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Shine Bass

Shine Bass 702 Jazz bass. NEW.

Solid Paulonia body.Lightweight -very suitable if you are tired of heavy basses.Shine Pro gigbag included.Great bass!. 3595 SEK

Shine Bass 714. NEW.

Swamp Ash body.Strings trough body for best tone and sustain.Satin nickel hardware.34" scale.24 frets.Shine pro gigbag included.Listprice:7300sek.. Superdeal 3695 SEK

Shine Bass 825 Ash 5 STRING. NEW.

Blonde Swamp Ash body.Gold hardware.Solid gold-plated brass bridge.Shine Pro gigbag included.2 Active pickups with alnico magnets.4 knobs for Volume, pickupselector, bass+/- , treble +/-.Incl nice quality gigbag.Great sounding and playing 5 string!. Superdeal 3740 SEK

Shine Bass 920-W.Standard.MEDIUM SCALE! NEW.

Black metalic.MEDIUM SCALE,great for guitarplayers, younger people or if you want that extra FAT sound that a medium scale will give you.!!Great model at a fantastic price.1 Jazzbass QP neck pickup+ 1Music Man type humbucker in bridge.Active preamp for great output and active bass and treble controls.Pickup blend on a knob.Pro gigbag included.3950 kr.. Superdeal 2895 SEK

Shine Bass Les Paul style. New.

Flame maple top.2 Music Man type pickups.Sunburst.Active preamp.Bolt on neck with 6 screws!Thick gigbag included.Listprice:4900.Tip Tops. Crazy deal LIST PRIS 4900 SEK. NU 3495 SEK

Shine Bass - SOLD

Shine Bass 1100H medium scale bass. F hole,SemiHollow. New.

32 INCH SCALE.Cool model! One of our favorites!! Nice RED on maple body (first photo shows black,sold out, see photo 3 for red version!). 2 F holes.1 alnico Music Man type pickup, sound s great.Looks like a "es-345" bass or a Guild semihollow bass from the 60s.One of our favorite basses from Shine!!Last one now.... 4950 SEK Sold

Shine Bass 701 Precison Bass. .NEW.Very lightweight:2,95kg!

WPJB701 ”P” bas Hals: lönn / rosewood. Kropp: solid Paulonia,lättvikt! 20 band. 34”. Mekanik: krom. Stall: WILKINSON vintage med mässingsklackar! Elektronik: 1 volym, 1 ton. Mikar: PB. Delar: krom. Färg: Sunburst. Gigbag.Pris: 2580 sek. Sold

Shine Bass model 715.5 STRING. NEW.

Translucent Black Sunburst on great quilted maple top.Satin nickel hardware.High quality 5 string bass.2 Active pickups with alnico magnets.4 knobs for Volume, pickupselector, bass+/- , treble +/-.Incl nice quality gigbag.Listprice:5900 sek.Tip Tops. Superdeal Sold

Shine Bass Tele W940. NEW.

Blonde OR Sunburst.Custom ordered with resonant Swampash body.Satin finished neck for great played in feeling.2 powerfull Music man type pickups.Satin nickelhardware.Pro level gigbag.One of our favorite basses.Great sounding bass, very similar in tone to the fat sounding Heavy 1970s Precision basses.Our favorite Shine Bass model!! Blonde- SOLD OUT! Last one in sunburst.... Superdeal LAST ONE, BEFORE SOLD OUT! Sold