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Björn CLERN Bass

Björn CLERN Bass P Bass -55. ooak (One Of A Kind).

Butterscotch yellowed Blonde on 1 piece lightweight ASH body.Weight only 3686 gram! BOCOTE fingerboard on WALNUT back.Bone nut.Great neck with JazzBass nut width for easy playing.Nut width: 38mm.Strings through body for great sustain and tone.Vintage type LITE tuners from Gotoh.Satin nitro neck finish. Hardcase in black leathertolex with red plush interior with stiched CLERN gold logo on the inside.Finest Italien leather strap with Clern logos incl.La Bella flatwounds & intonated. Built by bc & perfect adjusted.Nitro finished in Nacka by bc & team."ooak" (One Of A Kind) means that every guitar is unic, not factory made.Light relic treated för a great worn in feeling.Great instrument - dare try it ;-).. .

Dickerson Amp

Dickerson Amp De Luxe Professional Model 8. ca 1940.

The Model 8, a 4 tube, 10 watt amp with an 8" speaker. Newly renovated with new filter caps, speaker output jack, powercord etc. Sounds magic! Dickerson Brothers amps and lapsteels Dickerson logo Founded by Dickerson Brothers in 1937, lap steels and small amps. Also made amps for Oahu and Gourley Brands. 1947 changed ownership and renamed Magna Electronics (Magnatone). Original 110 volt..
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Video here of same model:

Dickerson Amp Standard Student Model S6. ca 1940.

3 tube model.Newly renovated with new filter caps, speaker output jack, powercord etc. Sounds magic! Original 110 volt..
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Epiphone Junior amp top 2006.NEW.

Product Information You can get amazing power for your guitar with the Valve Junior Head. The 5-watt power of this Epiphone guitars amplifier delivers great performance that is sure to blow your mind. This Epiphone power amplifier gives 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outputs to power any type of additional speaker, within single 8" box to a 4x12" cab. The power amp circuit in this Epiphone guitars amplifier uses a 12AX7 preamp tube and EL84 power amp tube that produces a distinctive speaker sound. To reduce the noise this Epiphone power amplifier has DC filaments. So, let your music rise to its true glory with the Valve Junior Head guitar amplifier. History The Epiphone Valve Jr. version 1 combo was released in 2005 as a part of Epiphone's line of amplifiers. In January 2006 a head version was released and also a version 2 combo. In June 2007 an updated head version and a version 3 combo were released. The first Epiphone Valve Juniors (version 1) were only combo amplifiers and received only a fair reception, due to such problems as buzzing and hum caused by the AC filament voltage. Epiphone then released a head version, correcting these issues and changed the AC filament voltage to DC voltage. Version 2 combos also featured these modifications. The version 1 and version 2 combos feature an 8" 4 ohm Ceramic speaker. In 2007, Epiphone released a speaker cabinet that can be used with the Epiphone Valve Junior, featuring a 1x 12" 16 ohm Eminence Lady Luck speaker rated at 70watts RMS. Head only versions have 4,8 and 16 ohm outputs. Early versions mainly have Sovtek tubes and later versions have a variety of tubes such as JJ, EH and Sovtek tubes. As of summer 2012, these amps appear to have been dropped from the line. The Amps page no longer exists on the Epiphone website. Modifications The Epiphone Valve Junior has become very popular to modify because of its basic design. There are many websites, kits, and forums dedicated to this purpose, including the Epiphone official amps and accessories forum. Some sites offer kits to match the gain characteristics of Marshall, Fender and Vox amplifiers. These kits often do not include a bridge rectifier to convert the version 1 AC filament supply voltage to DC, instead they suggest twisting the AC leads together to cancel the generated electromagnetic fields, a technique used in twisted-pair Ethernet cable to eliminate cross-talk. Serial Numbers The first 4 digits of the serial number are the date code MMYY (MM=month, YY=year). Version 2 Valve Juniors have date codes starting at "0106" January 2006 up to June 2007 when version 3 was released. This one:#0806... = 2006. 1850 SEK


Fender Bass V. 1965.

Sunburst.All original.Original hardcase. Very worn , extremelly rare & cool!. 52000 SEK

Fender Bass VI Blonde (!). 1963.Ex cond.Extremely rare.

