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A.M.P. Practice amps. NEW.

Many in stock.Both for guitar and bass.Prices from:. Superdeal 495 SEK

Ampeg - SOLD

Ampeg ReverboJet J-12R combo 1968.Ex condition.

Rare model with both reverb and tremolo.Newly serviced with new blue Spraque filtercaps.All original except 1 knob. Full size reverbtank-sounds deep and full.Tremolo works nicely.Original 12 inch Jensen Consert C12R speaker dated year 1968.Very cool on-off switch with orange light.Sounds great! Perfect for smaller gigs or in the studio! 110 volt ...Original Backpanel included (missing in photos).. Sold
Schematic here:


Artec Guitar Amp G1R. NEW.

15 watt. Great practice amp!Listprice 1290 sek.. Superdeal 995 SEK
More info here:

Artec Guitar Amp G2R. NEW.

20 watt.Listprice:1570 sek. Superdeal 1195 SEK
More info here:

Artec Guitar Amp GP10. NEW.

Very cool little practice amp from Artec!. 685 SEK
More info here:

Artec miniamp model AA3T.Acoustic Guitar Amplifier. .NEW.

Black.Built in tuner.. Superdeal TIDIGARE PRIS 995 SEK. 695 SEK

Artec Tino MA3T miniamp 12 volt adaptor. NEW.

. 115 SEK

Artec - SOLD

Artec Tino MA3T miniamp. NEW.

Solid wood in Bubinga,maple or walnut.Built in tuner.AC or battery.Great sounding practise amp.Listprice 995 sek.. Superdeal 795 SEK Sold
More info here:


Ashdown Acoustic Radiator combo. Used.Vg cond.

Perfect little combo for acoustic guitars!. Superdeal 2995 SEK

Boogie - SOLD

Boogie Mark I 1970s.

1 x 12.Graphic eq.60watt.Painted blue over original creme tolex unfortunately...Vintage Boogie at a nice price:. Sold

Boogie Mark IIB 1980s.

With flightcase.. Sold

Fender Amp:

Fender Amp: 12 inch speaker NEW.

8 ohm. Made by Eminence as a copy of the 1965 speaker that was in a Twin. Sounds much better (warmer) than any original Twin speaker from the 70s. We have 2.. 900 SEK

Fender Amp: 12 speaker. 1960ca

Ceramic magnet. For deluxe around 1960?? Sounds fine.. 1000 SEK

Fender Amp: 410H Bassman speaker cab NEW.

600 watt.4 x 10 inch speakers+ horn.8 ohm. 30 kg.. Crazy deal New lower price!_ PRISSÄNKT NU! 4900 SEK

Fender Amp: 6V6 GTA Tubes. 1970.New Old Stock NOS.

Stamped Fender.New from the 70s.Sound really great,much better than most newer 6V6.We match them in pairs.Priced each (a pair = 700sek).TIP TOPs. Superdeal 350 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman Blackface Top + 212 Speaker Blackface Cab. 1965.ex- cond.

The top is dated 1965 and newly renovated with needed caps.All checked and bias set.The 2 x 12 cab is from the 1960s blackface era, it has 2 newer Jensen C12Q speakers (made 2001).Correct 4 ohms wiring.Incl custom made cover for the 212 cab.Factory original 220 volt.Sounds great & strong. . 19500 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman BLONDE top + 210 cab. 1963.

Blonde tolex, smooth version.. 29000 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman BLONDE top + 212 cab. 1961 ca.

Blonde tolex, rough tolex version.More info and photos soon..

Fender Amp: Bassman Top 50 Export. 1971.


Fender Amp: Bassman Top 50 watt.Chromeface 1976

Exportversion with 110-240 volt selector.Newly serviced with needed new caps and bias set. btw: All Fenders before 1982 ca are handmade without printed circuitboards (much better quality and sound).A midrange tone knob installed on the back panel (only works on normal channel).Sounds legendary great! . 9500 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman Top 50 watt.Chromeface. 1971.

