transparent white).ASH body for that correct Tele twang! Rosewood fingerboard with 22 Jumbo frets.Satin finished back of neck for great worn-in feeling.Nice tortoise pickguard.Wilkinson vintage bridge with BRASS saddles.Pro gigbag included.Great value!!. Superdeal SMARTMANs Fender Telecaster 3495 SEK


Gibson Les Paul 59 Reissue.Custom Shop. "Window burst".

1 of 3 made for ishibachi 80 year anniversary. Incredible! Unique Handselected Ishibashi 80 Aniversary Ultra Light Relic Your name is Yasuhiko Iwanade. You are the author of the iconic book "Beauty of The Burst" You also run Japan's largest music business chain and you are "President of Gibson Japan" Now it's your 80th anniversary and it will be celebrated with 15 specially selected "handselected" Les Paul custom shop being crafted. It will be a design after a guitar on page 87 in your book. A 59, a which has been nicknamed "Windowburst" because it is a small strip that has not faded at all when it was in a shop window. Very cool. Said and done, in 2019, you go over to the USA and carry out the mission. The certificate gets a gold engraving on the front. ISHIBASHI MUSIC 80th ANNIVERSARY On the inside, you are in the picture when you choose the maple top. The other side of the certificate has the details and your autograph in silver pen as well as Ronald Eubanks´. General Mannager Gibson Custom Shop. All three identical guitars get the same serial number 9 1484 - Fantastic instruments with so-called "doubble carved top" which means a round of extra sanding work during the grinding that was done by Tom Murphy who also performed a very light relic. THIS IS THE GUITAR. 144000 SEK
YouTube video here (at the end of the video)

Granström & Sundquist

Granström & Sundquist Acoustic Nylonstring model DANIEL. # 5624. 1951-1975.

Ebony fingerboard. Braz back& sides. Rosewood bridge. Newly renovated-sounds fantastic! TT Hardcase incl. HAND Made in Umeå, SWEDEN. Granström & Sundquist gitarrer.byggdes 1951-1975. Gitarrerna byggdes på Västerhiske utanför Umeå. (Sundquist sedermera i Jormvattnet och Västanbyn - Lövånger.). 9500 SEK


Kay K-300. 1962

Superb condition. Unusally highly flamed top and back.Finest one we have ever seen... All 4 pots dated week 30 year 1962. All original , with tortoise pickguard. Ultra cool. New TT hardcase. 14500 SEK


Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 25 Kansas. #326 1955.

Ex cond. Specifications: Non-cutaway. Body width: 355 mm. Body length: 465 mm. Scale length: 630 mm. Spruce top with undetermined bracing. Flame birch back & sides. Single-bound top. Single-bound back. Neck with non-adjustable T-shaped duraluminum truss rod. Unbound headstock. Unbound rosewood fingerboard with 18 frets & pearl dot inlay. Rosewood bridge. Nickel plated strip tuners. Sunburst finish. One year warranty. Introduced: ca 1951 Earliest known example: 260791 (1951) Latest known example: 331031 (1955).

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model Klangola. 1945.

Specifications: Non-cutaway. Body width: 355 mm. Body depth: 110 mm. Spruce top with undetermined bracing. Flame maple back & sides. Single-bound top. Single-bound back. Flame maple neck with non-adjustable T-shaped duraluminum truss rod. Unbound rosewood fingerboard. Dark sunburst finish. Introduced: ca 1937 ca 1939: Available in antique (Antik) or dark sunburst (Mörk) finish. ca 1942: Also available as nylon-string guitar (Klangola Solist). ca 1949: Changed headstock design. ca 1950: Satin golden brown finish. ca 195?: Rounded fingerboard end. 1956 Latest known example The Klangola, Torres and Zandelin line of guitars was designed by Egon Zandelin and made by Levin for Förlaget Filadelfia AB, a music publishing company owned by the Pentecostal Movement. Egon Zandelin (1912-2002) was a singer/composer/ guitar builder who head of the company's music department during 1937-1968..
Model info here:


Malmberg Custom Hollowbody. Ny.

New Limited edition model. Rosewood fingerboard version.Mahogany back on neck. Bone nut. Scale length 25,0 (longer than 24,75 as on a Malmberg Standard) for better archtop tone. Extra thick body. Hollowbody without F holes (no feedback problems).Only solid wooden block under bridge for max sustain. Hand carved bookmatched maple top and back. Superlightweight:2450g!! Lightweight aluminum wraparound.Special design Giovanni pickups. Nitrocellulose handrubbed finish. Hardcase. Designed by Björn Clern and approved by Göran Malmberg.. 16500 SEK


Morales MADE IN JAPAN. Acoustic Steelstring model. 1970s.

