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Banjo - SOLD

Banjo Epiphone Mayfair 4 string Tenor Banjo. 1930s.Ex cond.

is a very nice 1930s vintage tenor banjo with a brass tone ring, a 19 fret walnut neck and very cool floral decal on the back of its walnut resonator. Epiphone built the Mayfair between 1928 and 1935 and this fine example is all original and even includes the green velvet lined vintage hard shell case. . Superdeal Sold

Banjo KING 6 string.Short neck NEW.

Including hardcase.. Sold

Banjo KING Deluxe 5 string. NEW.

Quality ,made in Korea.Incl hardcase.. Sold

Banjo Tenor 4 string.GIBSON. cond.

With new Daddario strings.Incl dc case.. Sold

Banjo Tenor 4 string.GRETSCH Broadcaster. 1920s,ca...

Incl original case.Needs a new tuner and new strings.Sold-as-is.. Superdeal Sold

Banjo tenor 4 string.STELLING Sunflower. 1989.Ca.

Incl original hardcase.. 15000 SEK Sold


Dickerson Standard Lap Steel. 1950s.

. 5500 SEK
More info here:


Dragspel Knapp model

. 1000 SEK

Fender - SOLD

Fender LAPSTEEL SQUARENECK (!!) Telecaster.CUSTOM SHOP. 1 of 4. cond.

Custom built by Fred Stuart.Very rare! Nicely flamed SQUARE maple neck with spagetti logo on head and also on the side of the neck facing the audience.2 piece lightweight swampash body in late 50s style blonde.Nitro finish.1 special Jazzmaster neck pickup with extra high magnets.Vintage style Tele bridge pickup.Cool tortoise pickguard.Pots dated 1995.Officially made only 3 pcs, for JERRY DOUGLAS, JEFF BECK AND WAYLON JENNINGS lapsteel player at the time.This is the 4th one (PROTOTYPE?).This one was sold privately from the fender custom shop.No # number, no tags or cert.Fender hardcase.All original.. Sold

Fender Rhodes piano model:MARK 1. 73 1970s.Used, vg cond.

All original.No sustainpedal.Incl fine.. Sold


Guyatone Solidbody.Made in JAPAN. 1960s.

3 pickups.Tremolo.Bolt on neck.Great for slide!Very rare model.Same as Ry Cooder use.. Superdeal 4900 SEK

Hohner - SOLD

Hohner Clavinett D6 keyboard.

The real deal.A vintage classic.Stevie Wonderful sound!!A few dead notes (missing strings, can be fixed).Sold as is. Crazy deal Sold


Kornett Getzen.MODEL 800 LB (Large Bore). .Excellent condition.

With orig leather hardcase.7 mouthpieces included.Serialnumber #EC412x. Make us an offer.. Crazy deal .TIDIGARE PRIS 19500 SEK. NU 17500 SEK


Lapsteel Gibson BR-9.

Great sounding vintage 1950s lap.Original pickup.Nice!.incl original hardcase.. Crazy deal 6900 SEK

Lapsteel Harley Benton

Used.. 1300 SEK

Lapsteel - SOLD

Lapsteel Fender PEDALsteel 400. 8 strings. 1965.

Legendary model from Fender!Original Sunburst.Sounds great! Incl all original footpedals except 1.Original hardcase.. Crazy deal Sold

Lapsteel Guyatone. 1960s.

Same pickups as Ry Cooder uses.Sounds great!With cromed legs and tubacase.. Sold

Lapsteel Kay / Sherwood Standard. 1940s. ca.

Great sounding lapsteel here! 58 cm scale.New reissue tuners from Kluson and a new jack& Pyramid E tuning Hawaii strings. All rest is original.Nize rosewood coverplate.Big and original bone nut.Incl orig case. Wonderful!. Sold

Lapsteel National 1950s.

ART DECO!! Sounds legendary! Incl orig hardcase.. Sold

Lapsteel Oahu 1940/1950s.

Works fine.Set up with new strings and sounds great! Including the rare original hardcase! Too cool! . Sold


Leslie 110 Mahogany. 1971.Excellent condition.

Works fine.Custom built extra preamp built in.Also direct input with tele cable.Also input with Leslie cable.Original 12 inch speaker dated 1971 (or 1961??).. Superdeal 4900 SEK
More info here:


Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 47HG HAWAIIAN Guitar. 1947.

Non-cutaway. Body width: 400 mm. Spruce top with undetermined bracing. Walnut back & sides. Mahogany neck with non-adjustable T-shaped duraluminum truss rod. Single-bound top. Single-bound back. Unbound headstock. Unbound Walnut fingerboard with Pearloid dot inlay. Batwing bridge. Sunburst finish. Ten year warranty. .

Ludwig - SOLD

Ludwig Supraphonic snaredrum 1969.

Metal snaredrum.. Superdeal Sold


LUDWIG Drums Black Oyster Pearl set.BEATLES-Ringo. 1966-1967

Bassdrum and 2 toms.. 25000 SEK


Mandolin Crafton model 53B. 1950s.

BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.Nitro finish.Handmade.All solid.Sounds great!. BRAZILIAN Rosewood CITES certificate incl. 4500 SEK

Mandolin Levin model 50 Konsert. 12 string!

Flat back. Body width: 260 mm. Spruce top. Birch back & sides. Single-bound top. Single-bound back. Unbound headstock. Unbound BRAZILIAN rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot inlay. Nickel plated tuners. Sunburst finish. One year warranty. Introduced: ca 1947. 4500 SEK
Model info here:

Mandolin Master. 1940s.Vg cond.

Lots of intarsia.Gigbag..

Mandolin - SOLD

Mandolin CASE by Eastman

Heavy duty deluxe hardcase.. 1195 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-305. New.

Classic finish,satin lacquer.All solid & handcarved.Rosewod fingerboard.Soft case.. 4500 SEK Sold
Eastmans info here:

Mandolin Eastman MD-315.Classic finish. New.

F-scroll style.F holes.CL.Antique Red THIN matte nitrocellulose lacquer.Includinggigbag.Listprice:6900 sek. Superdeal 5900 SEK Sold
Eastmans info here:

Mandolin Eastman MD-404 New.

A- style.Oval hole.Black top!!All solid off course.Handcarved etc.Was 8500 sek. Now. Crazy deal 6495 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-505 CS NEW.

A-style.F hole.Classic Sunburst.THIN nitrocellulose lacquer.Including nice hardcase.. 6400 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-514 CS New.

F-style.OVAL soundhole.CL.Antique Red THIN nitrocellulose lacquer.Including nice mandolin shaped hardcase.Mandolin 500 Models:Modeled after the classic instruments of the 1920’s this fully hand-carved solid mandolin is crafted with an aged spruce top and maple back and sides. The maple neck is finished with a solid ebony fingerboard and an ebony fronted headstock. Fittings are nickel plated and the fret board features dot inlays. Available in Classic or Sunburst finish. 8900 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-515.CL. NEW.

F-style.F hole.CL.Antique Red THIN nitrocellulose lacquer.Including nice mandolin shaped hardcase.Mandolin 500 Models:Modeled after the classic instruments of the 1920’s this fully hand-carved solid mandolin is crafted with an aged spruce top and maple back and sides. The maple neck is finished with a solid ebony fingerboard and an ebony fronted headstock. Fittings are nickel plated and the fret board features dot inlays. Available in Classic (sold-out) or Sunburst finish.Photo shows classic finish.Last one in stock now.... Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-515.CS. NEW.

F type.F hole.Classic Sunburst.Real handrubbed NITRO CELLULOSE finish. Superb quality from Eastman as usual.All SOLID wood Beautiful flamed Maple back and sides, Spruce top, fully handcarved and with incredible tone.Genuine Ebony fingerboard.Maple neck.Handpolished genuine Bone saddle.Including nice mandolin shaped hardcase.. Superdeal 8900 SEK Sold
More info here:

Mandolin Eastman MD-604.CL. NEW.

A type.Oval hole.Classic.. 6800 SEK Sold
More info here:

Mandolin Eastman MD-604.CS. NEW.

A type.Oval hole.Classic sunburst.. 6800 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-605 Electric New.

Schertler pickup.Hardcase.. 7995 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-614. CL New.

F-type.Oval hole.Classic finish.. 10900 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-615 LA NEW.

F-style.F hole.Antique finish.THIN nitrocellulose lacquer.Including nice hardcase.. 10900 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-615. NEW.

F type.F hole.CS.Classic sunburst.THIN nitrocellulose lacquer.Including nice hardcase.Mandolin 600 Models.This fully hand-carved mandolin is handcrafted with a solid flamed maple back and sides and an aged spruce top. Upgrades include Schaller nickel plated tuners, a single-ply headstock, back binding, and 3-ply binding on top. Available in Classic or Sunburst finish.Listprice:10900.. Superdeal 8995 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-615. NEW.

F type.F hole.Sunburst.. 10900 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-615.Electric New.

with Schertler Bluestick pickup (1/4 Output).. Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-805. NEW.

LSB.A type.Special quilt neck and modern headstock. 9700 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-815 CS NEW.

F-style.F hole.Classic sunburst.THIN nitrocellulose lacquer.Including nice hardcase.Mandolin 800 Models

Similar to the 600 series but with the following upgrades: Gold or nickel plated hardware, highly flamed maple, back and sides, 3-ply binding on the headstock and body, as well as side binding. Available in our Classic or Sunburst finish.. 13600 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-815.CL. NEW.

F type.F hole.Case:Square shaped.. 13600 SEK Sold
More info here:

Mandolin Eastman MD-815.MANDOLA New.

Sunburst.An inspired recreation of a unique specialty instrument from the Golden Age of the Mandolin Carved Solid Spruce top, Carved Highly-flamed Maple back & sides Full-sounding bell tones with remarkable projection.In USA:2150usd excl tax, shipping and customs... . Superdeal New lower price!_ PRISSÄNKT NU! Sold
Eastman cataloque here:

Mandolin Eastman MD-815V ADIRONDACK.Limited Edition. New.

Sunburst.Vintage type model.Solid ADIRONDACK (vintage Martin & Gibson pre 1945 style) Spruce top for fantastic tone and incredible volume.Oil varnish, special finish!! These are Incredible!!! . 14900 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-904. NEW.

2 pointer.A type.Oval hole.Classic color.. 13400 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-915 CS NEW.

. 19900 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-915 GA New.

Mandolin 900 Models
The "crème de la crème" of Eastman’s fine mandolins. Luxurious upgraded features include AAA quality highly flamed maple, gold plated hardware, hand-bound multi-ply maple wood binding on headstock and body, veneer on back of headstock. Available in our Blonde,Golden Age or Sunburst finish.. Sold

Mandolin Eastman MD-915. NEW.

Laquer Natural.TOP OF THE LINE.. Sold
Eastman website:

Mandolin Eastman MD815V-BLK New.

Black custom order.. Sold

Mandolin Eastman MDA-615 CS MANDOLA. New.

. 14600 SEK Sold

Mandolin Eastman MDC-805 MANDOCELLO. NEW.

Color:classic.. 16900 SEK Sold

Mandolin Gibson model A. 1916 ca.VG+ cond.

Incl original hardcase.Superb sound.Was 19500 sek .Now:. Sold

Mandolin Levin 1943.

All solid wood.Arch back.Almost TOP OF LINE from Levin.With new Pyramid string its sounds great.. Sold

Mandolin Levin A model 53. 1962.Excellent cond-almost mint !!

Fanciermodel with bigger body and nicer headstock.#411xxx.Original grey bag.. Sold

Mandolin Levin A model. 1935.

Sunburst.8 strings.All solid woods.Nitro finish.Newer gold tuner.Plays fine!. Superdeal 2900 SEK Sold

Mandolin NATIONAL RM-1 Brass. NEW.

Fantastic loud and nice sounding National!Handmade in California.Incredible quality.If you want the it is! . Sold
More info here:



Reprinted from Acoustic Guitar Magazine April 1996. Players:Mike Auldridge , Bob Brozmans, Jerry Douglas, Ben Harpers, Greg Leisz, David Lindley, Sally Van Meter. For amplification and recording, almost all the players interviewed use the Sunrise soundhole pickup (Sunrise Pickup Systems, 8101 Orion Ave. #19, Van Nuys, CA 91406). Much of the Sunrises mystique follows David Lindleys sound and his declaration, "Its got magic stuff in it!" Manufacturer Jim Kaufman identifies the Sunrises "magic stuff" as its quick response, sonic imaging, pole pieces that make an audible difference when adjusted, and ability to move with the guitars top. For microphones, Lindley and Harper favor vintage tube mikes like the AKG C-12 and M-50, while other players mention high-end Neumanns, like the U-67 and U-87. For live performances, Bob Brozman mixes a Sunrise with workhorse Shure SM-57 mikes "because thats what everybody has, so I adapt." .


Tambourine .New.

. Superdeal 100 SEK


Ukulele SUPRANO Eastman EU3. NEW.

. Superdeal 4500 SEK

Ukulele TENOR Eastman EU3. NEW.

. 4900 SEK

Ukulele - SOLD

Ukulele Eastman EU3 Consert. NEW!

. Sold

Ukulele SUPRANO Crafton. 1950s?.Ex cond.

33 cm scale.. Sold

Ukulele SUPRANO Kamaka Pineapple. 1980s.Ex cond.

gigbag.35 cm scale.. Superdeal Sold

Ukulele SUPRANO Kamaka. 1980s.Ex cond.

gigbag.35 cm scale. . Sold

Viola - SOLD

Viola Eastman VA 305C. NEW.

4/4 size.High level setup.. Sold

Violin - SOLD

Violin Eastman 305. NEW.

4/4 size.Antique finish.High level setup.1 piece superflamed maple back.. Sold

Violin Eastman 905. TOP-OF-THE-LINE ! NEW.

4/4 size.High level setup.. Sold
More info here:


Weissenborn / HILO koa lapsteel. 1922-1926. Good condition.

All Hawaiian solid KOA with 6- 3/4 inch bridge. "The factory guitars from 1922-1926 are lightly braced and have a bridge that is 6-3/4 inches from point to point. The factory guitars from 1927-1937 are heavily braced and have bridges that are 5-1/2 inches point to point. The shorter bridges are a spotting feature for me. From my standpoint, the 1922-1926 factory guitars sound better than the 1927-1937 because they vibrate more, giving that long sustain and ethereal Weissenborn sound". "Jerry Douglas plays a Weissenborn Style 1, and tunes it to open D (D A D F# A D). He uses D Addario phosphor bronze strings with gauges of .014, .016. .026, .036, .044, and .060"...Incl new TT hardcase.. 19500 SEK
More info here:
More info here: