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Artec Tuner Guitar / Bass AT-100G.

Tuner and tone generator. 2 in 1..


Axelband Guitar Straps BISON - HandMade in USA. .NEW.

Super quality.Handmade in USA by Lakota Sioux Indians.Very soft.Price in USA:60 usd excl tax..... Superdeal (pris exkl moms: 396 kr.) 495 SEK

Eco Turtle Shell TIP TOP picks.

Eco Turtle Shell TIP TOP picks. aka DJANGO-PIX: 0,9mm - 1,2mm - 1,5mm - 2,2mm - 3,5mm - 5,0mm. New.

Looks like vintage Turtle picks and sounds very similar.Turtle is The holy grail of pick tone. The ECO Turtle material was designed over 100 years ago as a direct replacement for turtle shell and has been successfully utilized as such since then. Eco Turtle Shell TIP TOP picks are available in several sizes from 0.9mm to 5.0 mm thick, with rounded standard bevels, or a speed bevel that simulates natural edge wear.Some versions are laser engraved with grip & grooves.All have laser engarved TIP TOP logo. The material allows such rich tones from an instrument string. Our material is a polymerized animal protein (note: no animals are harmed in any way) that has many of the same physical properties as real turtle shell which makes it ideal for guitar picks. You could look at it as ecologic turtle-shell. Many people who have tried picks made from this material cannot tell them apart from the real thing.You get the note, plus subtle overtones that just are not possible with any other material. Plus, items made from shell just simply feel better when in the hand.Our material also has the organic factor that gives them the feel of real shell. It is the material, plus our hand-formed bevels and our laser engraved grip & grooves that make our picks unlike any other pick on the market. In blind tests with real shell picks, its very hard to tell the difference.In summary, real shell picks are a joy to play because they feel so good and produce tones that are not possible with other types of pick materials.Our Eco Turtle TIP TOP picks comes very close.Enjoy! 3 picks for 200 sek or Each pick price sek. 80 SEK

Evidence Audio

Evidence Audio

GUITAR PLAYERS READERs Award for best product to Evidence Lyric HG cable!!!!.
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Evidence Audio Cables Awards:

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Evidence Audio Guitarist TEST of Lyric HG

"Guitarist choice"!!"Outstanding audio performance".Sound quality: 5 of 5 stars!!.
Read the TEST here:

Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable NEW.

One of the absolute best sounding cables you can buy! See links to tests!!! NOW IN STOCK..

Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable NEW.

A fantastic cable:"In short,the Evidence Audio Lyric HG delivers all the goods in an impressive fashion, and earns a well deserved GUITAR PLAYER EDITORS PICK AWARD".Not cheap but the best cable you can buy,we think!.
Guitar Player test:

Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable NEW.

15 feet = 4,5 m.. Superdeal 750 SEK
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Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable NEW.

30 feet = 9 meter.Long enough for a big stage.. 995 SEK

Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable 20 feet=6m. NEW.

GUITAR PLAYER PICK AWARD.Was 985 sek.NOW:. Crazy deal 750 SEK
More info here:

Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable. NEW.

10ft = ca 3,0 meter.Jämnför Thomann pris 99 euro = 1000 sek.TIP TOPs. Crazy deal 595 SEK
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Evidence Audio Lyric HG STEREO 15ft = ca 4,5m NEW.

THE best cable for Rickenbacker owners with stereo output.For example: 4003,4001 basses,360,620 etc guitars.Price in USA:75 usd.. 855 SEK
More info here:

Evidence Audio Melody Instrument Cable

6 meter.Listprice 695 sek. Crazy deal 550 SEK
More info here:

Guitar Cable TIP TOP

Guitar Cable TIP TOP PF1 Patch Cble

1 feet.


Horizon MIKROFON sladd Cannon-Tele HiZ. 30 feet = 9m.Model CHZVB-30. NOS.New Old Stock.

. Crazy deal 195 SEK


Safecon SPEAKER cable tele-tele.10m model SC25CH. NOS New Old Stock.