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Epiphone Casino. ES-230TD. 1964-1965. Made by GIBSON in Kalamazzo.

Natural finish!! BEATLES: YEAH-YEAH-YEAH! All original except old pro refin to Natural. Was original in the super rare custom color PACIFIC BLUE (= same as Gibsons PELHAM BLUE).The color can be seen under neck pickup. Old Grover tuners for that perfect John Lennon look. Made same year as the famous Lennon guitar! Small PRO head repair on back. NOT the narrow nut width that most 1966 and after had- this is very playable. Hardcase. Epiphone Casino = same guitar as Gibson ES-330 at the time. . 64000 SEK
More info here about Pelham blue custom color


Epiphone ES-5 Zephyr Blues Deluxe.STULEN: NEW

Sunburst.3 P-90 pickups.Ovanlig modell,ej många sålda i Sverige. Flammiga lönnframsidan är unikt för detta ex.Lätt att känna igen på flammiga mönstret i lönnen på fram och baksidan!.Stulen Torsdagen 28 Nov 2002 i vår butik.8000kr i belöning till den som återbördar gitarren och får tjuven dömd.Alla tips välkomna.Tack.(Klicka på bilden för ännu fler foton.). STULEN!

Epiphone Junior amp top 2006.MINT condition.

Product Information You can get amazing power for your guitar with the Valve Junior Head. The 5-watt power of this Epiphone guitars amplifier delivers great performance that is sure to blow your mind. This Epiphone power amplifier gives 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outputs to power any type of additional speaker, within single 8" box to a 4x12" cab. The power amp circuit in this Epiphone guitars amplifier uses a 12AX7 preamp tube and EL84 power amp tube that produces a distinctive speaker sound. To reduce the noise this Epiphone power amplifier has DC filaments. So, let your music rise to its true glory with the Valve Junior Head guitar amplifier. History The Epiphone Valve Jr. version 1 combo was released in 2005 as a part of Epiphone's line of amplifiers. In January 2006 a head version was released and also a version 2 combo. In June 2007 an updated head version and a version 3 combo were released. The first Epiphone Valve Juniors (version 1) were only combo amplifiers and received only a fair reception, due to such problems as buzzing and hum caused by the AC filament voltage. Epiphone then released a head version, correcting these issues and changed the AC filament voltage to DC voltage. Version 2 combos also featured these modifications. The version 1 and version 2 combos feature an 8" 4 ohm Ceramic speaker. In 2007, Epiphone released a speaker cabinet that can be used with the Epiphone Valve Junior, featuring a 1x 12" 16 ohm Eminence Lady Luck speaker rated at 70watts RMS. Head only versions have 4,8 and 16 ohm outputs. Early versions mainly have Sovtek tubes and later versions have a variety of tubes such as JJ, EH and Sovtek tubes. As of summer 2012, these amps appear to have been dropped from the line. The Amps page no longer exists on the Epiphone website. Modifications The Epiphone Valve Junior has become very popular to modify because of its basic design. There are many websites, kits, and forums dedicated to this purpose, including the Epiphone official amps and accessories forum. Some sites offer kits to match the gain characteristics of Marshall, Fender and Vox amplifiers. These kits often do not include a bridge rectifier to convert the version 1 AC filament supply voltage to DC, instead they suggest twisting the AC leads together to cancel the generated electromagnetic fields, a technique used in twisted-pair Ethernet cable to eliminate cross-talk. Serial Numbers The first 4 digits of the serial number are the date code MMYY (MM=month, YY=year). Version 2 Valve Juniors have date codes starting at "0106" January 2006 up to June 2007 when version 3 was released. This one:#0806... = 2006. 1850 SEK