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Banjo Levin 6 string. 1936.

More info here:

Banjo VGS 6 string.

Incl hardcase. (price as new: 6000 sek).

Banjo - SOLD

Banjo Epiphone Mayfair 4 string Tenor Banjo. 1930s.Ex cond.

is a very nice 1930s vintage tenor banjo with a brass tone ring, a 19 fret walnut neck and very cool floral decal on the back of its walnut resonator. Epiphone built the Mayfair between 1928 and 1935 and this fine example is all original and even includes the green velvet lined vintage hard shell case. . Superdeal Sold

Banjo KING 6 string.Short neck NEW.

Including hardcase.. Sold

Banjo KING Deluxe 5 string. NEW.

Quality ,made in Korea.Incl hardcase.. Sold

Banjo Tenor 4 string.GIBSON. cond.

With new Daddario strings.Incl dc case.. Sold

Banjo Tenor 4 string.GRETSCH Broadcaster. 1920s,ca...

Incl original case.Needs a new tuner and new strings.Sold-as-is.. Superdeal Sold

Banjo tenor 4 string.STELLING Sunflower. 1989.Ca.

Incl original hardcase.. 15000 SEK Sold