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Marshall Lead 12 combo. Made in UK. 1980s.

Solid-State (not tube, not "Valvestate") 12-watt combo amplifier Manufactured in the UK, mostly in the 1980's 10" Celestion G10-20 Ceramic Magnet 8-ohm speaker (also made in UK) Single channel, but options for hi or low sensitivity inputs, which can also be "jumped" Controls include Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid, and Treble Versions 2 and 3 feature a Headphone/Line Out jack. 2500 SEK

Marshall model 5210 Combo .50 watt. 1981-1991.s.Used vg cond.

No tubes but have a GREAT rock sound! 1 x 12 inch 70 watt Celestion G12M speaker,UK made.This combo is the transistor (solidstate) version of the 4210 combo which was the JCM800 tube version.Full size accutronics reverb tank for best reverb sound.Clean channel sounds fine and dist channel is rock heaven (think AC/DC)...Incl footswitch.Made in England! Vintage tone to the bone! . 5995 SEK
Video here:

Marshall Speaker cab model 1931A.Lead.

1 x 12 inch Celestion G12T- 75.8 ohm.75 watt.Made in England.. 2500 SEK

Marshall Top Valvestate 100. Used.

100 watt.Works fine.One 12AX7 tube for great dist.. 2900 SEK
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Marshall - SOLD

Marshall 20 watt top + cab. 1972.MINT !

All original.Museum quality.Original very rare 112 cab with 30H speaker.Sounds absolutely killer!. Sold

Marshall Artist Combo. 1973.Excellent condition!!

2 x 12 speakers.50 watt. Reverb.All original.New powertubes.Rare model.. Sold

Marshall JCM 800 combo 4010 model. 1980s.Vg+ cond.

Same amp as the legendary 50w top, but built as a combo.Marshall have reissued these amps, but this is the real deal!Original made for USA with 6550 powertubes!! Vintage tone to the bone! Can be used with 212 or 412 cab of choice, but nice little combo for those "smaller" gigs.THE Rock and Roll amp!! as used by MANY big artists like Angus, John Norum, Zack etc.. Sold

Marshall Major 1968ca

Top 200W. Two 4x15 cabs 1 top,1 bottom.One is missing speakers.Cabinetts handsigned by Jim Marshall himself in 1968!!!SUPERRARE!! "SpinalTap". Sold

Marshall model 5010.Master Lead Combo.30Watt. Made in England! 1982-1991.

No tubes but have a great rock sound!1 x 12 inch 70 watt Celestion G12M speaker,UK made, Made in England! Vintage tone to the bone! " I had one of these back in the late 80s --the thirty watt 5010 combo. I thougth it was a great ss amp at the time. Plenty loud and captured the classic marshall sound pretty well--ac/dc, zz top etc. Mine came with a 12" celestion as the stock speaker. Add a tube screamer and it could get near VH territory. It had the basic Marshall JCM800 tone and depending on the pedals you used it could cover a lot of ground. ". Solid State Combo Amp from Marshall, made in England. These amps were made from 1982-1991, and it was meant to be a solid state version of the JCM800 amp. This amp is in a very good condition, and I will recommend a buyer to check different sound samples on the internet. The amp is also a light weight version, compared to its JCM800 relative, and it is a good platform for pedals.. Sold

Marshall Park 75 top 1976

75 Watt version. 2 new and matched KT 88 tubes makes it sound bigger than a 100 watt Marshall! Made by Marshall,with point to point wiring!!! Very rare in perfect condition.Original leather handle.. Sold

Marshall Reverb Unit White original!! 1969 ca.

Mint condition.With original footswitch.. Sold

Marshall Top JMP 100w top. 1981.

All original incl trafos-Not modded.Newly fully serviced and bias set.Sounds great!. Sold

Marshall Top JMP 100w. Super Bass. 1976

Great sounding big time Marshall top! Ex guitar star John Norum of Europe.. Sold

Marshall Top Super Lead 50W. 1974.

Bigbox.All original.New tubes and bias set.Sings and sounds great!!. Sold

Marshall Top VINTAGE MODERN model 2466. Top + matching 412 cab .Ex+ cond.

100 watt.Perfect cond.Marshall Vintage Modern 100 watt 2466 head and 425A cabinet with Celestion G12C greenbacks designed for the Hendrix reissue. Extremely dynamic and articulate player's amp, from glassy cleans to classic crunch.. Sold
Test av FUZZ magazine här:
Another review here:

Marshall Top YJM 100 watt.Yngwie Malmsteen signature model.Limited edition. .Used.Almost mint.

All original incl red cover, manual, footswitch, special red cable etc.Nästan nyskick! En av de absolut största och mest banbrytande gitarristerna genom alla tider har nu slagit sina påsar ihop med en av de absolut största och mest banbrytande förstärkartillverkarna genom tiderna. Yngwie J Malmsteen har nu sin egen Marshall-modell, YJM100. Rakt framifrån har vi den klassiska Marshall-looken med rattar och en frontpanel i guld, ett kabinett av "oversize-typ" framtaget utefter den legendariska Marshall Major-modellen och den odödliga vita logotypen. Invändigt hittar man traditionell förstärkardesign med en modern touch allt utefter Yngwies önskningar, eller vad sägs om en inbyggd booster som ligger före försteg, en Noise gate, digitalt reverb och en effektloop som alla enkelt styrs via den medföljande footswitchen och där kontrollerna sitter diskret på baksidan av förstärkaren. Med inbyggd volym dämpning (attenuator) kan uteffekten justeras steglöst från 0.5 watt till 100 Watt, så YJM100 fungerar lika bra på de stora scenerna som i de små sovrummen. Tillverkningen av YJM100 sker i Milton Keynes England i en begränsad upplaga på endast 1500 stycken i hela världen! • 100W/50W • Power attenuator (justerbar uteffekt 0,5W - 100W) • ECC83 Förstegsrör, EL34 Slutstegsrör • Preamp booster • Noise Gate • Effekt Loop • Automatisk Bias Justering . Sold
Review here:


Selmer Treble "N" Bass 50 Mk II Top. 1966.

50 watt.Very similar in sound and construction as a Marshall JTM45 with 2 EL-34s and the great GZ34 rectifier. "The T´n´B 50 was probably the longest-running Selmer amplifier in production, from the early 60´s to the late 70´s.The Mk II version followed the croc-skin models, and changes were largely cosmetic. Cabinet covering was changed to black vinyl, the front being covered in a very attractive white/blue on black patterned grillcloth similar to designs used by WEM and Vox at that time, with a large light-blue Selmer logo. Handle is leather with Vox-type mounting brackets, and vent grilles are no longer used as ventilation to the back is improved.Normal and Bass channel each have 2 inputs and controls for volume, treble and bass, and an on/off switch and pilot light are provided. On the rear of the chassis are voltage selector, 2 slo-blo fuses and 15 & 7.5 ohm speaker output sockets.Dimensions 21" x 8.1/2" x 8", valve complement ECC83 (3), EL34 (2), GZ34 (1).This simple, functional and reliable amplifier occupies sonic territory somewhere between Vox and Marshall and can emulate both, probably the reason for it´s popularity.Oddly, the very attractive livery seems to have been used only on the T´n´B and not other Selmer models.". 12400 SEK
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Tube: EL34 EH Electro-Harmonix . New.Test: 17/20.

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Tube: EL34 Mullard. Reissue. New.

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