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Ampeg SVT preamp + Rickenbacker RA-600 =600 watt poweramp. Rack mounted in flightcase. .Ex condition.

The most famous sound from an Ampeg SVT tube preamp combined with a very rare 600 watt RICKENBACKER poweramp. Sounds great!. Crazy deal 7900 SEK

Ampeg SVT-410HE bass cab. .Mint condition.

SVT-410HE bass cab - 4x 10" with horn, 500watts/8ohm, 122dB SPL, frequency response: 60Hz-18kHz. Weight: 41kg. tysken 8800sek inkl cover.Vårt pris inkl cover!! Pris inkl 25% moms. Crazy deal 6900 SEK

Ampeg SVT18E cab. New.

18" inch.1000 watt.4 ohm. Superdeal 6495 SEK
Users manual here:

Ampeg - SOLD

Ampeg B3158 Bas combo. MINT Cond.

The B3 has integral roller wheels, like a wheel barrel or a dolly so you can push it along at a 45 degree angle. The amp itself has one 15 main (running 100w at 4 ohms), an 8" mid/highrange (50w at 8 ohms), and two ports. Dual Channel with footswitch port- Channel one is bass/supermid/treble with gain, drive, master volume, and balancing between the two speakears. Channel two adds a 9 band graphic eq to the mix, giving the B3 a great tonal variety. Inthe back, there´s an XLR direct out for recording with your choice of 0 or -20 db to the mix and the main speaker. No extra speaker jack, but another speaker really wouldn´t help the amp´s sound. it´s meant to be a loner.. Superdeal Sold


Artec Bass Amp B2S. NEW.

20 watt. 1 x 8 inch speaker.Listprice 1340 sek.. Superdeal 995 SEK
More info here:

Artec Bass Amp B35T. NEW.

35 watt. 1 x 10 inch speaker.Built in chromatic tuner. Sounds great!Listprice 1995 sek.. Superdeal 1475 SEK

Artec - SOLD

Artec Bass Amp B25T. NEW.

25 watt. 1 x 10 inch speaker.Built in chromatic tuner! Sounds great!Listprice incl 25% tax: 1795 sek.. Superdeal 1395 SEK Sold
More info here:


Ashdown Bass top: model MAG 300 .Used, ex cond.

300 watt.Works fine and sounds great.Lightweight.. 3200 SEK


Crate BT 15 bas combo. New.

15 watt.8" speaker.Perfect for practice.With RCA inout for CD player also!. Superdeal 995 SEK

Fender Amp:

Fender Amp: 410 CUSTOM SHOP Bass Cab RUMBLE sub. 600 watt. 1998.Ex cond.Very rare only 184 ever made!

Rumble-Bass® 410 Speaker Enclosure Series: Custom Amp Amplifiers - 1998 Type: Bass Speaker Enclosure Power Handling: 600 watts Speakers: 4-Fender special design steel frame speakers Ohms: 4 ohms Features: 13-Ply Baltic Birch Plywood Cabinet Straight face with "hidden" slant speaker baffle Closed Back Removable casters Covering: Blonde Tolex with Oxblood grillecloth Dimensions: Height: 24.5" Width: 24.5" Depth: 18.5" Weight: 73 lbs. From the years 1995 - 1998 there was a total of each made in the following: Rumble Amps - 60 Rumble 410 - 184 Rumble Subs - 131 Rumble Sub 15 - 53 Each of the cabs are 4 ohms. They are equipped with Eminence speakers. . Crazy deal 5995 SEK

Fender Amp: 410H Bassman speaker cab NEW.

600 watt.4 x 10 inch speakers+ horn.8 ohm. 30 kg.. Crazy deal New lower price!_ PRISSÄNKT NU! 4900 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman Blackface Top + 212 Speaker Blackface Cab. 1965.ex- cond.

The top is dated 1965 and newly renovated with needed caps.All checked and bias set.The 2 x 12 cab is from the 1960s blackface era, it has 2 newer Jensen C12Q speakers (made 2001).Correct 4 ohms wiring.Incl custom made cover for the 212 cab.Factory original 220 volt.Sounds great & strong. . 19500 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman BLONDE top + 212 cab. 1961 ca.

Blonde tolex, rough tolex version.More info and photos soon..

Fender Amp: Bassman BLONDE top + Tremolux CAB 210 BLONDE tolex. 1963.

Blonde tolex, smooth version.. 29000 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman Top 50 Export. 1971.

Newly fully serviced.Sounds amazing!. 12500 SEK

Fender Amp: - SOLD

Fender Amp: Bassman Top 50 watt.Chromeface 1976

Exportversion with 110-240 volt selector.Newly serviced with needed new caps and bias set. btw: All Fenders before 1982 ca are handmade without printed circuitboards (much better quality and sound).A midrange tone knob installed on the back panel (only works on normal channel).Sounds legendary great! . Sold

Fender Amp: Bassman Top 50 watt.Chromeface. 1971.

50 watt top.Chassi Dated 15 July 1971.Newly restored with new capacitors, tubes and bias set.Ground switch taken away and instead a midrange tone knob installed on the back panel (only works on normal channel).New powertransformer 240 volt.Sounds great.. Sold

Fender Amp: Musicmaster Bass combo AMP. 1971.Vg+ cond.

Newly renovated & upgraded with new tubes, tube holders and capacitors.Better then ever.Original 1 x 12 inch speaker.Sounds great on guitar! Rare amp.. Sold

Malmberg - SOLD

Malmberg 2x15 Cabinett 1971 ca.

MINT condition!! We got it from the original owner.. Sold

Malmberg Speaker cab 2 x 15 inch. 200watt. 1970s.Used, good working cond.

2 x Celestion G-100 (15 inch,8 ohm). Total ohm:4.Cab Made in Stockholm, Sweden.Sounds great!. Sold


Peavey Bass 200W. used , works fine.

1 X 12 inch BASS speaker.Possible to have rackunit built in.WAS 1700 SEK, NOW crazy deal:. Crazy deal 1200 SEK

Peavey PA-200 Mixer Amp. 1977ca.

Strong 200watt! Sounds great..