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Les Paul type


Björn CLERN Les Pool Junior Esquire, ooak (One Of A Kind). New.

Bookmatched flamed Redwood top. Custom wound Tele bridge pickup. More info soon..... 2757 gram.


Gibson GA-5 Les Paul Junior Amp.BLUE PLEXIGLAS Limited Edition. 2004ca.

All ORIGINAL INCL ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX & manual ! Wow! This 5 watt, volume only amp is a beautiful sight. All tube (EL84 and 12AX7). Clear BLUE plexi glass enclosure - glows in the dark! 8" Gibson Pure Goldtone speaker. Handwired and sounds amazing like an old vintage GA-5. Simple as possible, made to rock and surprisingly loud. Gibson only made 250 of these, so you may not find another! . Ex cond. 11500 SEK

Gibson Les Paul Faded. 2018

Worn Bourbon color.Upgraded with USA active EMG pickups. TONE-PRO lightweight stoptailpiece. Incl TT foamcase.. 9500 SEK
Gibsons info here:

Gibson Les Paul foam CASE. New.

TIP TOP Hardcase Super Lightweight Les Paul size. .Pro quality! Super strong outside material.Very lightweight.Its a hardcase, protects very well and can be used as gigbag and carried on your back also! No pockets,to keep it small and lightweight!TIP TOP special!. 790 SEK

Gibson Les Paul Standard -56 Aged Historic Reissue.Custom Shop.Aged by Tom Murphy. 2001. Used, vg+ cond.

All original. Aged Goldtop.Great sounding P90 pickups. With Custom Shop certificate. Original hardcase. Very lightweight:3,9 kg. Small hairline crack around E6 tuner ( we dont know if this was made by Tom Murphy at the factory or not..). 44900 SEK

Gibson Les Paul TV Junior -57 Reissue.Custom Shop. 2003.

All original.Very lightweight:3,1kg! Incl cert and orig hardcase.Only 29 made!! Fantastic!. 34900 SEK

Gibson - SOLD

Gibson 1.Les Paul.A list of a few examples of sold ones... See below here.For reference & fun only ;-)

. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Recording. 1977.

Almost MINT cond !!!!! Original natural. 1 owner since new!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard 80 Heritage Elite. 1981

Limited Edition Les Paul made 1980-81.Extra serial number # 0700.Flame/quilt maple top in tobacco sunburst.Ebony fingerboard.Small headstock.1 piece neck.2 early Seymour Duncan 59 pickups instead of the originals( I guess the Duncans sounded better).Gibson hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul -56 Reissue.Custom Shop.Aged Goldtop. 2005.Ex cond.Lightweight: 3,90kg.

P-90 pickups.Very nice dark rosewood fingerboard.All original.Nicely aged goldtop with hairline cracks and aged hardware.Original hardcase.Several tags in case.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul -57 Reissue VOS.Custom Shop. 2012. Ex cond. Weight: 3,80

Goldtop.All original.Very lightweight.. Superdeal Sold

Gibson Les Paul -59 Reissue.Custom Shop. 2000.Ex cond.

Lightweight: 3,760 KG! Great flametop. Black rosewood fingerboard.. Superdeal For sale at Copenhagen Guitar Show 30/9. Sold

Gibson Les Paul -59 Reissue.Custom Shop. Super limited edition: 1 of 5! 2003.Ex cond.All original.Extremely lightweight: 3,65

Tiger red SUPER Quilted maple top.Background and Description about another of the 5 made: "I was a very good customer of Music Machine in the 2003/2004 time frame before Gibson terminated their partnership. Rick Van Heel was the sales rep who I purchased many Gibson Custom Shop instruments from. In late 2003 I was emailing back and forth with Rick and he told me that Music Machine was having a very limited run of super quilted maple (5A+) topped and ultra-light weight solid bodied R9s made (Both of these options incurred a significant up charges). I believe the total was 5. The guitar was delivered to me in early 2004 (It has a 2003 serial number). It weights in right at 8lbs. Pickups are Burst Buckers 1 & 2. The neck shape is the standard R9 neck shape for this period. It feels perfect and plays great. Rick van Heel who has played and sold thousands of Gibson told me this instrument is an amazing example (tonally and visually) of what Gibson was producing during this era of Gibson CS. It really sounds great for a light weight Les Paul. Everyone that has played the instrument over the years are always blown away by the tone and looks of the instrument. 8000-11400 usd in USA for a regular R9 from 2003. This unique special R9 version from early 2003... . Sold

Gibson Les Paul -60 Reissue.Custom Shop Special order. 2007.VG cond.

