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Gibson Hollowbody type


Gibson ES-125. 1951.Good cond.

Original Sunburst.Arched back.First year with P-90 with adjustable pole pieces.Superb BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard with original frets in good cond.Honduras Mahogany back of neck, worn but very cool.Original clear tall knobs.Sounds fantastic & plays great! Hardcase.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. 26900 SEK

Gibson ES-225T. 1958.Ex cond.

Original Tobacco Sunburst..BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard - with CITES certificate included.1 original P90 pickup, sounds strong and great! Reissue knobs.Original pots & cap .Original frets,nut and pickguard.Reissue Kluson tuners from Tone Pros..Wraparound string holder. Intonate fine with the 12-54 strings.Killer sounding 1950s vintage Gibson!! Nonorig hardcase.. BRAZILIAN Rosewood CITES certificate incl. 32000 SEK

Gibson ES-330 TD.BIGSBY. 1963.Vg- cond.

Original Cherry Red nitro finish..Rosewood fingerboard.Newly refretted.Bone nut.Reissue Kluson tuners.Bigsby B-7 works fine.Reissue P90 pickups handmade by Voodoo / Peter Florence.Vintage type bridge upgraded with KTS Titanium saddles for best tone & sustain..Newer CTS pots & reissue knobs.TT hardcase.A renovated & fantastic vintage guitar.. 39500 SEK

Gibson ES-330TD. 1967....Ex cond.

Sunburst.All original except pro refret job.Nutwidth:40,0mm = very playable.Original hardcase.. BRAZILIAN Rosewood CITES certificate incl. 46000 sek. SEK

Gibson Kalamazzo K-32? Orkgit 1938.

Handcarved arched Spruce top,arched mahogany back and sides.Roof top head with Bolt on Gibson logo.Dearmond pickup with original chromeplate with vol and tone controls .EPI shellcase. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. 19900 SEK

Gibson L-1 archtop. 1923.

Solid handcarved Adirondack Spruce top.Carved maple back and sides.All original, but missing pickguard.Sounds fantastic! Original hardcase with cool sticker from ship. OnHold

Gibson L-50 1948.Good cond.

Original Sunburst.Carved solid Spruce top.Fantastic BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard!Original pickguard. New repro tuners from Tone-Pros, aged and looks and works great! Genuine ebony bridge and bridge base for stronger acoustic sound.Hardcase. . Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. 28500 SEK

Gibson L-5C Archtop. 1964.Excellent condition!! Very lightweight: only 2,67

Full acoustic archtop.Sunburst on carved spruce top.Carved arched bockmatched superflamed maple back.Ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays.Superflamed maple back of neck.Original with rare doubble McCarty floating pickups with screw-on old style connector under pickguard.Low action and "plays like butter".Trussrod works fine.Original hardcase.Incredible! Priceguide:10000-20000usd.Our price: 11000 usd..

Gibson L4C.Archtop. (=ES-175 but with handcarved solid spruce top.) 1951.Good cond.

Handcarved SpruceTop refinished in Black. Back and sides original sunburst.BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.Hardcase. the L-4C was produced from 1949 to 1971.Only 1949-1955 with tapered head (thicker Close to nut). This is a great guitar for jazz! A Mahogany neck with bound rosewood fingerboard and split parallellogram position markers, features a black headplate, mother of pearl leaf and Gibson logo inlays. The standard Gibson 24.75 inch scale length and 1 5/8 inch nut width are used. The Gibson L-4C guitar body looks exactly like what became the ES-175 – but with a carved spruce top and laminate maple back and sides. The spruce provides improved tone, and the laminate adds feedback resistance . Reissue Kluson/Gotoh relic tuners. Tailpiece is original. A Johhny Smith type mount pickup on pickguard. White label sticker correct. This guitar plays well; currently strung with flatwounds. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. 34500 SEK

Gibson - SOLD

Gibson A list of a few examples of sold ones... See below here.For reference & fun only ;-)

. Sold

Gibson Barney Kessel Regular Archtop. 1964

Original sunburst on laminated Spruce top.Mahogany neck with .Unusual wood combination for a vintage Gibson.Sounds warm and sweet with the flatwound strings on.Gibson pat number sticker T top pickup in neck pos.Gibson pat number stamped in bridge pos.Orig hardcase. Sold
More info here:

Gibson ES-125 1956

sunburst. 1 P90 that sound killer.OK so many wanted this fantastic sounding guitar but did not like the original worn out frets - so we refretted it and it plays as good as it sounds now!!. Sold

Gibson ES-125 1962.

