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A1: Read the latest issue of Rock & Roll magazine #8 år 2020.

A1: Read the latest issue of Rock & Roll magazine #8 år 2020. 4 pages about TIP TOP Musik, Mr TIPTOP Björn Clern and the band BC & Heartkeys! :-)



Björn CLERN ooak (One Of A Kind) gitarr models.

Click on photo for more info Welcome to try at TIPTOP shop :Katarinavägen 22, Stockholm. .

Björn CLERN TLE Deluxe -72, ooak (One Of A Kind).

Olympic White on ash body.Tortoise pickguard..

Dickerson Amp

Dickerson Amp De Luxe Professional Model 8. ca 1940.

The Model 8, a 4 tube, 10 watt amp with an 8" speaker. Newly renovated with new filter caps, speaker output jack, powercord etc. Sounds magic! Original 110 volt. Dickerson Brothers amps and lapsteels Dickerson logo Founded by Dickerson Brothers in 1937, lap steels and small amps. Also made amps for Oahu and Gourley Brands. 1947 changed ownership and renamed Magna Electronics (Magnatone). Original 110 volt. . 7500 SEK
More info here:
Video here of same model:

Dickerson Amp Standard Student Model S6. ca 1940.

3 tube model.Newly renovated with new filter caps, speaker output jack, powercord etc. Sounds magic! Original 110 volt.. Superdeal 5900 SEK OnHold
More info here:


Fender Bass VI Blonde (!). 1963.Ex cond.Extremely rare.

Blonde on ash body.All original.Black Rosewood fingerboard.Orig hardcase.. 170000 SEK

Fender Coronado II. 1967.Excellent condition!

Rare model.Original tranclucent Red. .2 pickups.All original except refretted.Orig hardcase.The best version with 2 pickups and no tremolo.Jimmie Vaughans favorite! . 22500 SEK

Fender Stratocaster 1971.Very good condition.

Original 3 tone Sunburst on very rare Poplar body (!!).Light weight: 3650 gram. Maple neck with original finish,worn like a 50s strat on fingerboard-looks cool! Nut width: 40,2mm.Original tuners, pick guard and tremolo.Non original pots and newer 5 way switch.Pickups grey bobbin (probably rewounds: 5,6 - 5,7 - 5,6 kohms) -sounds amazing.Small extra rout under pickguard.Original Fender Hardcase.. 49000 SEK

Fender Amp:

Fender Amp: Princeton Reverb. 1978.Used, vg condition.

Original PT powertransformer , OT outputtransformer and choke.Newer filtercap from 1998.A few capacitor upgrades on inside.Sounds great!12 inch vintage Utah speaker from 1974. This is not a reissue! Handmade in USA with real vintage tone.. 15900 SEK

Fender Amp: Super Reverb Blackface. 1966.

4 x original ceramtic speakers dated 1966 made by 465.New speakercloth and tolex.Original OutputTransformer and choke.Old Swedish original powertransformer changed for a much better New reissue 240 volt PowerTransformer from MOJO.Sounds legendary great! . 22500 SEK

Fender Amp: Super Reverb. 1969

Original USA 110 volt PT (powertransformer).2 original alnico speakers from 1969, 2 Fender ceramtic speakers from 1979.Extra knob on back for negative feedback control.New grounded cord added."Death cap" removed for safety.All filtercaps changed for best performance.Some new capacitors for best sound, high quality from Mallory, Spraque etc.Original footpedal.110 volt version.Extra 240-110 volt trafo incl.. 14500 SEK


Ibanez Riley XL 10 combo amp. 1990s?.

10 watt small practice amp.Everything works fine.Made in Korea.. 800 SEK


Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 262 (probably). 1933.

Specifications: Non-cutaway. Body width: 310 mm. Body depth: 90 mm. Spruce top with undetermined bracing. Birch back & sides. Mosaic and celluloid bound top. Unbound back. Unbound headstock. Unbound walnut fingerboard with mother-of-pearl dot inlay. Nickel plated tailpiece. Light mahogany finished back & sides. Natural finished top. One year warranty. Introduced: ca 1930.
More info here:

Levin Solidbody model 1900.Extremely rare! 1960.