Bourbon Burst.All original.Pitch black rosewood fingerboard! .Burstbucker 1 & 2.Pots dated 2007.Bumble Bees caps.50s wiring.Doubblering Kluson type tuners.Worn but cool.Sounds and plays great.Not as thick neck as the 57-59 reissues, but not as thin as regular 1960 reissues.Rare production for Guitar Center in USA.Hardcase.. Superdeal Sold

Gibson Les Paul 1959 Flametop Reissue Historic Collection. 2003.Almost Mint cond.

Superstrong bookmatched flametop.Fantastic FLAMED (!!) mahogany back of neck (1 of a kind?!).Dark nicely grained rosewood fingerboard (Madagascar) .All original with all tags and brown case.Nice weight: 4124 gram with a great fat sound.. Superdeal Sold

Gibson Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary. 1978.

Tobacco Sunburst.All original.Flamed maple top.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary. 1979

Wine Red color.Rare model and rare color.Super 400 onlays in ebony fingerboard.Gold hardware.Original but used.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary. 1979.

Tobacco Sunburst on flame maple top.Almost MINT!! Still plastic on back control cover!! Silver/gold anniversary-very special model with super 400 inlays in fingerboard etc.Original hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Bass.Mahogany 1972.

Natural mahogany.Lo and Hi switch.Sounds fantastic & plays great! Not very heavy, unusual for this model.Non orig tw hardcase.THE best Gibson made bass ever, we think!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul class 5 Custom Shop 2001.

Translucent Amber superflamed maple top.Burstbucker pickups.TIP TOPs. Superdeal Sold
More info here:

Gibson Les Paul Classic PREMIUM PLUS. 1994.Used, ex+ cond.

Upgraded with 2 classic 57 PAF pickups.Very strong flametop!! Cherry sunburst.1960s type of neck.Vintage aluminum stringholder.Lightweight too:3,8 kg.Orig brown hardcase with pink lining.Call for. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus. 1995.Excellent condition.

Fantastic flametop,both thinflamed ala Peter Green and a little quilt too!! Faded tobacco sunburst.Antiquity pickups with middle pu reversed like Peter Green /Gary Moore with that great and useful sound too.Nice weight:4216 gram.Original brown hardcase.The best Premium plus we have ever had.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1969

Black.Gold hardware.Lightweight.Pro refretted.Maple top,not sandwich.No volute on back of headstock.New Grovers, original in case.Original case.Great guitar!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1974.

Cherry Sunburst.Almost MINT condition!!!!!1 owmer.Pots dated 7421.All original with original case.Lightweight and with mahogany neck.Original and very rare extra pickup surrounds,similar to some deluxes at this time.Original case,looks almost mint.Unbelievable condition,unused since the 70s!Whoah!!!!!!!!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1975.

Cherry Red - rare color and looks very cool.Original mahogany back of neck!!All original and with original hardcase.Pots dated 1975.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1989.

Olympic White, now very yellowed and cool!!!Gold hardware. Very lightweight!Original hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom 20th Anniversary model. 1974.Ex- cond.

Cherry sunburst.Mahogany neck.Very lightweight.Original unopened Pat Number Sticker gold pickups and original 1974 pots.Old Refret on the Ebony fingerboard so you can play it (was original very low frets aka fretless wonder...). Sounds great and plays fantastic!Original bridge.New gold inputjackplate and reissue witchhat knobs.Killer Custom!!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom. 1972.

Serialnumber says 1970-1972.Original Black.Refretted with bigger frets,plays great!Burstbucker 2&3 installed.Headstock repair, almost invisible,very professional done and very stable.Orig hardcase with purple lining.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom. 1974.

Faded wine red.Very nice flametop!!Very worn.Thin mahogany neck.Repaired headstock.Original pots,dated 74.Strong original pickups!Very cool!!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom. 1974.

Original & very rare Brown Burst on birdeseye maple top.Newly refretted.Grovers.Original Gibson hardcase.Not all original,call for more info.Great player!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom. 1978.Ex- cond.

All original.Black.Rare Maple fingerboard (think Zack Wilde). Orig hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom. 1979.Vg cond.

Original Pearl White finish,very rare!!Chrome plated parts!Orig hardcase.Pots dated week 24 1978.Serial number: 26 jan 1979.Pro refretted.Weight:5040g.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom. 1980.