Original sunburst, now faded and cool.Reissue tuners.2 P90 pickups , reissue vintage type from Voodoo pickups.Back of neck pro refinished.Sounds and plays great!!Original DC alligator case.. Sold

Gibson ES-125 3/4 1963.

Sunburst.Very nice condition.Very rare-Hard case.. Sold

Gibson ES-125 T. 1959.Excellent condition.

Sunburst.All original.Fantastic guitar!! Original crocodile case!. Sold

Gibson ES-125 TDC. 1962.Vg cond.

Sunburst original,unfaded.Basicly a Thin body version of a ES-175.Original tuners & pickguard.Superb BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard.Back of neck might be oversprayed many years ago, feels great anyway.Frets worn but still playable.Original nylon nut, worn but works.Great sounding P-90 pickups, 1 original and 1 reissue.Bridge pickup with added spacer for better volume and sound.Wired out-of -phase(and humbucking!) in middle position for that great T-Bone Walker & Peter Green sound.(A slight touch on any of the volume knobs and the original sound is there...) Newer metal bridge, intonates great.Hardcase included.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold

Gibson ES-175 1952

2 tone sunburst.1 P90 pickup that sounds killer good for jazz/blues/rockabilly!! Pro refret so it plays perfect. Original brown hardcase! Nice price:. Sold

Gibson ES-175 1991.Used, vg cond.

Antique Natural.Maple back and sides.P90 pickups installed.. Sold

Gibson ES-175 D. 1964.Excellent condition!

Sunburst with very flamed maple top!!All original in tiptop shape!(original wooden bridge in the case).Including original tags and papers from the 60s.Original Gibson hardcase also.. Sold

Gibson ES-175D. 1967.Excellent condition.

Unfaded dark sunburst.All original.Orig hardcase.. Sold

Gibson ES-330 TD 1963.

Sunburst.2 black dogear P 90 that sound so good on these very resonant bodies.All original except 2 plugged holes after trying to put stop tailpiece on it...Repaired almost invisible.Killer sound.. Sold

Gibson ES-330TD. 1966.

Sunburst.Block inlays.Chrome covered P90 pickups.Pro refret.Very cool.Hardcase, non original.Call for price.... Sold

Gibson ES-330TD. Vibrola 1964.

Cherry Red.2 great P-90s with original covers.Original Vibrola tremolo.Plays and sounds amazing! . Sold

Gibson ES-335 / Trini Lopez 1967.

Cherry Red.Sounds and plays great!Nonorig Schaller tuners works fine(original tuners seldom work on this model).Hardcase,nonorig,but fine.Get this very cool 1960s version of ES-335 !. Sold

Gibson ES-335 1963 Reissue.CUSTOM SHOP.Nashville made. 2013. ex cond.

Cherry Red.Small block inlays.All papers and orig CUSTOM SHOP hardcase.. #a-33241 = model 1963 , year 2013.ERIC CLAPTON STYLE!. Sold
Gibsons info here:

Gibsons info here:

Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue. 1981.Ex cond.

Sunburst.Made in Kalamazzo!! Very early dot reissue, with old Kalamazzo square label inside F hole.Pat Number 1981 pickups also,dated may 1981!3 piece mahogany neck! All original.. Sold

Gibson ES-335 TD 1961

Dotneck.Cherry red.The real thing.... Sold

Gibson ES-335 TD 1976.

Wine red.Original extra coiltap-switch,both pickups becomes singlecoil.Useful feature.Stop tailpiece for better sustain.Very nice condition!!. Sold

Gibson ES-335 TD. 1981.Ex cond.

Sunburst.Block inlays.Original coil switch.Superflamed maple back of neck!One of the very last 335TD made,ca oct 1981!All original.. Sold

Gibson ES-335TD. 1973.Ex cond.

