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Clern Gigbag Deluxe. NEW.

Very thick gigbag/hardcase.Reflecting material in lining-glows in the dark!Superb high quality.. 550 SEK


CLERN Hardcase Deluxe with Hygrometer!. Dreadnought size. .NEW.

Pro quality! Arched top for strenght.Built in hygrometer.Pro quality! Black leather style on outside with printed gold logo.Nice Black leather handle.Red Luxury velvet plush on inside with gold embroidery with new CLERN logo. Brass metal badge logo near handle (like 1950s style brown cases).Sold with CLERN acoustic guitars.. 890 SEK


TIP TOP Gigbag Deluxe poly EG. Dreadnought guitar size 9A. New.

Pro quality Luxury gigbag.Strong outside with lot of tear resistance.Also fits 335 in width.. 590 SEK

TIP TOP Gigbag Standard poly. Dreadnought size 4B. New.

. 380 SEK

TIP TOP Hardcase Deluxe with Hygrometer! Dreadnought. .NEW.

Pro quality! Arched top for strenght.Built in hygrometer.Black leather handle.Luxury velvet plush inside.. 890 SEK