Original Wine Red.Maple neck with real genuine ebony fingerboard.Solid 1 piece mahogany back, not pancake.Original PAT.NR stamped neck pickup, black with gold screws and no cover..Newer Gibson bridge pickup, slightly stronger, black with gold screws and no cover..All pots original except bridge vol, now 500k CTS for better output.Plays like butter and sounds great! Weight:4540 gram..Original protector Hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom. 1988.

Original Ferrari Red!Original 3 pickups rout also.Pickups now: new Burstbuckers + Burstbucker Pro.Lightweight.Very rare color.Cool. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom. 1990.Used,vg cond.

Very yellowed vintage white.Very lightweight.1 classic 57 and 1 orig pat number pickup.Orig hardcase. Too cool!!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom. 2000. Ex cond.

Wine red. Chrome burstbucker 1 neck and bb3 bridge.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom.20th Anniversary model. 1974.Used, vg cond.

Mahogany neck.Original Pat No sticker pickups, pickup rings,pots etc.Old gold Schaller tuners. Pro refret with bigger frets-plays great!Original hardcase with purple lining.Not heavy! Weight:4119 gram.Killer Custom! . Sold

Gibson Les Paul Custom.57 Reissue.Historic collection.CUSTOM SHOP. 1996.

Wine Red.All mahogany body.Original Bigsby!Very rare.Too cool.. Sold
More info here:

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1972

Tobacco sunburst.All original, lightweight, very nice.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop. 1972.Vg cond.

Original Goldtop.All original.Mahogany neck.Mini humbuckers with engraved Gibson logo in chrome covers and original extra pickup rings.Volute,pancake.Pots dated:1972 week 11.Orig solderjoints and 0,22 black Spraque cap.Finish cracks all over the guitar.Plays and sounds great.Orig hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. 1969.Ex- condition

Goldtop.All original.No volute. 1piece mahogany body, not pancake.Unusual lightweight too!!Original minihumbuckers with original creme pickup rings. With original hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. 1973.

Original goldtop, nicely worn, cracked and gold turned green on some places like a 50s LP!Thick mahogany neck.2 P90s from the 70s (probably taken from a LP Pro Deluxe.Deluxe was original with minihumbuckers).Sounds great!Newer Kluson tuners.Plays perfectly.Orig Gibson hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. 1980. Excellent cond.

Cherry Sunburst.ALL original incl the hardcase.Thin maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.Non sandwich body.Original frets still playable.Nice low action."Thin Lizzy"!!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Elegant CUSTOM SHOP.Flametop!! 1997.Vg+ cond.

Redburst.Very flamed maple top!Ebony fingerboard with abalone crown inlays.US Bigsby installed and Grover locking tuners otherwise all original with hardcase. "This is a Custom Shop guitar that didn’t have a very long production run, and was apparently the first of Gibson’s chambered LP’s. Owners have said it has a bit deeper of a tone than a pure solid-body LP, and the chambering pattern is completely different than the ones used in the Standards. Comes stock with 57 Classic pickups which help balance out the deeper tone of the guitar. The fretboard has a compound radius cut: round to flatter from nut to heel. The body is made from mahogany with a triple-A grade maple top. There are open cavities in the body to reduce its weight while at the same time increasing its resonance. They are called dynamic chambers. One interesting thing about this guitar is its compound radius fretboard. This allows for easier access to the upper registers while lead playing at the same time leaving the lower registers more adapted to chordal playing. The neck also has a long tenon to increase its connection to the body.. New lower price!_ PRISSÄNKT NU! Sold
More info here:

Gibson Les Paul Junior. 1955.Vg- cond.

Original Sunburst finish.Handwound custom reissue pickup from Voodoo.24 fret ebony fingerboard.1960s wrap bridge.Original pickguard.volpot dated 1953.Orig white cap.Grover tuners.A great player!!!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Junior. 1960.

Doubble cutaway & BIG neck! Original P90 pickup, tail piece, tuners and case. Body refinished in nitrocellulose TV yellow.Neck original cherry finish with original serialnumber.Large neck profile! Original soft/hard crocodile case included.Fantastic! . Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Recording 1973

Very rare and unusual Les Paul. Low impedence pickups so you can plug it direct into a mixer when recording. Cool!. Superdeal Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard NEW.

Lightburst.1959 neck.#646.Superflamed top!Handpicked by bc...TIP TOPs. Superdeal Sold
More info here:

Gibson Les Paul Standard 1974

Tobacco sunburst,rare.Mahogny neck.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard -58 Reissue.Historic Collection.Custom Shop. 2001.

