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Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Bass strings 45-105. New.

Pure Nickel.. 395 SEK


Gibson Bass String VINTAGE Mona Steel HIFI Flat wound.Model No 0055. New Old Stock from 1950s.

In original orange box.We have 3 sets.For longscale Electric Bass.112cm TWL (=thick wound lenght, from ball to after nut, where string gets smaller to fit tuner). Price per set:. 850 SEK

Pyramid Strings.Bass.

Pyramid Strings.Bass. Gold Flatwound shortscale for DANELECTRO / SILVERTONE vintage basses.

50-105.Fits original tuners perfect.Special custom made for TIP TOP.. Superdeal 595 SEK

Pyramid Strings.Bass. Gold Flatwound shortscale for HÖFNER. New.

Developed in 1956 in association with Walter Hofner for the first Hofner 500/1 electric bass guitar. Chrome - steel Pure Nickel Flat Wire Wound . Available in Short Scale (Beatle Bass) and Long Scale.Legendary Bass String Set with Extreme Long Life .. Superdeal 595 SEK

Pyramid Strings.Bass. Nickel Plated Steels.

45-105. 395 SEK

Pyramid Strings.Bass. PURE Nickel Roundwound on steel. New.

Maximum Performance, round wound bass strings.They are superlative hand wound bass strings of highest quality materials and constructed to be as freely vibrating as possible producing harmonics that make these superior in tone and timbre.We have longscale 40-100,45-105,50-110.Mediumscale 50-105.. 490 SEK