50 watt top.Chassi Dated 15 July 1971.Newly restored with new capacitors, tubes and bias set.Ground switch taken away and instead a midrange tone knob installed on the back panel (only works on normal channel).New powertransformer 240 volt.Sounds great.. 11000 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman Top BLONDE tolex + Tremolux CAB 210 BLONDE tolex. 1963

soon ready....

Fender Amp: Blues Junior Ash 110+112 Cab. NEW.

Handmade solid ash cabinett.Fingerjoint corners.Put your Blues Junior in a much cooler cabinett for better sound.Now loaded with 12 inch Celestion Classic Lead 80 + 10 inch Jensen speaker.Can be bought without speakers also.Price for cab only:. Superdeal 3950 SEK

Fender Amp: Blues Junior Ash 212 Cab. NEW.

Handmade solid ash cabinett.Fingerjoint corners.Put your Blues Junior in a much cooler cabinett for better sound.Now loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 + the original Blues Junior 12 inch speaker.Price soon.Can be bought without speakers also. .

Fender Amp: Blues Junior cab MINT.

Empty.No amp or speaker. (We sell used speakers also).Perfect if you want a small and lightweight extra cab for your amp!. Crazy deal 1595 SEK

Fender Amp: Deluxe Hot Rod 112 Cabinett.TWEED: Ex+ cond.

Only the speaker cabinett, not the amp.The Hot Rod Deluxe™ amp has become the world’s best-selling tube amp. From its introduction on through to today, countless guitarists have chosen it as their go-to amp, and it has proven equally popular among rock, country, punk, pop, blues and jazz players. The Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure features a 12” Celestion® G12P-80 speaker for all-around use with a variety of combo amps. It fits neatly under the Hot Rod Deluxe and Blues Deluxe combos, adding bass response and thump, apparent volume and stage coverage. Rated at 80 watts RMS at 8 ohms. Speaker cable included.. Superdeal 3900 SEK

Fender Amp: Hot Rod Deluxe Lacquered Tweed. Limited NAMM Edition with ALNICO Jensen P12N. 2003.Used, mint cond.

Very rare-only 200 made:2003 Namm Show Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Lacquered Tweed. It pumps 40 watts into a single 12” Special Design ALNICO Jensen P12N ® speaker fueled by two 6L6 Groove Tubes® output tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. Its two channels (normal with bright switch, and drive) are voiced for classic blues, country and rock; other features include Fender® spring reverb, effects loop, two-button channel footswitch, laquered tweed covering, chicken head knobs and chrome control panel. "In the spring of 2003 Fender released a special run of lacquered tweed Hot Rod Deluxes with an alnico speaker (Jensen P12N)." "Very rare-only 200 made:2003 Namm Show Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Lacquered Tweed. In general the Blues DLX and Hot Rod DLX amps are similar. The BD will not stay as clean at higher volumes due to the 3rd stage always being active. The HR has "improved" distortion (drive) with "more drive" added. The HR has fuller reverb and an extension speaker jack. Both are good designs with plenty of classic Fender tone. Original USA version:110 Volt.. 8900 SEK

Fender Amp: Pro amp 1964.

Blackface with 15" JBL alnico speaker.No reverb. Newly renovated with correct filtercaps for best sound (original incl in a bag).Very nice sound! Original 220 volt. This is a very rare amp , made just before the famous SRV Vibroverb came on the market.. 26900 SEK

Fender Amp: Pro Reverb Blackface. 1967.

45 watt.Basically same amp as Super Reverb but with 2 x 12 inch speakers.AA165 wiring.PG date on sticker on cab makes it 1967.Original reverb tank & footswitch.New reissue speaker cloth.2 x 12 inch Fender speakers from 1979 reconed with early 60s Jensen type of cones by LW.Renovated with new fliter caps and uograded with some new Spraque and Mallory caps for best sound.Original choke + original OT.Original 110 volt powertrafo.Including 240 volt to 110 volt extra transformer.Death cap removed and MID control installed there instead.Bias set with old but great sounding GE USA 6L6 tubes.Rare and great sounding combo!! . 24900 SEK

Fender Amp: Super Reverb Blackface. 1965.

Soon ready....

Fender Amp: Super Reverb Blackface. 1966.

Speakers dated 1966 made by 465.New speakercloth and tolex.Sounds legendary great! Call for more info!. 22500 SEK

Fender Amp: Vibrato Opto lamp. New.

Tremolo/vibrato for vintage Fender amps.. 120 SEK

Fender Amp: Vibroking 2x12 Extra Cab. Used.Ex cond.

Original Blonde tolex (no longer available).2 x Celestion vintage 30 (UK made).140watt power handling.Sounds great.!Great Vintage looks.A Vibroking combo sounds much better with this extra speaker cab.Also perfect for using with a vintage blonde Fender top from 1960-1964. "This smart extension cabinet works perfectly with the Vibro-King® Custom and other amplifiers. Features include closed-back birch plywood enclosure. Rated for 140 watts at 4 ohms." . 7995 SEK

Fender Amp: Vibrolux Reverb. 1978.Ex cond.

40watt. Original 2 x 10 spk.Superb quality of old vintage Fenders. NOT a reissue with printed circuitboard, this is the real deal with hand soldered components.Upgraded capacitors for best sound: orange drops,Mallory and MICA.New Spraque filtercaps for best performance.Nice power tubes and bias adjusted. Added midrange knob for normal channel on the back panel-great improvment! Sounds Amazing! . 21900 SEK

Fender Amp: Vibroverb Blackface. 1964.


Fender Amp: - SOLD

Fender Amp: Bassman top+cab.Blackface. 1964.

Covers included.110 volt.. Sold

Fender Amp: Blues Junior flame MAPLE / MAHOGANY 110+112 Cab. NEW.

Made like the 2 TONE CUSTOM SHOP amp.Looks fantastic and sounds MUCH better then the original cab.Price is for cab only, no amp or speakers.. Sold

Fender Amp: Deluxe Reverb Silverface. 1969.Vg cond.

Original speakercloth with aluminiumedge. Superb quality of old vintage Fenders. NOT a reissue with printed circuitboard, this is the real deal with hand soldered components.Upgraded capacitors for best sound.New Accutronic vintage 2 spring reverb tank-sounds great.Blue colored 12 inch (Jensen?) speaker from 1960s (reconed).Original 110 volt powertrafo.Including 240 volt to 110 volt extra transformer.Sounds Amazing!. Sold

Fender Amp: Footswitch vintage rev/vib NEW.

Reissue for all 1965-1980 amps.Now in stock!. 390 SEK Sold
More info here:

Fender Amp: Musicmaster Bass combo AMP. 1971.Vg+ cond.

Newly renovated & upgraded with new tubes, tube holders and capacitors.Better then ever.Original 1 x 12 inch speaker.Sounds great on guitar! Rare amp.. Sold

Fender Amp: Princeton Brown. 1961-1963.

Excellent condition!!. Sold

Fender Amp: Princeton Reverb II combo amp. 1983.Ex condition

1 x 12 combo.20watt. Original speaker (version2 with bigger magnet, dated 1983). Very rare Paul Riviera era handwired amp from 1982-1986.Original footswitch with lamps for channel switching and reverb included.Nice thick cover included.Added wheels for easier transportation.Fender sidestands added so it can be angled onstage for better sound.. Sold
More info here:

Fender Amp: Princeton. Blackface. 1964.

With original white knobs!Speaker from 1967.110 volt.. Sold

Fender Amp: Pro.Brown 1960.