Fantastic flametop!!Almost mint cond.= nyskick.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard -59 Reissue.Historic Collection.Custom Shop. 1999.

Superb flametop, handpicked by bc.Color:washed cherry.Almost mint =nyskick!. Sold
More info here:

Gibson Les Paul Standard -59 Reissue.Historic Collection.Custom Shop. 2008.Used,ex cond.

Flametop.Nice weight:4108g.All case candy.. Superdeal Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard -59 Reissue.Historic Collection.Custom Shop. 2009Used, ex cond

Superflamed!!Lightweight.Ex John Norum.. Sold
Gibson info here:

Gibson Les Paul Standard -60 Reissue. 2008.Used but mint.

Ice Tea sunburst.Nice flametop.All tags.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 Reissue Historic Collection. 2005.Ex+ cond.

Tobacco Sunburst, ala Duane Allman. Very strong and 3D top.3790 gram.Almost Mint.. Sold
More info here:

Gibson Les Paul Standard Aged 1959 Jimmy Page Ltd COPY (=kopia) by Edwards (ESP-Japan).125 #338.SUPERFLAME TOP!! 2005New Old Stock.Very lightweight:3,60kg!

Fantastic copy of the Gibson custom shop AGED Jimmy Page model!Extremely thin real nitrocellulose finish.Looks worn and relic,looks like the real thing from 59!Very cool thinstripe bookmatched super flamemaple top.2 USA S.Duncan pickups.ESP superswitching system with push-pull on all 4 knobs!Tuners Grovercopies in gold as on Page singnature model. Very limited edition from Japan.Sounds and plays great too.Original ESP gigbag.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard CLASS 5 PREMIUM. 2002.Weight: 3,75 kg.

Super flametop!! Gibson hardcase.Very special model made 2001 - 2008; -17 weight relief holes rather than 9 on a standard LP (smaller) -AAAAA figured maple (this is where it gets the name Class 5 PREMIUM) -Burst Bucker II and III pickups -Long neck tenon -60 slim neck -Flamed or quilted maple -Tall pickup rings. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard KM.Kalamazzo Model. 1979.

KM = Kalamazzo Model.When all other Les Pauls were made in Nashville , this model was made in the old factory where they still made the L-5s,Super 400s etc. Very rare.Only 1500 made -limited Edition. Original "Custom Made" cover behind stringholder missing.Very worn and faded: looks like a 1959 faded plaintop!Original doubble cream T-top pickups!!Almost no finish remains of back of neck, because this one has been PLAYED!Too cool!!4,5 kg.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard KM.Kalamazzo Model. 1979.

Very rare model made in the old original Gibson factory in Kalamazzo, sort of early custom shop,when the other Les Pauls were made in Nashville.Very rare.Only 1500 made -limited Edition.Great flametop!! Original doubble cream T-top pat no pickups!! Original pearl inlays instead of plastic.Cool worn and great tone.Plays like butter. Original Protector Hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Flametop. 2011.Ex cond.

Sunburst.All original.Strong flametop.Grover locking tuners.Orig hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus. 2003.Used ex- cond..

Translucent Amber.Wonderful flametop!60s neck.Lightweight and nice.Plus means extra nice flamed maple top.Original without pickguard mounted.Small chip in wood,on back of headstock,no big deal...Orig hardcase.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus.Flametop. 1996. Ex cond.

Honeyburst on incredible flametop.No pickguard mounted.. Sold
More info here:

Gibson Les Paul Standard. 1975.Nice Weight:4,25 kg.

Faded Cherry Red, pro nitro refin,looks like George Harrisons LP...Patent Number stamped pickups from 1970s with original chrome covers.2 piece Mahogany, not weight reliefed or chambered like most new Gibsons, for best fat genuine old Les Paul tone.Plays and sounds great! A really great LP Deluxe converted along time ago to full size humbuckers like a Standard.. Superdeal Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard. 1976.Used, good condition.

Original Pat.Nr stamped pickups, with original covers - sounds great.All 4 original pots, dated week 47, year 1976.1 pot replaced (orig in case).Old refin in natural, looks very cool! NON pancake Mahogany body! (Returned to non-pancake from late 1976). NOT weightrelief for best tone! Very nice dark Rosewood fingerboard on maple neck.Original frets worn but very playable with low stringheighjt.New reissue Kluson tuners by Tone Pros.Newer reissue Gibson knobs.Original chrome bridge and stoptail.Original Hardcase.Plays like butter and sounds very vintage & cool!. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard. 1977.Ex- cond.