Blonde on ash body.All original.Black Rosewood fingerboard.Orig hardcase.. 170000 SEK

Fender Precision Bass. 1966.

Blonde.Neck dated march 1966.Original tuners & logo.Original frets in still very playable.Neck width: 44,0mm.Pearl dot neck.Original pickup dated 7-12-66.Original pots dated:137-6609 = week 9 year 1966.Original knobs.Body nitro refinished. 1 piece ashbody.Weight:4,3kg. New Fender strings 45-100.Hardcase incl.. 45000 SEK

Fender Precision Bass. 1974.

Lightweight: 3616gram! Very worn Alder body, originallly sunburst, but since late 1970s stripped and refin in nitrocellolose to natural-looks very cool.Neck dated week 40 year 1974.Dark and straightgrained Rosewood fingerboard, converted to FRETLESS.Nut width:40,4mm - very playable. Original tuners.Neck is very worn and almost no finish on back of neck.Original tortoise pickguard with original pickup dated 1974.Both pots dated 1974.Original bridge saddles on Titanium base plateplate (for even better sound.Non orig hardcase included.Plays great and sounds fantastic.We can refret it if you want, with frets that you may choose (at a cost).. 27500 SEK

Fender Amp:

Fender Amp: Deluxe Hot Rod 112 Cabinett.TWEED: Ex+ cond.

Only the speaker cabinett, not the amp.The Hot Rod Deluxe™ amp has become the world’s best-selling tube amp. From its introduction on through to today, countless guitarists have chosen it as their go-to amp, and it has proven equally popular among rock, country, punk, pop, blues and jazz players. The Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure features a 12” Celestion® G12P-80 speaker for all-around use with a variety of combo amps. It fits neatly under the Hot Rod Deluxe and Blues Deluxe combos, adding bass response and thump, apparent volume and stage coverage. Rated at 80 watts RMS at 8 ohms. Speaker cable included.. Superdeal 3900 SEK

Fender Amp: - SOLD

Fender Amp: Hot Rod Deluxe Lacquered Tweed Limited Edition. 2003.Used, mint cond.Original with Jensen P12N.

Very rare-only 200 made:2003 Namm Show Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Lacquered Tweed. It pumps 40 watts into a single 12” Special Design ALNICO Jensen P12N ® speaker fueled by two 6L6 Groove Tubes® output tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. Its two channels (normal with bright switch, and drive) are voiced for classic blues, country and rock; other features include Fender® spring reverb, effects loop, two-button channel footswitch (not included), laquered tweed covering, chicken head knobs and chrome control panel. "In the spring of 2003 Fender released a special run of lacquered tweed Hot Rod Deluxes with an alnico speaker (Jensen P12N)." "Very rare-only 200 made:2003 Namm Show Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Lacquered Tweed. In general the Blues DLX and Hot Rod DLX amps are similar. The BD will not stay as clean at higher volumes due to the 3rd stage always being active. The HR has "improved" distortion (drive) with "more drive" added. The HR has fuller reverb and an extension speaker jack. Both are good designs with plenty of classic Fender tone. Original USA version:110 Volt.. Sold


Gibson Acoustic Nylon string model Chet Atkins Nylonstring Solidbody CE. 1983.Used, vg cond.

Chambered solidbody Nylonstring with build in pickup.Solid spruce top and mahogany back.Rosewood fingerboard.Incl original brown case.Pickup missing, inside electronics remains.Sold as-is.. Superdeal 12000 SEK

Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue.BLONDE & Super Flamed! 1991.MINT condition!

Natural Blonde superflamed maple top & back!All original with original brown case with pink inside lining.1960 type of neck profile.. 42000 SEK
Another one for sale here:

Gibson Les Paul Faded. 2018

Worn Bourbon color.Upgraded with USA active EMG pickups. Incl TT foamcase..
Gibsons info here:

Gibson - SOLD

Gibson Kalamazzo K-32? Orkgit 1938.

Handcarved arched Spruce top,arched mahogany back and sides.Roof top head with Bolt on Gibson logo.Dearmond pickup with original chromeplate with vol and tone controls .TT hardcase & strap.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. Sold


Ibanez Acoustic Classic Nylonstring model 350.Made in JAPAN. 1970s.