Rare vintage amp in original brown tolex! 1 x 15 inch speaker (from 1972).110/220 volts trafo included.. Sold

Fender Amp: Tweed Champ-Amp 5C1 Tweed combo.Model "600". 1953

Ver rare early champ model.Original tweed.New leather handle.New Spraque filtercaps installed for best sound and safety.Original caps dated 1950-1952 incl.Tubes are RCA 6SJ7, Fender 6V6GT, RCA 5Y3GT.Original Triad 110 volt powertransformer.Legendary sound!. Sold

Fender Amp: Vibrasonic Brownface.Serial # 00165!! 1960.Ex cond!

Very rare amp!! Original Brown tolex.1 x 15 inch grey alnico JBL D-130 / 16 ohm.Filtercaps dated: 6004.Inside caps dated:6004 & 6017.Now serviced with new Spraque filtercaps and bias caps, sounds great now. OT:45550. Choke:125C1A & 606035.PT 110V: marked 67?33.Mostly original except a few small caps on inside.For safety: upgraded with new grounded powercord and disconnected groundswitch. . Sold
More info here:

Fender Amp: Vibrolux Tweed 1960

All original.1 x 10 inch blue Jensen Alnico speaker.Call for price. Sold
More info here:


Flot-A-Tone AMP. 1950s.



Gibson GA-5 Les Paul Junior Amp.BLUE PLEXIGLAS Limited Edition. 2004ca.

All ORIGINAL INCL ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX! Wow! This 5 watt, volume only amp is a beautiful sight. All tube (EL84 and 12AX7), clear BLUE plexi glass enclosure and an 8" Gibson Pure Goldtone speaker. Simple as possible, made to rock and surprisingly loud. Gibson only made 250 of these, so you may not find another! . MINT cond. 11500 SEK

GK Gallien Kreuger - SOLD

GK Gallien Kreuger 112ME Combo. 1990.Used, VG+ cond.

All original with Celestion Lead 80 , made in UK 12 inch speaker.Stereo effects.Sounds great.Made in USA.. Superdeal Sold


Gretsch Amp.Model 6150 Tremolo Combo. 1967.Ex cond! Museum quality...

1 x 10 inch Jensen speaker dated 1967.Pots dated 1966.5ys,6v6 and two 12 AX7 tubes.Tremolo.Built by Supro, that made the famous Jimy Page amp, thats almost the same as this one.Sounds fantastic!. Superdeal 9500 SEK
More info here:


Hagström Amp.Model 85 reverb combo 1966ca.

Everything works incl original footswitch for reverb & tremolo.Newly renovated with lots of new high quality capacitors from Spraque, Mallory etc.Sounds strong and nice.2 x 12 inch alnico speakers.Inkl original cover. . Crazy deal .Tidigare pris 3500 SEK. NU 1999 SEK

Hagström - SOLD

Hagström Amp.Model 39 combo 1960s.

Newly renovated with new caps.Upgrade with 10 inch Fender speaker. l.Sounds great.. Superdeal Sold


Harmony AMP model H400.Combo. 1966.

Made in USA.Handwired.All tube model.3 tubes.A few caps upgraded and full trafo for safety.With original Jensen alnico speaker.Original powertransformer dated 1966.Sounds great!.


HIWATT 2 x 12 Speaker Cab. Custom color white.

Custom order white. Hiwatt 2x12 Extension Speaker Cabinet Det klassiska Hiwatt soundet i 2x12 format. Finns med 2 st specialtillverkade 12" Fane eller Celestion högtalarelement. Högsta kvalitet, tillverkad i England av solid 18mm björkfanér av marin typ. Den klarar 150w utteffekt vid 16 ohms impedans. Har en 25mm bakpanel precis enligt 60-tals design för att ge djup, kraft och botten! Marknadens bästljudande 2x12 tycker vi! Passar till Hiwatt Custom 20W Head 20H, Studio/Stage Head SSH, Custom 50W Head DR504, Custom 100W Head DR103 HW SE212C Celestion Pris: 11.995:- HW SE212F Fane Pris: 12.995:-. .Used, ex condition.
More info here:
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HIWATT Studio / Stage Head. Custom color white.