Original Cherry Sunburst.Great condition! New reissue tuners installed.Pickup cover in Original hardcase.Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.Pro refretted with very little fretware.Pancake body.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Standard. 1979.Vg cond.

Cherry Sunburst on very flamed maple top!!Bookmatched top of quartersawn maple.Original patent number stamped pickups with doubble cream coils!!Thin maple neck,very worn finish on back.Nice dark rosewood fingerboard.Original hardcase.Weight:4472 gramVery rare.. Sold

Gibson Les Paul Studio. 2005.Ex cond.Nice weight:4.07kg.

Very cool transparent Wine Red.Dark rosewood fingerboard.Gold parts.All original, except tailpiece changed to the TP-6 with fine tuners (BB KING style).TT foam hardcase.This is the same as a LP Standard except the white bindings.... Superdeal Sold

Gibson Les Paul Supreme.

Translucent Black flametop and Back!. Sold
More info here:

Gibson Les Paul Supreme. Custom Shop.

Superflamed maple top AND back.Color:Root beer- looks cool!. Sold
More info here:

Gibson Les Paul TV Special. 1958.Ex- cond.

Original and very cool.Not a reissue...TKL hardcase.. Sold

Gibson PETER GREENs 1959 Les Paul Sunburst & Mr TIP TOP !!

PETER GREEN (1946-2020) Rest In Peace RIP: July 25, 2020... Peters famous Les Paul is probably THE Holy Grail among vintage guitars! Peter Green owned and used it from ca 1965-1970. Also owned and used by Gary Moore 1970-2006. What a wonderful guitar and fantastic story behind it. Many thanks to to owner (at the time) Melvyn Franks, who let me (Mr TipTop aka bc) hold and play this ikon. A shaking and mindblowing experience for me... New owner since 2014 is Kirk Hammett in Metalica.. Sold
Article about this fantastic guitar:
Mycket bra info om Peter Green (på svenska!)

Guild - SOLD

Guild Bluesbird AAA. 1997.

Made in USA.Nitro finish.Superflamed maple top! Original Seymour Dunvan 59 custom pickups.With coil split for neck pickup on push pull pot.Bridge pickup with serie-parallel humbucker switching on a push-push pot.Fantastic versatile and great sounding!! Chambered body for more hollowbody tone.Non orig Hardcase.. Sold


Levin Solidbody model 1900.Extremely rare! 1960.Last one made! #403013 = 1960

Very nice,all original. SELA low impendece pickups and pots. With original dominantcase. Weight 4007 gram. Neck profile:not thick,C profile.Plays very nice. Nut width: 44 mm Intonaton OK.Low string height.Perfect frets. Only made 1957- 1960. Specifications: Cutaway. Body width: 325 mm. Body length: 455 mm. Scale length: 630 mm = 24 51/64 inch Mahogany top. Mahogany body. 4-ply bound top. Single-bound back. Single-bound pickguard. Mahogany neck with adjustable truss rod. Metal truss rod cover with a star and "1900". Single-bound headstock. No headstock logo (original). Single-bound rosewood fingerboard with mother-of-pearl block inlay. Open back tuners. 2 Sela low-impedance pickups. 3 knobs (2 volume & 1 three-way rotary switch) on lower treble bout. Nickel plated hardware. Aluminum compensated bridge. Natural finish. Introduced: ca 1957 (reportedly, 139 were made) ca 1958: No star or "1900" on truss rod cover (star and "1900" used until ca 1962). Latest known example: 403013 (1960). 28000 SEK
Model info here:

Levin - SOLD

Levin Solidbody model 1900.Extremely rare! 1957.

Very nice,all original. SELA low impendece pickups and pots.Only mod is that the metal bar over the pickups have been taken off-still works fine.With original hardcase.Only made 1957-ca 1962. . Sold

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Shine Les Paul Custom copy.W440. NEW.

Black or Vintage White with gold hardware.Glued in Set neck like a Gibson, NOT bolt on.Pro gigbag included.Plays and sounds great! .Listprice:3980 sek. TIP TOPs . Superdeal 2995 SEK

Shine - SOLD

Shine Les Paul ST 430G.Flame fingerboard. NEW.

TOP OF LINE model.USA Seymour Duncan pickups:59 neck, JB bridge.Solid genuine mahogany body, not chambered or weightrelief.Grover tuners.Strings through body for great tone.Jumbo frets!Highest quality from Korea.Listprice 8490 sek.Last one now:. Superdeal Sold