Dreadnought . Upgraded with unbleached real bone saddle for best tone, volume & sustain. Great sound!. 4500 SEK
Old cataloque here:


PRS Humbucker 1 pickup. NOS. NEW OLD STOCK.

We have many PRS pickups in stock.Find out why PRS sound so great. Models: McCartyt treble, McCarty Archtop bass + treble Dragon II bass, #7 bass + treble "I really like 7's. To me they sit somewhere between McCarty pups and 59/09's. All around PAF but more aggressive." "My assessment of #7's is that they are a slightly hotter PAF. In PRS terms they fall between 57/08's and Dragon 1's. Say about the 59/09 level but without the magic wire. One of my favorite pickups." PRS SE humbuckers from Korea: 400kr . Crazy deal RING 08-6427300 för mer info! 1195 SEK
More info here:
Dragon II info here:


Shine Deluxe 230. BIGSBY! NEW.

Black on alder body. Bigsby. Strong bridge pickup with 4 blade magnets. Bellycut on back. Listprice 5995sek.SALE: . Crazy deal 2895 SEK

Shine Razor 300 SD Deluxe. NEW.

Honeyburst on arched bockmatched flame maple top.Mahogany back. USA Seymour Duncan pickups:59 neck + JB bridge.Strings trough body.Jumbo frets.Razor pearl inlays in fingerboard.Nickel plated hardware.Highest quality from Korea.7740 sek. . Crazy deal .List pris 7740 SEK. NU 4495 SEK


Silvertone AMP. 1950s?

Newly renovated. Sounds great for guitar now. Built in speaker. ART-DECO !!. 2900 SEK

Tube Preamp:

Tube Preamp: 12AU7 Tungsram. (= ECC82).Gain factor 19. NOS=New Old Stock from 1970s!!

Perfect for your old Vox or for Fender REVERBs 12AX7 (= ECC83, 7025, ECC803, E83CC, 6681) : GAIN 100,..... 5751: GAIN 70,..... 12AT7 (= ECC81, 6201, 6679) : GAIN 60,..... 12AY7 (= 6072 : GAIN 45 12AV7 - 5965) : GAIN 41...... 12AU7 (= ECC82, 5963, 5814, 6189) : GAIN 19..... Preamp Tube Gain Factor Choosing pre-amp tubes by gain factor One simple tweak that is favored by guitar amp users is to plug in a pre-amp tube with a slightly different gain factor. Replace the V3 12AT7 Reverb Driver tube with a lower gain 12AU7 to give you more usable room on the Reverb Control. The Reverb pot can be a little touchy with a usable range from 0 to 3 or 4. A 12AU7 wont push the reverb circuit as hard so the usable range can extend up to 5 or 6 on the dial and make dialing in just the right amount of reverb easier. The lower gain 12AU7 can also reduce reverb circuit noise.. Superdeal 250 SEK

TV vintage!

TV vintage! Silvertone model 7102. Turquise color. 1950s

Very cool!!. 3500 SEK


Vox AC-30 Handwired.Limited edition (300pcs).Made in the UK: 2003.Ex cond.

All original.Made at Marshall factory in UK with Tony Bruno..UK Alnico blue speakers.Brown speaker cloth.Handmade exact copies of original transformers.Excellent full size reverb. Hand wired amps come at a premium price. The AC30HW combo retailed for $4000 USD. Features of the AC30HW Series: Totally hand built chassis with tag terminal board construction. Custom hand wound transformers. North Coast Music supplied an origiinal 60's era AC-30 Woden output transformer to Vox to aid in the development of the tone critical output transformer. 30 Watts RMS (before distortion). Two inputs - Hi and Low. Volume control plus highly interactive Treble and Bass controls. Signature VOX Tone Cut control which attenuates high frequencies in the power amp section. Tube driven Accutronics long tank spring Reverb with Level and Tone controls. Tube driven Tremolo circuit with variable Speed and Depth controls. Master Volume control that retains tone when attenuated. Foot Switch for controlling Reverb and Tremolo. he HW edition that I am playing with, was allegedly a run of just 340 amps of which only 40 were given to UK distribution, and apparently no expense was spared. "Birch ply cabinet, black tolex covering with fawn Diamond grille cloth. At first sight it looks like any standard AC30 save for a small brass nameplate stating Limited hand wired edition in bottom RH corner of grille. Also, there is just a single channel with a pair of hi/lo imputs so the control panel looks rather different - especially with the addition of reverb and a master volume. Inside is a point to point turret board and the transformers are said to be hand wound. The sound is wonderful." . Superdeal 34900 SEK
More info here: