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Pickups electric


Artec Acoustic Pickup:MSP50. NEW.

"Overall Rating : 8 Comments: Build quality is fine, fits securely in place, hardly blocks any of the soundhole, it´s passive (so no messing about with batteries) and has pole-pieces so you can get a perfect string balance (in fact the balance was perfect straight out of the box). Only criticism is the supplied endpin jack has to be tightened up occasionally (this is easily replaced)
You´d pay twice the price for a Fishman Rare Earth, (to which this pickup bears a resemblance) for no obvious advantage.
Highly recommended."
. 595 SEK

Artec - SOLD

Artec Giovanni pickup GVH-1. NEW.

Great sounding PAF style humbucker.Alnico 5.#42 plain enamel vintage wire.With cover: nickel, chrome or gold.. 595 SEK Sold

Artec Giovanni pickup GVH-2. NEW.

Great sounding version of a PAF humbucker.Alnico 3, weaker than alnico 5.Great for archtops also, more overtones. #42 plain enamel vintage wire.With cover: nickel, chrome or gold. 595 SEK Sold

Dean Markley

Dean Markley Piezo pickup.SST model. NEW.

. 950 SEK


Dearmond pickup info.
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EMG Pickup:EMG-81 Humbucker Black cover .Used, ex cond.

with pots.

EMG Pickup:EMG-81 Humbucker Chrome cover .Used, ex cond.


EMG Pickup:EMG-85 Humbucker . .Used ex cond.

We have 2 with Electronics, pots etc..

EMG Piezo pickup AS125. NEW.


EMG Piezo pickup AS93. NEW.

. Superdeal 1250 SEK
More info here:


Gibson Pickup Melody Maker. 1972

7,01 kohm.With embossed black cover with Gibson logo.. 1500 SEK

Gibson Pickup: P-100.Humfree P-90. Used, ex cond.

Soapbox size, not doggier.We have 2.Sounds great i neck position with slightly less muddy sound and NO hum."The P-100 is not a single coil pickup at all, in fact it is a “stacked humbucker,” designed to look like a standard P-90. The P-100 pickup was designed to be the same size as a P-90, and to fit in the same cover as a P-90, but it is a humbucking pickup and not a single coil pickup like a P-90. The P-100 is often referred to as a “Vintage Vertical” pickup because it is capable of producing a very warm, vintage humbucking sound." Price each:. 850 SEK

Lollar Pickups

Lollar Pickups model CCHB Neck.Charlie Christian in humbucking size.

Made in USA.. Superdeal 1500 SEK
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PRS All Paul Reed Smith guitar PICKUPS ON SALE! Contact us NOW!


PRS Humbucker 1 pickup. NOS. NEW OLD STOCK.

We have a few PRS pickups in stock.Find out why PRS sound so great. Models: McCartyt treble, McCarty Archtop bass + archtop treble Dragon II bass, PRS SE humbuckers from Korea: 400kr . Crazy deal RING 08-6427300 för mer info! 1195 SEK
More info here:
Dragon II info here:

PRS Humbucker 1 pickup.For PRS SE Korea models. Mint.

Black bobbins.Taken from PRS SE guitars when upgraded to US pickups.Sounds fine.Made in Korea.. 400 SEK

PRS Humbucker Archtop.BASS or TREBLE in stock. NEW.

Archtop Bass: Stock on the Archtop and Hollowbodies. This is also a clearer, less powerful version of our McCarty bass pickup. The pickup was specifically designed to match well with the PRS Piezo system and is good for many styles of music including jazz and rhythm guitar. Archtop treble also in stock.with nickelplated covers.. Superdeal 1195 SEK
More info here:

PRS Humbucker Dragon II.BASS. NEW.

Dragon II Treble: Stock on Custom 22s, CE 22s and Standard 22s. The nickel silver cover and months of tweaking have resulted in an alnico pickup with McCarty like tones and a little more output. Not as “Vintage" sounding as a McCarty and not as “Modern” sounding as an HFS. Treble Pickup Nickel: ACC-3012 Magnet: Alnico 4 DC Res: 12k Cover: Nickel Bass Pickup (Nickel: ACC-3013 | Gold: ACC-3015) Magnet: Alnico 4 DC Res: 8k Cover: Nickel Compatible with: 3-way, 3-way push/pull, or 5-way pickup selectors. Superdeal 1195 SEK

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker. Used. Works fine.

Coils: black / black.. 795 SEK
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Subkov Piezo pickup. NEW.

. Superdeal 495 SEK

Voodoo Pickups - SOLD

Voodoo Pickups Humbucker 59. NEW.

"There are certain things that make a great sounding old pickup, wire ,magnets and some unqualified essence. This model really sounds and feels like a ´50´s pickup.The Resistance is 7.85K to 8.1K.They are made with a ALNICO 3 or an ALNICO 5 magnets.The Neck position with an Alnico #3 magnet is able to get that low heat distortion and keep note clarity at the same time ,It has that Clapton Neck position sound. The Lead position has that Classic top end articulation and low´s that have a "Cello" quality when you use the #5 magnet in that position .The perfect set seems to be the 7.9 In the neck with an Alnico 3 magnet and the 8.1 in the bridge position with an Alnico 5.Alnico 3 or Alnico 5 with nickel covers new or aged 7~8.3K(other ohm outputs are available as a custom order).. 1750 SEK Sold
Looks like this:

Voodoo Pickups Telecaster / Broadcaster. NEW.

Flatpole.Alnico3 .7,7k.South. 995 SEK Sold

Voodoo Pickups Telecaster 50s. NEW.

Early 50s flatpole.Alnico 5.south.. 995 SEK Sold

Voodoo Pickups Telecaster FAT. NEW.

10k.South.. 995 SEK Sold
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