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All used speakers listed below are in fine working condition:We doublecheck before shipping.All NEW speakers are in original shipping box..


Celestion 10

? Unlabeled but looks like celestion. Cheap:. 300 SEK

Celestion 12 GOLD Alnico. NEW.

50 Watt.Upgraded version of Alnico Blue.Great!. 2995 SEK

Celestion 12 Heritage G12-65. NEW.

The Robben Ford speaker.. 1495 SEK OnHold

Celestion 12 inch speaker G12T-75. 16 ohm .Used, ex cond.

Featured in the worlds top selling 4x12 cabinet, the G12T-75 is a high powered rock players dream. Built to meet the demands of high gain amplifiers, the G12T-75 combines a huge, tightly controlled low-end and aggressive mid-range with a softened top-end that adds a welcome sweetness to overdrive, distortion and aggressive upper harmonics. These are the characteristics that make the G12T-75 the weapon of choice for Yngwie Malmsteen.. 795 SEK
Info here:

Celestion 8

15 ohm.. 400 SEK

Celestion - SOLD

Celestion 12 Vintage Century. NEW.

8 OHM.Super lightweight and sounds great too!!. 1595 SEK Sold

Eminence Speaker

Eminence Speaker 10 inch.Ragin Cajun New.

75 Watt.8 Ohm. Matt Schofield favorite 10" speaker.. 850 SEK

Eminence Speaker 12 New.


Eminence Speaker 12 Cannabis Rex. New.

Hempcone from Tone Tubby.50W.8 Ohm.. OnHold

Eminence Speaker E-M12G. Used, mint.

12 inch guitar speaker.8 ohm.We have 4 pcs.. Superdeal 500 SEK
Specs here:

Fender / Utah

Fender / Utah 12 inch. 1971.

Marked 328 141 = Utah 1971 week 41.We have 2.. 1000 SEK

Fender / Utah 12inch. 1974.

Marked 328 450 = Utah 1974 week 50. Original in Pro Reverb and similar.. 1500 SEK


Jensen 12 inch.Jensen / Bell&Howell 1953

8 ohm.Grey cover. Probably out of a cinema speaker cab. Marked 220 322 = Jensen 1953 week 22.Will sound great in small amp like blues J:r or deluxe. Cheap:. Superdeal 1500 SEK


SPEAKER: 10inch Fender? 1985

8 ohm.Made by company 109 as marked.. 500 SEK

SPEAKER: 8 inch. 1970s?

Works and sounded OK in an old 50s champ we restored with original speaker.. 300 SEK

Tone Tubby speaker.

Tone Tubby speaker. 10 inch ceramic. NEW.

. 2045 SEK

Tone Tubby speaker. Alnico 10 inch. NEW.

. 3100 SEK
Tone Tubby reviews here: