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Ampeg SVT preamp + Rickenbacker RA-600 (600 watt poweramp). Rack mounted in flightcase. .Ex condition.

Det mest berömda bass soundet från Ampeg SVT tube preamp i kombination med ett mycket sällsynt slutsteg på 600 watt från RICKENBACKER. Låter kanon. Tokbra pris!!. Crazy deal 7900 SEK

Ampeg SVT-410HE bass cab. .Mint condition.

SVT-410HE bas låda - 4 x 10" högtalare med diskant horn, 500watts/8ohm, 122dB SPL, frequency response: 60Hz-18kHz. Vikt: 41kg. tysken 8800sek inkl cover.Vårt pris inkl cover!! Pris inkl 25% moms. Crazy deal 6900 SEK


Björn CLERN ooak (One Of A Kind) gitarr modeller.

Klicka på bilden för mer INFORMATION för den intresserade.Välkommen att prova på Katarinavägen 22, Stockholm. .

Björn CLERN TLE "Van Gogh", ooak (One Of A Kind). New.

More info soon..... 2906 gram.

Björn CLERN TLE Custom -72, ooak (One Of A Kind). New.

Cherry Red on 1 piece very lightweight Pine. Superbt flamed maple neck. More info soon.. 2983 gram.

Björn CLERN TLE Thinline Custom FLAMETOP, ooak (One Of A Kind). NY.

SUNBURST. More info soon..... 3124 gram.

Björn CLERN Bass

Björn CLERN Bass Jazz Bass. ooak (One Of A Kind).

Cool multifärgad Jazzbass kropp.Solid EBENHOLZ slab greppbräda med jumbo band på blanklackad lönn backsida av halsen som känns som tidig 1970 tals Pbas. Schaller stall.Grover tuners. Active pickup:USA Seymour Duncan PRECISION Bass med 3 miniswitches för många coola EQ versioner av Pbas ljud. Hårt fodral i svart lädertolex med röd lyxig plysch insida med Clern guld logo stickat på insidan.Finaste Italienska läderaxelband med Clern loggorna ingår. 45-105 & intonerad.Byggd på Katarinavägen av bc & perfekt injusterad oxå."ooak" (One Of A Kind) betyder att varje exemplar är unikt, ej serietillverkat.Lätt relik behandlad för en inspelad känsla.Passa på! Kanon instrument-våga pröva ;-). . 9600 SEK
Seymour Duncan info:

Björn CLERN Bass P Bass -55. ooak (One Of A Kind).

Butterscotch yellowed Blonde on 1 piece lightweight ASH body.Weight only 3686 gram! BOCOTE fingerboard on WALNUT back.Bone nut.Great neck with JazzBass nut width for easy playing.Nut width: 38mm.Strings through body for great sustain and tone.Vintage type LITE tuners from Gotoh.Satin nitro neck finish. Hardcase in black leathertolex with red plush interior with stiched CLERN gold logo on the inside.Finest Italien leather strap with Clern logos incl.La Bella flatwounds & intonated. Built by bc & perfect adjusted.Nitro finished in Nacka by bc & team."ooak" (One Of A Kind) means that every guitar is unic, not factory made.Light relic treated för a great worn in feeling.Great instrument - dare try it ;-).. .


Danelectro DC-59 Psychedelic Eric Clapton 1 of 200. Rainbow! 2010.

A very rare guitar in perfect shape. Collector's item. One out of 200! It is modeled after Eric Clapton's handprinted Danelectro DC-59 during his time in Blind Faith. What is so unique about this guitar is the finish. A psychedelic twist on the classic DC-59 made famous by Jimmy Page and Syd Barret. Looking at the pictures, you can see the colored artistic paint marks are all over the guitar! The fretboard, the pick guard, the headstock and the sides and back of the neck. It plays amazingly also! Classic Lip Stick tube pickups! It features a wooden bridge and an input jack on the front side of the guitar, which is how the original DC-59s were manufactured. The body is Masonite, a typical Danelectro manufacturing technique. Danelectros are great for any player. They are well built, they play well, they sound great, and they just look really cool! Incl gigbag.. 8900 SEK

Danelectro Longhorn Bass model 4423. 1960s.

Incl orignal hardcase!THE most sought after collectors model! Longhorn Bass models were made 1959-1969: Bronze sunburst, . 37000 SEK


Eastman AC 120 Flat back. NEW.

Solid Spruce top with scalloped braches for great sound!Handcarved! Mahogany back and sides(laminated).Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.Satin finish.Deluxe HARDCASE INCLUDED.(in our gigbag:4300sek)Fantastic value and tone!!. Superdeal 4900 SEK

Eastman AC 420B Flatback ADIRONDACK.Custom ordered Sunburst. New.