All tube handmade superb UK quality.available. NO channel switching, NO F/x in/outs, and NO printed circuit boards. What you do get is a totally controllable musical amplifier with a sweet tone control section, all tube reverb and a pure class A output stage.Switchable output stage using:2 x EL84s in studio mode = 20 watts. 4 x EL84s in stage mode = 40 watts.Preamp tubes: 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7.Solid state rectifier.SOUNDS FANTASTIC!! Nypris 2019 för toppen: 27900 sek.Custom color = +10%, dvs 30700sek.Säljs bara med 2 st vita 212 lådor. Pris för toppen. Superdeal 19500 SEK
More info here:
More info here:
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Kendrick - SOLD

Kendrick Reverb Unit Tweed. 1992.Ex

! owner since new.Original 230 volt. Sold together with the 4212 combo.. Sold

Kendrick Tweed 4212 Combo (1959 Fender Tweed Twin handmade reissue). 1992.Ex cond.

1 owner since new.Original 230 volt.Call for info and price.. Sold


LAB L5 Combo Amp. BB King 1978.Ex cond.

All original.100 watt. 2 x 12 speakers.Built in compressor & reverb.The Lab Series was produced by Norlin in the 1970s using both Gibson and Moog resources. The L5 is best known as BB Kings first choice amp on tour, and it has been associated with his signature sound from the 1970s to date. Lab Series are built like tanks with solid construction, robust filter capacitors, and a huge transformer. Incredibly dynamic for a solid-state amplifier, this amp features a Compressor, Reverb, Multi-Filter and Semi-Parametric EQ. These amp have also been used by guitar legends like Allan Holdsworth and Ty Tabor of Kings X. Known for Their Fantastic Sound, Response and Versatility Specs: 100 watts RMS into 8 ohms 2 CTS USA 12inch 16 ohm speakers (1377826 codes on speaker frame) 2 channels with Master Volume 2 inputs (high gain, low gain) per channel Compressor, Reverb, Multi-Filter, Bright switch Effects Loop Line Out. OnHold


Laney 4 x 12 cab.Model Bass 100.. 1969.Used, vg cond.Made in England.

sounds excellent.Very well built with real quality plywood in cab and back, (no particelboard!). . OnHold

Laney VC-15 combo. Made in UK. Excellent condition.

Tube amp.2 channels.Reverb.Leather handle.Laney VC15 är en 15 watt, 2-kanals combo-förstärkare med inbyggt reverb, som uteslutande använder sig av rör. I förförstärkaren sitter det 3 x 12AX7-rör, och i effektförstärkaren sitter det 2 x EL84-rör, som producerar 15 watt rent rörljud, som skickas ut genom en 10” Custom Jensen-högtalare. På den rena kanalen (clean) har du endast en volymkontroll (behöver man mera?) och en "Bright switch", som lyfter diskanten lite, speciellt när man spelar med låg volym. Drive-kanalen har en drive-kontroll samt en tre-bands passiv EQ, en reverb-kontroll og en “Tone"-knapp, som du kan använda till att ta bort lite topp på ditt ljud, om du behöver detta. Den rena kanalen bjuder på det traditionella, brittiska, rena elgitarrljudet, speciellt när man använder "Bright switch". Utan "Bright Switch" och med en smula extra bas-boost blir tonen fyllig och fantastisk för solon. På drive-kanalen kan du vrida in dig på en milt förvrängd rörton till en mera tät och komprimerad soloton och allt däremellan. Nypris:5395kr. Superdeal 3400 SEK
Review click here:

Malmberg - SOLD

Malmberg 2x15 Cabinett 1971 ca.

MINT condition!! We got it from the original owner.. Sold


Marshall 5210 Combo .50 watt. 1980s.Used vg cond.

No tubes but have a GREAT rock sound! 1 x 12 inch 70 watt Celestion G12M speaker,UK made.This combo is the transistor (solidstate) version of the 4210 combo which was the JCM800 tube version.Full size accutronics reverb tank for best reverb sound.Clean channel sounds fine and dist channel is rock heaven (think AC/DC)...Incl footswitch.Made in England! Vintage tone to the bone!. 5995 SEK
Video here:

Marshall Lead 12 combo. Made in UK.