Very nice,all original. SELA low impendece pickups and pots.With original dominantcase.Only made 1957-ca 1962. . 28000 SEK


LUDWIG Drums Black Oyster Pearl set.BEATLES-Ringo. 1966-1967

Bassdrum and 2 toms.. 25000 SEK

Malmberg - SOLD

Malmberg ABBA Star guitar Limited Edition. Only 50 pcs numbered and signed by Björn Ulveus and Göran Malmberg. 2014

Production is initiated, supervised and setup by Björn Clern, TIP TOP Musik.Under license and approved by original builder Mr Göran Malmberg..Only sold by ABBA The Museum, celebrating 40 Anniversary since "Waterloo" victory of European Song Contest in England 1974.Special LTD neckplate and numbered.Hardcase with big stiched ABBA logo on inside of case.Certificate included. SOLD-OUT !!. Sold
TV4 inslag om ABBA o bland annat denna stjärn gita

Malmberg ABBA Star guitar Reissue Limited Edition 40 Anniversary model. 2014

Made for the 40 Anniversary of the victory with the song Waterloo, in European Song Contest 1974 in England. ABBAs big breakthrough. Limited edition only 50 guitars, all signed by Bjorn! Here together foor the signing of the guitars and certificate:From Left: original designer Göran Malmberg, ABBAs Björn Ulveaus, Björn BC Clern (who produced this reissue). SOLD-OUT!. Sold
Kolla denna gitarrblog om premiären av gitarren p

Marshall - SOLD

Marshall model 5010.Master Lead Combo.30Watt. Made in England! 1982-1991.

No tubes but have a great rock sound!1 x 12 inch 70 watt Celestion G12M speaker,UK made, Made in England! Vintage tone to the bone! " I had one of these back in the late 80s --the thirty watt 5010 combo. I thougth it was a great ss amp at the time. Plenty loud and captured the classic marshall sound pretty well--ac/dc, zz top etc. Mine came with a 12" celestion as the stock speaker. Add a tube screamer and it could get near VH territory. It had the basic Marshall JCM800 tone and depending on the pedals you used it could cover a lot of ground. ". Solid State Combo Amp from Marshall, made in England. These amps were made from 1982-1991, and it was meant to be a solid state version of the JCM800 amp. This amp is in a very good condition, and I will recommend a buyer to check different sound samples on the internet. The amp is also a light weight version, compared to its JCM800 relative, and it is a good platform for pedals.. Sold


Mosrite Model: BLUESBENDER 500. V-II Electric. 1974.VG + cond.

Black.All original, except maybe the knobs...Very cool sounding! Original with phase switch.Plays great too! Case included..Very RARE!. Superdeal 14500 SEK


Peavey Audition 30 combo.Made in USA 1987 ca.


Peavey Audition Chorus combo.Made in USA. 1990 ca


Peavey Bandit 65 combo Amp.Solo series.Made in USA.65watt. 1983-1987.s.Ex cond.

Solo Series Bandit 65 (1983-1987). " With the Solo Series Bandit 65, large improvements in tone compared to the previous version were again realized and the power rating was increased to 65 watts RMS. The Bandit 65 was made in USA and came equipped with Peaveys proprietary guitar speaker, the Scorpion SP-12825 12" Speaker Driver The Scorpion® 12" is a great upgrade from common stamped-frame speakers and features Peavey power and performance, along with their famous replaceable basket design. This wide-range woofer can be found pumping out the sound in many popular Peavey speaker systems or guitar cabinets. Product Specifications Nominal Diameter12"Power Handling (RMS)200 Watts Power Handling Impedance 8 ohms Frequency Response60 to 4,000 HzSensitivity98.7 dB 1W/1m Voice Coil Diameter2.5" Thiele-Small Parameters Resonant Frequency (Fs)77.5 Hz...". 3400 SEK

Peavey Companion 15 combo.Made in USA.



PRS Hollowbody II 2002.New Old Stock.Mint condition.

All original.Violin Amber Sunburst.Very lightweight.Moon inlays.Deep and beautiful 3 dimensional flamed maple top and back.All solid woods and carved inside and outside, both the back and top! Locking tuners.McCarty archtop pickups.All tags in the original mint hardcase incl original shippingbox! The looks matches the sound,which you have to try.....Superlightweight: 2365 gram! Streetprice 5350usd in USA (...TIP TOPs price:. Crazy deal 29500 SEK


TIP TOP Musik - guitar players heaven- since 1987 !


TIP TOP Musik T-shirt vintage 1987-1997.

10 year anniversary T-shirt 1997. Celebrating a few of our customers & friends....

TIP TOP Musik T-shirt vintage ca 1994.