New bone saddle installed for best tone.. 1900 SEK

Kay - SOLD

Kay Hollowbody Swingmaster K-762. 1961-1965.s

Sunburst.2 great sounding P-90 type pickups. Those Kleenex-box pickups are nothing to sneeze at. (Sorry!) They’re more properly called P-35s and consist of a single-coil that was wound for Kay by Gibson, so they produce that nice, fat familiar P-90 sound, but with their own subtly different voice.The scale length is 25.7-inches, which is little longer than Martin standard and about an inch longer than the scale length of a Gibson ES-175. The guitar has a 1 11/16″ nut.Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.TT hardcase. . Sold
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Levin Acoustic Steel string model LG-10. 1964.Good cond.

Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.Sounds great!!. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood. 5900 SEK
More info here:

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 62. 1947.

Non-cutaway. Body width: 315 mm. Spruce top with undetermined bracing. Birch back & sides. Single-bound top. Unbound back. Unbound headstock. Unbound walnut fingerboard with mother-of-pearl dot inlay. Rosewood bridge. Brass tuners with brass buttons. Nickel plated tailpiece. Dark brown finished neck, back & sides. Sunburst finished top. One year warranty..
Model info here:

Levin Solidbody model 1900.Extremely rare! 1960.

Very nice,all original. SELA low impendece pickups and pots.With original dominantcase.Only made 1957-ca 1962. . 28000 SEK


Marshall model 5010.Master Lead Combo.30Watt. 1982-1991.

No tubes but have a great rock sound!1 x 12 inch 70 watt Celestion G12M speaker,UK made, Made in England! Vintage tone to the bone! " I had one of these back in the late 80s --the thirty watt 5010 combo. I thougth it was a great ss amp at the time. Plenty loud and captured the classic marshall sound pretty well--ac/dc, zz top etc. Mine came with a 12" celestion as the stock speaker. Add a tube screamer and it could get near VH territory. It had the basic Marshall JCM800 tone and depending on the pedals you used it could cover a lot of ground. ". Solid State Combo Amp from Marshall, made in England. These amps were made from 1982-1991, and it was meant to be a solid state version of the JCM800 amp. This amp is in a very good condition, and I will recommend a buyer to check different sound samples on the internet. The amp is also a light weight version, compared to its JCM800 relative, and it is a good platform for pedals.. 3900 SEK

Marshall 5210 Combo .50 watt. 1981-1991.s.Used vg cond.

No tubes but have a GREAT rock sound! 1 x 12 inch 70 watt Celestion G12M speaker,UK made.This combo is the transistor (solidstate) version of the 4210 combo which was the JCM800 tube version.Full size accutronics reverb tank for best reverb sound.Clean channel sounds fine and dist channel is rock heaven (think AC/DC)...Incl footswitch.Made in England! Vintage tone to the bone! . 5995 SEK
Video here:


National Duolian 1931

12 fret neck.Straight F-holes.Coverplate with hooks instead of screws (only made in 1931 to early 1932).Original bar frets on ebony fingerboard.Original bisquit, stamped with National.Legendary sound! Hardcase.. . 37000 SEK

National - SOLD

National Estralita Deluxe. 2005.Nyskick.

Special ordered with ropebinding (=+2600kr).. Sold


PRS Santana SE SHAMAN Limited Edition 2003.NOS. New Old Stock.

There were 100 of these made in 2003 as a celebration of the Carlos Santana album Shaman and were not distributed for retail, but for PRS Dealers and music business execs. 2 piece mahogany body, single piece mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, etched Carlos signature on back plate with PRS Cordura bag Made in Korea 2003 PRS Guitars has announced unique addition to the Santana SE line. PRS created this imaginative model to acknowledge the success of Carlos Santana's #1 CD, "Shaman", following the multi Grammy award winning "Supernatural" CD. The Shaman model guitar is a Santana SE illustrated with the same artwork that appears on the Shaman CD. The new Shaman SE model is a limited edition of 100 guitars, available exclusively to PRS dealers as awards. . 15000 SEK


Shine S400 Seymour Duncan USA P90 Phat cat pickups NEW.