Marshall model 5010.Master Lead Combo.30Watt. Made in England!

No tubes but have a great rock sound!1 x 12 inch 70 watt Celestion G12M speaker,UK madeMade in England! Vintage tone to the bone! " I had one of these back in the late 80s --the thirty watt 5010 combo. I thougth it was a great ss amp at the time. Plenty loud and captured the classic marshall sound pretty well--ac/dc, zz top etc. Mine came with a 12" celestion as the stock speaker. Add a tube screamer and it could get near VH territory. You could not really max it out though--with volume beyond 8, it would get noisey and harsh.." It had the basic Marshall JCM800 tone and depending on the pedals you used it could cover a lot of ground. ".. 3900 SEK

Marshall Speaker cab model 1931A.Lead.

1 x 12 inch Celestion G12T- 75.8 ohm.75 watt.Made in England.. 2500 SEK

Marshall Top JMP 100w. Super Bass. 1976

Great sounding big time Marshall top! Ex guitar star John Norum of Europe.. 14900 SEK

Marshall Top VINTAGE MODERN model 2466. Top + matching 412 cab .Ex+ cond.

100 watt.Perfect cond.Marshall Vintage Modern 100 watt 2466 head and 425A cabinet with Celestion G12C greenbacks designed for the Hendrix reissue. Extremely dynamic and articulate player's amp, from glassy cleans to classic crunch.. Crazy deal 12900 SEK
Test av FUZZ magazine här:
Another review here:

Marshall - SOLD

Marshall 20 watt top + cab. 1972.MINT !

All original.Museum quality.Original very rare 112 cab with 30H speaker.Sounds absolutely killer!. Sold

Marshall Artist Combo. 1973.Excellent condition!!

2 x 12 speakers.50 watt. Reverb.All original.New powertubes.Rare model.. Sold

Marshall JCM 800 combo 4010 model. 1980s.Vg+ cond.

Same amp as the legendary 50w top, but built as a combo.Marshall have reissued these amps, but this is the real deal!Original made for USA with 6550 powertubes!! Vintage tone to the bone! Can be used with 212 or 412 cab of choice, but nice little combo for those "smaller" gigs.THE Rock and Roll amp!! as used by MANY big artists like Angus, John Norum, Zack etc.. Sold

Marshall Major 1968ca

Top 200W. Two 4x15 cabs 1 top,1 bottom.One is missing speakers.Cabinetts handsigned by Jim Marshall himself in 1968!!!SUPERRARE!! "SpinalTap". Sold

Marshall Park 75 top 1976

75 Watt version. 2 new and matched KT 88 tubes makes it sound bigger than a 100 watt Marshall! Made by Marshall,with point to point wiring!!! Very rare in perfect condition.Original leather handle.. Sold

Marshall Reverb Unit White original!! 1969 ca.

Mint condition.With original footswitch.. Sold

Marshall Top JMP 100w top. 1981.

All original incl trafos-Not modded.Newly fully serviced and bias set.Sounds great!. Sold

Marshall Top Super Lead 50W. 1974.

Bigbox.All original.New tubes and bias set.Sings and sounds great!!. Sold

Marshall Top YJM 100 watt.Yngwie Malmsteen signature model.Limited edition. .Used.Almost mint.

