Öppet kl 13-17: fre 30/7 + tisdag-fredag 3-4-5-6/7.Sen semesterstängt ca 3 v. (Normalt ÖPPET: Tis-Fre 13-18, Lör 12-15.) RING gärna 08-6427300 eller mail@tiptop.se.

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1A.Öppet kl 13-17: fre 30/7 + tisdag-fredag 3-4-5-6/7.Sen semesterstängt ca 3 v.

1A.Öppet kl 13-17: fre 30/7 + tisdag-fredag 3-4-5-6/7.Sen semesterstängt ca 3 v.

Att beställa funkar bra. Vi skickar gärna oxå. Hemsidan uppdateras dagligen, nya grejor ofta..

Aria - SOLD

Aria Pro II bass. Model CSB-300.Cardinal series. MEDIUM SCALE! Made in JAPAN by Matsumoku. 1980s.

Solid ash body. Medium scale: 32, 5 inch. Sounds great!. Sold
Video here:
Model info here:


Clern D-28H.With pickup. New.

Dreadnought size body.ALL solid Woods! Solid Sitka spruce top. Solid ROSEWOOD back and sides.Vintage style Herringbone binding.Genuine EBONY fingerboard.Mahogany neck.BONE nut and saddle(intonated).1930s style Martin type headstock with Clern logo in pearl and abalone.Special extra strenght headstock design.Nickel plated open vintage tuners (like 1930s or Waverly).Neck shape taken from an extra nice 1950s Gibson, slightly rounder and thicker. (Ebony bridge and bridge pins.You may choose from: Clern Deluxe GIGBAG (with cool reflecting tape): thick padding,highest quality materials OR Clern HARDCASE with hygrometer on inside for 500sek extra.ToneRite treated for best tone! A superb copy of Martin D-28 at a fraction of Martins price.Check it out now! .Designed by Bjorn Clern, loudly made in China & Only sold in TIP TOPs shop.. Superdeal SMARTMANs Martin D28! 6900 SEK

Eco Turtle Shell TIP TOP picks.

Eco Turtle Shell TIP TOP picks. aka DJANGO-PIX: 0,9mm - 1,2mm - 1,5mm - 2,2mm - 3,5mm - 5,0mm. New.

Looks like vintage Turtle picks and sounds very similar.Turtle is The holy grail of pick tone. The ECO Turtle material was designed over 100 years ago as a direct replacement for turtle shell and has been successfully utilized as such since then. Eco Turtle Shell TIP TOP picks are available in several sizes from 0.9mm to 5.0 mm thick, with rounded standard bevels, or a speed bevel that simulates natural edge wear.Some versions are laser engraved with grip & grooves.All have laser engarved TIP TOP logo. The material allows such rich tones from an instrument string. Our material is a polymerized animal protein (note: no animals are harmed in any way) that has many of the same physical properties as real turtle shell which makes it ideal for guitar picks. You could look at it as ecologic turtle-shell. Many people who have tried picks made from this material cannot tell them apart from the real thing.You get the note, plus subtle overtones that just are not possible with any other material. Plus, items made from shell just simply feel better when in the hand.Our material also has the organic factor that gives them the feel of real shell. It is the material, plus our hand-formed bevels and our laser engraved grip & grooves that make our picks unlike any other pick on the market. In blind tests with real shell picks, its very hard to tell the difference.In summary, real shell picks are a joy to play because they feel so good and produce tones that are not possible with other types of pick materials.Our Eco Turtle TIP TOP picks comes very close.Enjoy! 3 picks for 200 sek or Each pick price sek. 80 SEK


Flot-A-Tone AMP. 1950s.

Flotatone amps were made from 1946-1960s.Newly renovated, sounds great. 1950’s Flot-A-Tone 600: proudly built in Milwaukee, WI sometime in the early 50’s, this simple, hand-wired design (two 6L6 power tubes, one 5U4 Rectifier, and two 6CS7 preamp tubes) offers lovely single-ended, Class A touch-sensitivity and vintage voiced tube breakup at lower volumes. This beautiful amp was given a full top to bottom inspection and service and now boasts a grounded 3-prong power cord, new power supply caps, coupling caps, and tubes. While it’s pretty enough to sit in a museum, it's ready for another 60 years of service!. 9900 SEK

Groove Tubes

Groove Tubes MD 1a NOS = New Old Stock

Sold without powersupply because you can use 2 GT mics on each powersupply!! If you want stereo buy 1 SYSTEM MD1A and 1 MD1A seperately.Smart! Worlds most sold Tube microphone ever!!. Superdeal 7500 SEK
More info here:

Groove Tubes - SOLD

Groove Tubes MD 1a SYSTEM NOS = New Old Stock

Studio Tube microphone. Worlds most sold ever!! This is with the power supply and cables.US listprice 1195 USD.Tip Tops. Sold


Guild JF-55 NT Acoustic jumbo. 1997.

Top-Of-Line model.Sounds incredible! Solid Rosewood back & sides..

Levin - SOLD

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model LT-18. 1967.

Specifications: Goliath size: Body width: 400 mm. Body length: 505 mm. Body depth: 95/120 mm. Fingerboard width: 43 mm. Scale length: 630 mm. Spruce top with X-bracing. Flame maple back & sides. 4-ply bound top. Single-bound back. Mahogany bolt-on neck with adjustable truss rod. Single-bound ebony fingerboard with bass side pearloid block inlay. Ebony bridge with individual adjustable plastic screws. Nickel plated strip tuners with white plastic buttons. Natural finish. Ten year warranty.. Sold
Model info here:

Shine Bass

Shine Bass 702 Jazz bass. NEW.

Solid Paulonia body.Lightweight -very suitable for younger people or if you are just tired of heavy basses.Shine Pro gigbag included.Great bass!. 3595 SEK

Tube Preamp:

Tube Preamp: 12AU7 Tungsram. (= ECC82).Gain factor 19. NOS=New Old Stock from 1970s!!

Perfect for your old Vox! 12AX7 - ECC83, 7025, ECC803, E83CC, 6681 : GAIN 100, 5751: GAIN 70, 12AT7 - ECC81, 6201, 6679 : GAIN 60, 12AY7 - 6072 : GAIN 45 12AV7 - 5965 : GAIN 41 12AU7 - ECC82, 5963, 5814, 6189 : GAIN 19 Preamp Tube Gain Factor Choosing pre-amp tubes by gain factor One simple tweak that is favored by guitar amp users is to plug in a pre-amp tube with a slightly different gain factor. Replace the V3 12AT7 Reverb Driver tube with a lower gain 12AU7 to give you more usable room on the Reverb Control. The Reverb pot can be a little touchy with a usable range from 0 to 3 or 4. A 12AU7 wont push the reverb circuit as hard so the usable range can extend up to 5 or 6 on the dial and make dialing in just the right amount of reverb easier. The lower gain 12AU7 can also reduce reverb circuit noise.. Superdeal 250 SEK