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Danelectro DC-59 Psychedelic Eric Clapton. 1 of 200. Rainbow! 2010.

A very rare guitar in perfect shape. Collector's item. One out of 200! It is modeled after Eric Clapton's handpainted Danelectro DC-59 during his time in Blind Faith. What is so unique about this guitar is the finish. A psychedelic twist on the classic DC-59 made famous by Jimmy Page and Syd Barret. Looking at the pictures, you can see the colored artistic paint marks are all over the guitar! The fretboard, the pick guard, the headstock and the sides and back of the neck. It plays amazingly also! Classic Lip Stick tube pickups! It features a wooden bridge and an input jack on the front side of the guitar, which is how the original DC-59s were manufactured. The body is Masonite, a typical Danelectro manufacturing technique. Danelectros are great for any player. They are well built, they play well, they sound great, and they just look really cool! Incl gigbag.. 8900 SEK

Harmony - SOLD

Harmony Electric solidbody GREAT Slideguitar. 1960s.

Headstock crack, but works fine still.Great slide guitar! With gigbag.. Crazy deal Sold


Kay Silvertone Archtop Aristocrat Model 1365. 1954.

Top-Of-Line Silvertone archtop! Sunburst. All original except new Kluson Reissue tuners. Superb sounding "Speedbump" pickups. Pots dated 1954. Original alligator DC case.. 14900 SEK
Model info here:

Kay Acoustic Tuxedo. 1960s.

Very cool and rare TUXEDO finish! Low stringheight and very playable. Sounds nice too. Made in USA. .

Kay Archtop Cutaway with P90 pu 1950s.

Spruce top. Highly flamed maple back and sides. Mahogany neck with nize Rosewood fingerboard. Natural finish, refin at some time. Plays and intons fine, with 11-52 Nickel strings. Vintage style P-90 pickup installed: 9,27kohm. New 550+250k CTS pots. Old 0,022 brown cap. Drop shaped hardcase incl. Sounds great!. 12500 SEK

Kay Galaxie Hollowbody. 1964

Original sunburst.Worn but cool! Hollowbody with 2 "half" F holes. 1 original pickup model "big P90 type", sounds great! Both pots dated 1964. Original Kluson Doubble line tuners..

Kay - SOLD

Kay Airline jazzbox 1960s.

Made by KAY.Same pickups as our KAY speed Demon.Great looking "bigsby" type tremolo.Very cool!. Sold

Kay Bass. 1960 ca.

Famous bassplayer Sven Lindvall made this model very sought after.Great souding and playing bass.Must try!Incl gigbag.. Sold

Kay D.Cut bass 1961 ca.

Ultra cool and rare!Sounds amazing.... Sold

Kay Doublecut 1960s

Red with bigsby. Great sounding and playing axe.. Sold

Kay Hollowbody Swingmaster K-762. 1961-1965.s

Sunburst.2 great sounding P-90 type pickups. Those Kleenex-box pickups are nothing to sneeze at. (Sorry!) They’re more properly called P-35s and consist of a single-coil that was wound for Kay by Gibson, so they produce that nice, fat familiar P-90 sound, but with their own subtly different voice.The scale length is 25.7-inches, which is little longer than Martin standard and about an inch longer than the scale length of a Gibson ES-175. The guitar has a 1 11/16″ nut.Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.TT hardcase. . Sold
More info here:
Even more info here:

Kay Jazz II # K775. 1960s.

Too cool.BIG headstock! Original white hardcase! This is the model Eric Clapton used early 60s.NOW refretted by pro + fingerboard leveled.Plays fantastic now.. Sold

Kay K 300 1962.

All original.Original pots dated 1962 week 30.Great sounding and in very nice condition.TT hardcase.. Sold

Kay Truetone Speed Demon Hollowbody model K573 Triple Speedbump.

3 pickups and 6 knobs. Cult and greatsounding!!!. Sold

Kay Truetone Speed Demon Hollowbody model K573 Triple Speedbump. 1960s.Vg cond.

Original Sunburst.3 great sounding original speedbump pickups.TT Gigbag / Hardcase.BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard and bridge!Too cool! Same model as used by Jeremy Spencer in Fleetwood Mac 1968!!. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold
Video click here:

Kay Vanguard. 1964.

Sunburst.Original pickup and pots dated 1964.Brazilian rosewood bridge.Great for slide also! Do you know how good these sound?Great setup and plays nice.. Sold

Silvertone - SOLD

Silvertone H-62 Archtop thinbody. 1964-1965.

Black.2 original Patent No. minihumbuckers (made by Gibson!!).Original Bigsby and hardcase.Missing pickguard.. Sold

Silvertone Orkestra 1954

Spruce top for great acoustic tone.1 Gibson reissue P90 + 1 Gibson P100 makes this guitar sound wicked good. Of course T-Bone sound in middle position, to make this the perfect jump blues guitar. Pro refret makes it play soooo good.. Sold

Silvertone S1352 / H-61 / Harmony H-60 Hollowbody Electric. 1955ca.

Original Sunburst.Spruce top , maple back and sides. Incl original Gibson P-13 pickup.Gigbag.Perfect for that cool junior Watson sound.Pro refretted makes it plays like butter.Big neck"!GREAT!. Sold