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Other brands


A.M.P. Practice amps. NEW.

Many in stock.Both for guitar and bass.Prices from:. Superdeal 495 SEK


Ashdown Acoustic Radiator combo. Used.Vg cond.

Perfect little combo for acoustic guitars!. Superdeal 2995 SEK

Earth Revival

Earth Revival Top. 50 watt. Tweed! 1978ca.

2 matched EH 6L6 / 5881 power tubes.Bias checked.Looks great with the Tweed cloth.Made in USA.Strong 50 watts & Sounds pretty good... Google: "Earth Sound Research was a musical amplification firm based in Farmingdale, New York that made bass and guitar amplifiers in the 1970s.[1] They also made PA mixers/power amps, keyboards and stand alone reverb units (solidstate). In addition they manufactured ESR distortion pedals, and volume pedals. The two owners were Marc Neumann and Dave Garrett.". Superdeal Was 4500 sek.Now 2900 SEK


Hagström Amp.Model 85 reverb combo 1966ca.

Everything works.The first transistor model amp in the world? 2 x 12 inch alnico speakers.Inkl cover. Crazy deal .Tidigare pris 3500 SEK. NU 2450 SEK

Hagström - SOLD

Hagström Amp.Model 39 combo 1960s.

Newly renovated with new caps.Upgrade with 10 inch Fender speaker. l.Sounds great.. Superdeal Sold

Ibanez - SOLD

Ibanez AMP:model Tube Screamer A5TVR Combo. .NEW.

2 tone vintage look.Great sounding 5 watter!. Superdeal 3300 SEK Sold
Info here:


LAB L5 Combo Amp. BB King 1978.Ex cond.

All original.100 watt. 2 x 12 speakers.Built in compressor & reverb.The Lab Series was produced by Norlin in the 1970s using both Gibson and Moog resources. The L5 is best known as BB Kings first choice amp on tour, and it has been associated with his signature sound from the 1970s to date. Lab Series are built like tanks with solid construction, robust filter capacitors, and a huge transformer. Incredibly dynamic for a solid-state amplifier, this amp features a Compressor, Reverb, Multi-Filter and Semi-Parametric EQ. These amp have also been used by guitar legends like Allan Holdsworth and Ty Tabor of Kings X. Known for Their Fantastic Sound, Response and Versatility Specs: 100 watts RMS into 8 ohms 2 CTS USA 12inch 16 ohm speakers (1377826 codes on speaker frame) 2 channels with Master Volume 2 inputs (high gain, low gain) per channel Compressor, Reverb, Multi-Filter, Bright switch Effects Loop Line Out. OnHold


Laney 4 x 12 cab.Model Bass 100.. 1969.Used, vg cond.Made in England.

sounds excellent.Very well built with real quality plywood in cab and back, (no particelboard!). . OnHold

Malmberg - SOLD

Malmberg 2x15 Cabinett 1971 ca.

MINT condition!! We got it from the original owner.. Sold


Roland Amp:model Cube 40 Combo. 1980s.

Made in Japan.The classic jazz guitar amp.Original orange tolex.Small and Sounds great!. 2900 SEK