Cherry Red.All original except stoptailpiece.Not narrow nut width.Plays and sounds great!Think Larry Carlton, his favorite is a 1968...Original hardcase.. Superdeal Sold

Gibson ES-335TD. 1978.Almost MINT condition !!

Tobacco Sunburst.All original.44mm wide nut!Original stop tail piece!.Original pat nr stamped pickups.Orig hardcase. 1 owner since new.. Sold

Gibson ES-345 Stereo 1972.

Cherry sunburst.Gibson on pickupcovers.Still stereo wiring.All original except hardcase.3 original knobs in case.. Sold

Gibson ES-345 TD Stereo. 1971.Excellent condition.

Light Walnut color with very nice maple on top and back.All original, still in stereo!Non original hardcase, but nice Hiscox professional hardcase, superb quality.3,8 kg.. Sold

Gibson ES-345 TD. 1975.Excellent cond.

Sunburst.Mahogany neck.Original Patent number stamped pickups.Goldplated hardware.Was original stereo, now the jack is wired in mono for easier use.Variotone removed for much better sound (included,in case).6 way rotary switch still on guitar.4 new CTS 500k pots installed for best sound.1950s wiring for great sound.Mallory 0.022 caps. Incl hardcase,nonoriginal..Serial# 398xxx = 1974 or 1975.. Sold

Gibson ES-345. 1964.Excellent - condition.

Sunburst.All original.Original hardcase.THE best we have had in many years.Fantastic!!. Sold

Gibson ES-355 1969.

Cherry Red.Vibrola tremolo.All original.Original hardcase.. Sold

Gibson ES-355 / Trini Lopez. 1968.Ex cond.

Super-rare and cool! Factory original with ES-355 neck on Trini Lopez body.Pot date:137-6832, thats week 32 year 1968.Headstock serial number= 1968.No label inside F-hole, not even glue traches;Factory employee built or custom order??;All original.First year with doubble line Gibson Kluson Deluxe tuners with small chrome buttons!Orig hardcase.Fantastic!!. Sold

Gibson ES-355 BB KING. 1996.Used, ex cond.

Black.All original.Plays and sounds great! Pickguard with cracks in case.. Sold

Gibson ES-355. 1966Excellent condition.

Cherry red.Original and rare mono version and no varitone!! Original Bigsby.Gold parts.All original.Original hardcase.Plays great & sounds so vintage...Very cool!. Sold

Gibson ES-5 1949.Used, vg cond.

1st year!Legendary T-Bone Walker type guitar!Original Sunburst.3 orig P90 pickups.Orig brown hardcase with pink inside(worn cond,but cool).Slight overspray on back of neck.. Sold

Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster. 1995.Ex cond.

Vintage Sunburst.3 goldplated Humbuckers.All original. Sold

Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery. 1998.Ex+ cond.

Vintage Sunburst.Very nicely flamed back and sides.All original with orig hardcase.. Sold

Gibson L-50 Archtop. 1935.Very good + cond.

Fantastic handcarved archtop.Adirondack spruce top.Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge.Early version with flat back.Soft V shaped neck.Superb sounding and playing guitar.Original hardcase!. Sold

Gibson L-50 Archtop. 1936 ca.

Sunburst.Carved spruce top and arched back.Fatter script logo.No diamond on tailpiece.Pro refretted.Some repaired cracks.Grover statite reissue tuners.Sounds amazing with 0.13 set on!!. Sold

Gibson L4-CES.

Natural.. Sold

Gibson L4-CES. 1997.Ex cond.

Sunburst.Very flamed maple back.All original.Setup with flatwounds.Great!Orig hardcase.. Sold

Gibson L5 CES Custom. 1993.Used, vg+ condition.

Blonde.Custom ordered.Original 1955 alnico pickups installed at factory!!!SCOTTY MOORE or what? Price,please call.. Sold

Gibson L5 CES Wes Montgomery. 2002.Used but ex cond.

Sunburst.Tight grained solid spruce top.Very flamed maple back and sides.Small scratch mark under pickguard.Sounds and plays great!. Sold
More info here:

Gibson L5 CES. 1972 ca.

Vg condition.Cherry Sunburst, nicely faded. All original except pickguard.. Sold

Gibson Super V archtop. 1980.Ex cond.

Sunburst.All original.Rare model with L5 type body with a Super 400 neck.. Sold