Flame maple top on mahogany back.Semi acoustic.Set in neck.Medium jumbo frets.2 great USA Seymour Duncan pickups for more sounds.Cleaner neck pickup sound, fatter bridge pickup sounds.Great! Better than a regular ES-335! Grover tuners.Genuine bone nut! Plays great and sounds 2 good, Incl pro gigbag.Highest quality from Korea.7820 kr.. Superdeal LAST ONE, BEFORE SOLD OUT! 6495 Sek. SEK
Video here:


Silvertone Archtop Aristocrat Model 1365. 1954.

Sunburst.All original except 2 knobs and newly installed Kluson Reissue tuners.Pots dated 1954.Original alligator DC case..

Silvertone AMP combo. model 1482. 1960s.

All tube: 2 x 6V6, 2 x 12AX7 + 2 more tubes.Sounds great! Built in tremolo, works fine.1 x 12 inch speaker. 110 volt.All capacitors checked and OK.New powerchord with ground for safety.New speaker cable.Incl pedal for tremolo.. 8200 SEK


TIP TOP CaseCover for 335. New.

"reissue" of 1950s style Gibson case cover.Protects the hardcase from wear.Original was made in beige canvas, now much stronger material.Black color with white TIP TOP embroided logo.. 350 SEK

TIP TOP CaseCover for Les Paul. New.

"reissue" of 1950s style Gibson case cover.Protects the hardcase from wear.Original was made in beige canvas, now much stronger material.Black color with white TIP TOP embroided logo.. 350 SEK

TIP TOP Hardcase Deluxe with Hygrometer! Archtop. New.

Pro quality! Arched top for strenght.Built in hygrometer.Black leather handle.Luxury velvet plush inside. . 890 SEK

TIP TOP Hardcase Super Lightweight Les Paul size foam case. .NEW.

Pro quality! Super strong outside material.Very lightweight.Its a hardcase, protects very well and can be used as gigbag and carried on your back also! No pockets,to keep it small and lightweight!TIP TOP special! Les Paul shape.. 790 SEK


Likriktarrör: 5U4GB / 5AS4A General Electric 1970s, NOS = New Old Stock from the 1970s!

Super quality not found in new rectifier tubes.. 350 SEK

Likriktarrör: GZ34 / 5AR4 Sovtek. NEW.

Nya LÅGA priser - jämnför gärna!Pris per rör.. Superdeal 210 SEK


Vox AC-30 C2 combo amp.

Mint cond. Original with Celestion speakers.Incl manual & cover.Made in China.Vox AC-förstärkare är några av de mest inspelade i Rock’n-Roll historien. Detta faktum är i sig inte speciellt överraskande när band som The Beatles, Shadows, U2, Rolling Stones plus många fler använt dessa lika flitigt på scen som i inspelningsstudion. Begäret efter dessa klassiska rör-förstärkare är starkare än någonsin och Vox fortsätter att bygga dem med samma höga standard och specifikationer som gällde för de exemplar som lade grunden för en stor del av världens mest kända och älskade musik. Med sitt register från kristallklara och övertonsrika rena ljud till spänstig overdrive via Top-Boost kanalen är den extremt mångsidig. Använder du externa effektpedaler uppskattar du säkert den inbyggda effektloopen med True Bypass. Högtalarbestyckningen är 2x12" Celestion G12M Greenback som kompletterar förstärkaren på bästa sätt. 30w combo med 2 kanaler, Normal och Top-boost Rörbestyckning: 3 x 12AX7 och 4 x EL84 Tremolo och reverb Effektloop 2 x 12" Celestion G12M Greenback högtalare Vikt och mått: 32.2 kg, 702 x 265 x 556 mm Klassisk 30w rörförstärkare med Normal och Top-Boost kanal samt fjäderreverb och VOX-tremolo. . Superdeal 7495 SEK
VOX own info here:

Yamaha - SOLD

Yamaha Acoustic Steelstring model L-20A. 1981.

Yamahas version of Martin D-35.Goldplated tuners.Ebony fingerboard with snowflake inlays..Solid fine grained Spruce top.Ebony bridge with rosewood pins.Solid 3 piece Rosewood back (Brazilian middle piece).Made in Taiwan.Very worn but still great.Finish on back of neck removed and nitro oversprayed for better wood feeling.Low and very nice action.Original Hardcase."Manufactured between 1978-1983 the LG20A was an instant hit with players worldwide.". Sold
Info here about model: