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Other Fender models

A1.Open Tuesday-Friday 1-6 pm, Saturday noon to 3 pm.

A1.Open Tuesday-Friday 1-6 pm, Saturday noon to 3 pm.

We ship worldwide. Contact: CALL +46 8 6427300 (faster). or ad from Rock & Roll magazine .


Fender Coronado II. 1967.Excellent condition!

Rare model.Original tranclucent Red. Original 2 pickups, both sounds strong and great.Coronado pickups can sound weak and thin, rare to find them with both pickups strong. All original except refretted. Orig hardcase. The best version with 2 pickups and no tremolo. Jimmie Vaughans favorite! . Superdeal 22500 SEK

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Fender - SOLD

Fender A list of a few examples of sold ones... See below here.For reference only ;-)

. Sold

Fender Coronado II 1967

wildwood 3.Fantastic condition of the Top Of Line model in this serie.Very good player.A serious must fpr a Fender collector.. Sold

Fender Jaguar 1963.

Sunburst.100 % original.Call for price. Sold

Fender Jaguar 1963.

All original. Sunburst.Ohc.. Sold

Fender Jaguar 1963

. Sold

Fender Jaguar 1964

Olympic White,yellowed and cool.Pro nitro refin body.Very dark Nize fingerboard with clay dots.Original frets, still very playable.Original pickups,pots,pickguard,nut,logo.Neck date:1 JUN64B.Plays and sounds great!Hardcase included,non original. "Hei Tip Top. Gitaren er hentet og kom fram i godt behold. En skikkelig player som stemmer eksakt med beskrivelsen. Bra setup rett fra boksen. Takk for hyggelig og rask service! med vennlig hilsen N.N. (fornøyd nordmann)" . Sold

Fender Jaguar 1965 Feb.

Sunburst original and very worn.Very worn neck.This guitar has been played alot!!Too cool!!!L-series number.Plays like butter with 0.11 set on!. Sold

Fender Jaguar 1968

january.Original nice sunburst.Nitrocellolose laquer.. Sold

Fender Jaguar. 1963.Very worn , a real relic!

Original custom color Candy Apple Red body with matching headstock. Dated on neck: 1 NOV 63B. All original, except 2 replaced tuners. Original vol & tone pots dated 6348 (= week 48, 1963). Original frets, low but still very playable. Original WHITE hardcase in VG+ cond.. Too cool! . Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Fender Jaguar. 1963.Mint to ex+ condition !!! Weight:3,95kg.

Original Candy Apple Red.Incredible all original condition.Orig brown hardcase.COLLECTOR MUSEUM QUALITY!. Sold

Fender Jaguar. 1964.Ex cond.3,80kg.

Fiesta Red body (pro refin to mint).Neck original finish.All the rest original.Volume and tone pots dated 6421.Original black bobbin pickups.Neck dated 1OCT 64B.Original custom color green nitro pickguard!Nonorig hardcase.. Sold

Fender Jaguar. 1967

Original very rare "Faux" Sunburst.Block inlays.All original. OHC.. Sold

Fender Jazzmaster 1960.

Original 2,5 tone Sunburst.Dark slab brazilian rosewood.All original.Pots dated late 1959.Neck and body dated 1960.Original brown cond.Worn & very cool!!Price, please call.. Sold

Fender Jazzmaster 1961.

Candy Apple Red finish,very worn, but very cool.Very old overspray rest all original.NOW also pro refret!Call for price.. Sold

Fender Jazzmaster 1962

Burgundy Mist,old refinish.Looks cool.Slab rosewood fingerboard.Original pickups and pots dated to late 1961.Call for price!. Sold

Fender Jazzmaster 1963

Olympic White with matching headstock. Pro refinished.Fantastic birdeye neck and black brazilian rosewood fingerboard with clay dots! Dated oct ,1963.. Sold

Fender Jazzmaster 1963.

Sunburst.ALL original. Supernice! 2 owners only...Bought originally in Östersund 1963!Original Swedish beige case! Price.. call.. Sold

Fender Jazzmaster 1964

Sunburst.All original and very nice.Lightweight.. Sold

Fender Jazzmaster 1966

sunburst, refinished.Dot neck with binding - rare.Excellent playing and sounding!. Sold

Fender Jazzmaster. 1962.Vg cond.