Solid ADIRONDACK (vintage Martin & Gibson pre 1945 style) Spruce top for fantastic tone and incredible volume.The top is individually-voiced with scalloped X-bracing.The neck is hand-fitted to the body with a dovetail joint.Vintage square headstock with rosewood headstock overlay.Hand-rubbed nitro-cellulose gloss lacquer finish.Genuine Ebony fingerboard, bridge and bridgepins.Solid Indian rosewood back and sides.Mahogany back on neck.Airdried wood!Bonesaddle and nut,handpolished. Vintage open back tuners from Japan: Gotoh.Hardcase included.Certificate included.Welcome to compare with a Martin D-28 Marquis 1937 Adirondack model for around 48000 sek...EU price:14400sek incl 25% VAT.Tip Tops . 15300 SEK

Eastman AC 622 New.

Great superflamed maple back and sides.Tightgrained ENGELMANN Spruce top.Ebony fingerboard, bridge and bridgepins.Deluxe Hardcase included.Suggested retail price: $1,875 . Superdeal 15900 SEK


Fender Jazz Bass. 1970.

Original Sunburst on alder body, very worn.Dark nice Rosewood fingerboard.Pots dated 1970 week 51.Lightweigt:4318 g with both metal covers.All original.TT hardcase.. 55000 SEK

Fender Telecaster -60 copy by SHINE model W160. NEW.

Cool vintage Blonde (transparent white).Ash body for that correct Tele twang! Rosewood fingerboard with 22 Jumbo frets.Satin finished back of neck for great worn-in feeling.Nice tortoise pickguard.Wilkinson vintage bridge with brass saddles.Pro gigbag included.Great value!!. Superdeal SMARTMANs Fender Telecaster 3495 SEK

Fender Telecaster Standard.MEX 2005.

Artic White.Maple neck with jumbo frets.All original.Very similar to a American Standard...Perfect setup with 10-46 & intonated.Gigbag.. 5800 SEK

Fina Acoustic Bass

Fina Acoustic Bass 829CEQ. Electric Cutaway NY.

Hög kvalitet. Inbyggd piezomik med aktiv preamp. Granlock. Mahogany bak och sidor. Daddario USA Phospher bronze strängar. Gigbag ingår. Svart lackad. Natural (utsålt).. Sista exet innan utsålt. 4490 SEK
More info here:

Fina Classic

Fina Classic 501 NYLON string acoustic. New.

Spruce top.Agathis back and sides.Sonokeling fingerboard.Chrome tuners.Fina Gigbag included.Perfect beginners guitar if you prefer nylon string.1690 sek.. Superdeal 1295 SEK


Gibson Acoustic J-160E. 1959.Fantastic & Excellent condition !!

Sunburst.Incredible clean 1959 Gibson J-160E in near mint condition. Gibsons most famous electric-acoustic guitar which came out in 1954 with one singlecoil P-90 pickup, and gained popularity in 1962 when John Lennon and Georg Harrison from the Beatles made it to their main acoustic guitar in the ´60s. The body is laminate for better feedback resistance, only in the first half of ´54 they had solid tops. The guitar has some very light playwear and is all original and has no breaks or other damages. Very comfortable playability and nice sound! Incl. non original hard case. . 69000 SEK

Gibson Acoustic Nylon string model Chet Atkins Nylonstring Solidbody CE. 1983.Used, vg cond.

46mm nut width. Chambered solidbody Nylonstring with build in pickup.Solid spruce top and mahogany back.Rosewood fingerboard.Incl original brown case.Pickup missing, inside electronics remains.Sold as-is.. Superdeal 12000 SEK

Gibson Bass String VINTAGE Mona Steel HIFI Flat wound.Model No 0055. New Old Stock from 1950s.

In original orange box.We have 3 sets.For longscale Electric Bass.112cm TWL (=thick wound lenght, from ball to after nut, where string gets smaller to fit tuner). Price per set:. 850 SEK

Gibson Grabber Bass. 1979.

Black. All original. Worn but in a nice way. Low and very playable stringheight. Sound very cool! with Original Hard Case.. 16500 SEK
Model info here:


Gretsch Anniversary.6125 model. 1961.

24,5 scale. OHC. model 6125 =2 tone smoke green.. Includes CITES Certificate for BRAZILIAN Rosewood 16300 SEK

Gretsch Electromatic G5420T. Made in Korea.

Fairlane Blue metalic.Bigsby.Hardcase.All original. Made in Korea, better quality than Made in China version.. Superdeal Mint condition. 9500 SEK


Hagström D2F Silver sparkle.

