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D´Addario Strings


3 paket för 180kr!!Varför köpa okända märken när du kan få riktiga strängar för bara 50kr per set? 9-42, 9-46, 10-46, 11-49 set.Passa på.. Superdeal 180 SEK
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Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Bass strings 45-105. New.

Pure Nickel.. 395 SEK

Ernie Ball Electric Guitar strings 10-46. New.

Pure Nickel.. 90 SEK


Gibson Bass String VINTAGE Mona Steel HIFI Flat wound.Model No 0055. New Old Stock from 1950s.

In original orange box.We have 3 sets.For longscale Electric Bass.112cm TWL (=thick wound lenght, from ball to after nut, where string gets smaller to fit tuner). Price per set:. 850 SEK


Peavey Lapsteel model POWER SLIDE. Ex cond.

Candy Apple Red. With gigbag.. 4700 SEK

Pyramid Strings

Pyramid Strings Acoustic Phosphor Bronze.ROUND CORE.

Superb musical strings.They feature a "Round Core" construction instead of the commonly used
"hexagonal core" construction found in today´s strings.This return to the manufacturing process of the Fifties & Sixties results in strings which offer unbelievable tone and sustain.11-50 or 12-54.. 150 SEK

Pyramid Strings Acoustic Premium Phosphor Bronze.


Pyramid Strings Electric Gold Flatwounds

Chrome Nickel flats in sizes:11-48,12-52,13-52,13-56 and 14-58.World finest flatwounds!. 220 SEK

Pyramid Strings Electric Nickel Classics Roundwound.

10-46,10-48,11-48,11-52,12-54.Vintage Orange package.Strings are silver-plated steel and pure nickel round wound on a round core.These strings are made exactly the same way as electric guitar strings were made in the Fifties and Sixties using a round core. Around 1970 (or so) most string manufactures switched from round core to hex core’s for wound strings. This helped them “lock” the wrap onto the core for less defective wound strings. Unfortunately, the tone and sound of the strings changed considerably. Sadly, this is what we are all use to hearing and playing these days… Until NOW!
Round core constructed string offer better harmonics, longer string vibrations, better tone and longer string life. Pyramid is about the only company offering a true round core, pure nickel wrapped strings. These are exact to the specs they used originally from the late `40’s thru the 1960’s and feature a small core and large wrap.Modern guitar strings feature a hex core (hexagonal) construction as the core for the wound strings. This simplifies production and reduces costs, but the use of hex core wire also presents certain tonal disadvantages. In production, soft nickel wire can become slightly compromised when it ´bites´ on the edges of the hex core, causing micro notches on the inside of the wrapping wire.Hex core wire is also stiffer and less flexible than round core wire, all of which can negatively affect the vibration characteristics and tone produced by the wound string. Pyramid round core strings represent a return to the way strings were made in the ´50s and ´60s, with audibly enhanced tone and sustain.Please notice when installing round core sets,a 90 degree bend must be made in the wound strings to ´set the wrap.´ Simply make a sharp bend before cutting the string to the desired length behind (after) the bend. We use round core classics and highly recommend them.. 100 SEK

Pyramid Strings Electric Nickel Plated Steel Roundwound.

9-42,10-46,11-48.12-52,13-56. 80 SEK

Pyramid Strings Electric Pure Nickel Handwound. New.

Maximum Performance Strings are pure nickel round wound strings, hand wound of the highest quality materials. Our pure nickel round wound strings are LOWER IN TENSION, like strings of the 50 & 60 ´s, compared to modern mass produced economy strings. We make these superlative strings with smaller diameter higher quality core wire and larger diameter EXPENSIVE PURE NICKEL winding, by hand! The exact opposite of how to make strings cheaper and faster in mass production. These strings are a blending of the master stringmakers art and the finest materials! The finishing touch of SILK overwrap is also applied by hand by skilled master stringmakers using a different color for each gauged set.For players who love the round wound sound, these strings are heaven.Super FEEL, outstanding TONE, exceptional TIMBRE.These strings SING!. 120 SEK

Pyramid Strings Electric Pure Nickel Roundwound.

10-46,11-48,10-52.Blue package.. 90 SEK

Pyramid Strings Gypsy Jazz DJANGO style 11-46.

Silver plated... 120 SEK

Pyramid Strings Mandolin.

Strings are silver-plated steel and silver-plated copper wound, light tension 009 013 022w 032w. Loop end, 33cm scale length, 6.0kg tension. This is the basic set for mandolin..

Pyramid Strings Mandolin.Gold

Pure Nickel Flat Wire Wound Strings with Swedish Steel Plain Strings. Sets Available in Light , Medium , and Heavy Gauge. Silk Wrapped Loop and Tail Ends.33cm scale length..

Pyramid Strings Nylon Standard. New.

More info here:

Pyramid Strings Nylon Super Classic

Top of the line strings.For the classic guitar player who wants the best.. 230 SEK

Pyramid Strings.Bass.

Pyramid Strings.Bass. Gold Flatwound shortscale for DANELECTRO / SILVERTONE vintage basses.

50-105.Fits original tuners perfect.Special custom made for TIP TOP.. Superdeal 595 SEK

Pyramid Strings.Bass. Gold Flatwound shortscale for HÖFNER. New.

Developed in 1956 in association with Walter Hofner for the first Hofner 500/1 electric bass guitar. Chrome - steel Pure Nickel Flat Wire Wound . Available in Short Scale (Beatle Bass) and Long Scale.Legendary Bass String Set with Extreme Long Life .. Superdeal 595 SEK

Pyramid Strings.Bass. Nickel Plated Steels.

45-105. 395 SEK

Pyramid Strings.Bass. PURE Nickel Roundwound on steel. New.

Maximum Performance, round wound bass strings.They are superlative hand wound bass strings of highest quality materials and constructed to be as freely vibrating as possible producing harmonics that make these superior in tone and timbre.We have longscale 40-100,45-105,50-110.Mediumscale 50-105.. 490 SEK