Olympic White, old refin over original sunburst (which can be seen under pickguard.Body dated 8/62.Original pickups, sounds great.Original tortoise pickguard.Neck is nonorig, but with Brazilian Rosewood slab fingerboard over quartersawn great maple.Clay dots.Nitro finish with correct logo.Perfect frets.Original tremarm, but custom bent.Original Sweden beige-brown hardcase incl. . Sold

Fender Musicmaster II. 1965.Good cond.

Very worn Olympic White.Rare 24 inch scale = same as Mustang.Reissue Kluson type tuners.Neck date FEB 65.Tortoise reissue pickguard.Newer great sounding humbucker pickup installed with serie / parallel switch on the tone knobs.very useful! Fantastic guitar.Dont want to sell it but if you convince us with money, we might ;-). Sold

Fender Musicmaster. 1957,Good cond.

Original Anodized pickguard.Original pickup.Newer CTS pots & knobs.Body Nitro refin yellowed Olympic White.Very worn neck with original finish and original frets.Sounds great and plays nicely even if the frets are very worn.Hardcase.Cool! . Sold

Fender Musicmaster. 1963

Olympic White pro nitro refin by TIP TOP.Great black BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard. Clay dot inlays.Neck marked: 3/4 OCT 63 A.1 pot dated 1964.Original pickup and pickguard.Original dc case.Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood Sold

Fender Musicmaster. 1974

Original custom color Dakota Red! Converted to 2 pickups:USA Seymour Duncans.Pro refret with jumbo frets.Strings trough body improves sustain and tone.Intonated saddles makes it play in tune also.Sounds and plays great!!Ex Sven Zetterberg, the Swedish bluesking.. Sold

Fender Mustang. 1964.VG+ cond.

Original custom color Daphne Blue.Clay dot inlays.Original frets, plays very nice. Original Kluson tuners.Neck date:JUL 64.Grey bobbin pickups.Extra shielding tape under pickguard for lower noise.The 2 pickup switches are newer and work perfect.Original knobs, newer CTS pots.Original grey hardcase.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Fender Mustang. 1965.

Original Sonic Blue.Neck date 8 DEC 64 A.Original neck pickup dated:AY JAN 8 '65.Very worn.gigbag.Too cool!Sounds great and plays very well.. Sold

Fender Mustang. 1966

Original Olympic White, now very yellowed.All original with original hardcase.Pots dated week 31, 1966.Great!!. Sold

Fender Mustang. 1966

Original custom color nitro Daphne Blue.BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard - with CITES certificate included.All original except small overspray on headstock front.Original pickups dated dated 7-14-66 and 7-18-66.Neck date:16 MAR66 B.Pots dated 6617 = week 17, year 1966.Orig grey hardcase. . Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Fender Mustang. 1967.

Olympic White.Original nitro finish.Original pots dated 1966 week 17.Pro refretted.Orig hardcase.. Sold

Fender Mustang. 1967.Ex condition.

Original custom color Dakota Red.Nitrocellulose finish (only 1967 or earlier,then the bad plastic finish).All original.Original case.Great!. Sold

Fender Mustang. 1969.Vg + cond.

Original Competion Red (Candy Apple Red) with matching headstock.24 inch scale.Neck marked 16MAY 69B. Original pickups and pots..Pu mark:11-29-68.Plays and sounds great! "In 1969 Fender released the "Competition" Mustang with a "racing stripe" paint job and painted headstocks. Body contours were also added at this time. The Competition Mustangs came in Competition Red (known as Competition Burgundy in the Fender catalog), Competition Blue, and Competition Orange. This paint scheme was heavily influenced by the Shelby Mustang cars of the late 1960s." Hardcase included (nonoriginal). Sold

Rock & Roll magazine

Rock & Roll magazine #8 år 2020. 4 pages about TIP TOP Musik, Mr TIPTOP Björn Clern and the band BC & Heartkeys! :-)


Rock & Roll magazine #9 år 2020.

1963 Jaguar in Candy Apple Red & Teisco Spectrum 5 !.

Rock & Roll magazine A. CLICK ON thumbnail photo = MORE photos!



TIP TOP Musik T-shirt vintage ca 1994.

Celebrating a few of our customers & friends.....

VINTAGE gitarrer och renoveringsobjekt KÖPES! Även KOMMISSIONS försäljning. Vi byter in också.

VINTAGE gitarrer och renoveringsobjekt KÖPES! Även KOMMISSIONS försäljning. Vi byter in också. Välkommen!

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