. Superdeal 4200 SEK


Höfner Archtop acoustic. 1950s. Ex cond.

Red Sunburst.No pickups.. 4900 SEK

Höfner - SOLD

Höfner Archtop 1959.Ex cond.

Sunburst.Thick body.Non pickup version.dc case.. Sold


Ibanez Archtop AF-85 flametop. 2012.

Sunburst.All original.Perfect setup with flatwounds.Intonates nice.Gigbag.. Superdeal 4950 SEK


Kay Silvertone Archtop Aristocrat Model 1365. 1954.

Top-Of-Line Silvertone archtop! Sunburst. All original except new Kluson Reissue tuners. Superb sounding "Speedbump" pickups. Pots dated 1954. Original alligator DC case.. 14900 SEK
Model info here:

Kay Galaxie. 1964

Original sunburst.Worn but cool! Hollowbody with 2 "half" F holes. 1 pickup model. Both pots dated 1964..


Levin Archtop model 325. 1966.

Sunburst. All original. Goldplated hardware. 2 original DeArmond pickups. Neck reset for best action. Pro refretted and fingerboard a little radius to make it play nicer. Original Harp tailpiece. Dominant Case. photos soon.. 19500 SEK
Model info here:

Microphone VINTAGE!

Microphone VINTAGE! Astatic model 200-S Crystal Microphone.

Hi Z. Incl original box! 151 element -sounds GREAT! Works fine!. 2200 SEK


Minarik Inferno. NEW.

Black.Superb quality and sound. USA Seymour Duncan pickups. Tone Pro bridge and stoptail, semihollow..etc. Hardcase included. Listprice:1399usd and in Scandinavia 10900sek. Black in stock! LAST ONE FOR SALE NOW!. Crazy deal TIDIGARE PRIS 10900 SEK. NU 4999 SEK
More info here:


Musima Bowling Blue strat type. 1960s.

Fantastic looking guitar from East Germany.This is a really eye catching guitar!!. 5500 SEK
more info here:


National Cone 9,5 inch original. NEW.

National factory original.Not hot rod version.. Superdeal 550 SEK

National ES-335 copy. Made in Japan. 1970s.

model EG-680. DC case. Superdeal 3200 SEK


Peavey SOLO combo Amp.Solo series.Made in USA.

. OnHold

RADIO vintage!

RADIO vintage! Panasonic model R-72."Toot-A-Loop". ca 1971.

The Toot-a-Loop Radio or Panasonic R-72 is a novelty radio made by Panasonic Japan in the early 1970s. This radio was designed to be wrapped around the wrist (provided your wrist wasn't too large). It also came with stickers for customizing the unit. Reception was the AM broadcast band only - no FM (the FM version of this radio is called RF-72). The radio was shaped something like a donut with the hole off-center. . 650 SEK
More info here:


Rickenbacker RA 300 Poweramp. 1990s.

300watt or 2x150watt.Very high quality amps that sounds great!!Only:. Superdeal 4500 SEK

Rickenbacker - SOLD

Rickenbacker M 11 Amp 1954

Very similar to a Fender Tweed Deluxe from the 1950s. Extremely rare amp! 2 nice 6V6 output tubes. 12 inch Jensen Alnico 5 speaker P12R dated 220423 = 1954. Original trafos. 110 volt with new powercord for safety. Sounds absolutely amazing.Sings like a bird!!!. Sold

Schematics here:

Shine Bass

Shine Bass 714. NEW.

Swamp Ash body.Strings trough body for best tone and sustain.Satin nickel hardware.34" scale.24 frets.Shine pro gigbag included.Listprice:7300sek.SALE-LAGERRENSNING-REA-UTGÅENDE MODELL:. Superdeal 3695 SEK

Shine Bass 825 Ash 5 STRING. NEW.

Blonde Swamp Ash body.Gold hardware.Solid gold-plated brass bridge.Shine Pro gigbag included.2 Active pickups with alnico magnets.4 knobs for Volume, pickupselector, bass+/- , treble +/-.Incl nice quality gigbag.Great sounding and playing 5 string!. Superdeal 3740 SEK

Shine Bass 920-W.Standard.MEDIUM SCALE! NEW.

Black metalic.MEDIUM SCALE,great for guitarplayers, younger people or if you want that extra FAT sound that a medium scale will give you.!!Great model at a fantastic price.1 Jazzbass QP neck pickup+ 1Music Man type humbucker in bridge.Active preamp for great output and active bass and treble controls.Pickup blend on a knob.Pro gigbag included.. Superdeal 2895 SEK