All original incl red cover, manual, footswitch, special red cable etc.Nästan nyskick! En av de absolut största och mest banbrytande gitarristerna genom alla tider har nu slagit sina påsar ihop med en av de absolut största och mest banbrytande förstärkartillverkarna genom tiderna. Yngwie J Malmsteen har nu sin egen Marshall-modell, YJM100. Rakt framifrån har vi den klassiska Marshall-looken med rattar och en frontpanel i guld, ett kabinett av "oversize-typ" framtaget utefter den legendariska Marshall Major-modellen och den odödliga vita logotypen. Invändigt hittar man traditionell förstärkardesign med en modern touch allt utefter Yngwies önskningar, eller vad sägs om en inbyggd booster som ligger före försteg, en Noise gate, digitalt reverb och en effektloop som alla enkelt styrs via den medföljande footswitchen och där kontrollerna sitter diskret på baksidan av förstärkaren. Med inbyggd volym dämpning (attenuator) kan uteffekten justeras steglöst från 0.5 watt till 100 Watt, så YJM100 fungerar lika bra på de stora scenerna som i de små sovrummen. Tillverkningen av YJM100 sker i Milton Keynes England i en begränsad upplaga på endast 1500 stycken i hela världen! • 100W/50W • Power attenuator (justerbar uteffekt 0,5W - 100W) • ECC83 Förstegsrör, EL34 Slutstegsrör • Preamp booster • Noise Gate • Effekt Loop • Automatisk Bias Justering . Sold
Review here:


Peavey Delta Blues tube combo amp. Used, ex cond.

50 watt, all tube amp! 2 channels.Nice Tremolo and reverb.Works fine.Nice with 1 x 15 inch speaker!Sounds great!.

Peavey Pacer Combo Amp.Made in USA. 1980.Ca.Ex cond.

45 watt. 1 x 12 spk.Excellent quality and sound!Takes pedals very well!. 2900 SEK


Premier AMP model 120 combo. 1950s.


Premier AMP model 88N combo. 1950s.



Rickenbacker RA 300 Poweramp. 1990s.

300watt or 2x150watt.Very high quality amps that sounds great!!Only:. Superdeal 4500 SEK

Rickenbacker RA 300 x 3 1990s.

Each are 300watt in mono or 2x150watt in stereo.Very high quality amps that sounds great! All 3 poweramps included flightcase.Great for studio also.Great bass poweramps.Make us an offer OR. Superdeal 12500 SEK

Rickenbacker - SOLD

Rickenbacker B 14A Amp 1964.

Very cool sounding 1 x 12 combo.All tube off course.Original vibratopedal included. Speaker 465-415.Very rare and very nice!. Sold


Roland Amp:model Cube 40 Combo. 1980s.

Made in Japan.The classic jazz guitar amp.Original orange tolex.Small and Sounds great!. 2900 SEK

Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus combo.

A vintage Classic amp! 2 X 12 SPEAKERS.. 5500 SEK


Selmer Futurama Bassist Major top. 1964.Vg+ cond.

15 watt.All tube! Very cool looking Crocodile tolex! Recently serviced and sounds great.Top only.Have goodman speaker but not a cab.. Crazy deal 7950 SEK


Silvertone AMP model 1442 (or1446?). 1960s.


Tube Preamp:

Tube Preamp: 12AU7 Tungsram. (= ECC82).Gain factor 19. NOS=New Old Stock from 1970s!!

Perfect for your old Vox or for Fender REVERBs 12AX7 (= ECC83, 7025, ECC803, E83CC, 6681) : GAIN 100,..... 5751: GAIN 70,..... 12AT7 (= ECC81, 6201, 6679) : GAIN 60,..... 12AY7 (= 6072 : GAIN 45 12AV7 - 5965) : GAIN 41...... 12AU7 (= ECC82, 5963, 5814, 6189) : GAIN 19..... Preamp Tube Gain Factor Choosing pre-amp tubes by gain factor One simple tweak that is favored by guitar amp users is to plug in a pre-amp tube with a slightly different gain factor. Replace the V3 12AT7 Reverb Driver tube with a lower gain 12AU7 to give you more usable room on the Reverb Control. The Reverb pot can be a little touchy with a usable range from 0 to 3 or 4. A 12AU7 wont push the reverb circuit as hard so the usable range can extend up to 5 or 6 on the dial and make dialing in just the right amount of reverb easier. The lower gain 12AU7 can also reduce reverb circuit noise.. Superdeal 250 SEK


Tube: EL34 Mullard. Reissue. New.

Top reviews everywhere! FREE matching by our digital tube matcher.New very LOW prices -compare! Price per tube: . Superdeal 290 SEK

Vi gör de flesta typer av reparationer av gitarrer och äldre rörförstärkare (Fender, Marshall, Vox).Egen import av rör-kanonpriser! VÄLKOMMEN in eller ring för mer info:08 - 642 7300.

Vi gör de flesta typer av reparationer av gitarrer och äldre rörförstärkare (Fender, Marshall, Vox).Egen import av rör-kanonpriser! VÄLKOMMEN in eller ring för mer info:08 - 642 7300. Öppet: Tis-Fre 13-18, Lör 12-15.



Vox AC-30 (chrome stand only).

Custom made chrome stand .Fits AC-30 nicely.Rare.. 3500 SEK

Vox AC-30 C2.

Mint cond. Original with Celestion speakers.Incl manual & cover.Made in China. "VOX AC30C2 VOX Custom Series Klassisk 30w rörförstärkare med Normal och Top-Boost kanal samt fjäderreverb och VOX-tremolo. Med sitt register från kristallklara och övertonsrika rena ljud till spänstig overdrive via Top-Boost kanalen är den extremt mångsidig. Använder du externa effektpedaler uppskattar du säkert den inbyggda effektloopen med True Bypass. Högtalarbestyckningen är 2x12" Celestion G12M Greenback som kompletterar förstärkaren på bästa sätt.. Superdeal 7495 SEK

Vox AC-30 Handwired.Limited edition (300pcs).Made in the UK: 2003.Ex cond.

All original.Made at Marshall factory in UK with Tony Bruno..UK Alnico blue speakers.Brown speaker cloth.Handmade exact copies of original transformers.Excellent full size reverb. Hand wired amps come at a premium price. The AC30HW combo retailed for $4000 USD. Features of the AC30HW Series: Totally hand built chassis with tag terminal board construction. Custom hand wound transformers. North Coast Music supplied an origiinal 60's era AC-30 Woden output transformer to Vox to aid in the development of the tone critical output transformer. 30 Watts RMS (before distortion). Two inputs - Hi and Low. Volume control plus highly interactive Treble and Bass controls. Signature VOX Tone Cut control which attenuates high frequencies in the power amp section. Tube driven Accutronics long tank spring Reverb with Level and Tone controls. Tube driven Tremolo circuit with variable Speed and Depth controls. Master Volume control that retains tone when attenuated. Foot Switch for controlling Reverb and Tremolo. . 23900 SEK
More info here:

Vox AC-30 Top Boost combo. 1965.Ex cond.

Brown cloth.Silver Alnico speakers.Grey panel A few caps replaced otherwise All original. Reissue handles.Newer Filtercap 32/32/500volt.Original transformers.Sounds fantastic.The real deal here, not a reissue.... 24900 SEK

Vox AC-30X 1965ca.

Super rare 2 x 15 inch speaker version of the legandary AC 30 combo.Original trafos etc.Cabinett needs some restoration.. 29500 SEK

Vox AC15 anniversary.White tolex. 2007.Almost mint condition.

Reissue with a few new feautures.Try it! Sounds great!. call for price SEK OnHold

Vox - SOLD

Vox AC-10 Twin. 1966.Ex+ condition!

With original cover.Sounds amazing.. Superdeal Sold

Vox AC-30 1963

ca.Blue speakers and brown speakercloth.Smoth black tolex and no plastic amp corners.Original and sounds fantastic.Not mint but well this is the sound!!. Sold

Vox AC-30N 1964ca

Blue speakers.Brown grillcloth.All original.Not a reissue from China. This is the real deal.Works fine and sounds legendary!. Sold

Vox AC-50 top. 1960s.

Bias adjusted.A few new caps.Fresh tubes.Sounds great!. Sold