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Titan Guitar Parts

Titan Guitar Parts PR-03SP Bass saddles. NEW.

. 895 SEK
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ToneRite. Doubble bass

Achieve and Maintain Vintage Tone Now. A key to great tone is constantly playing-in your instrument. The ToneRite® is the worlds most advanced and premier play-in device. Significantly accelerating the play-in process and providing increased tone, playability, and balance, the ToneRite makes all of this available in a nearly silent, high quality, and portable manner. The secret behind the ToneRite is its ability to continually produce and efficiently transfer vibrational energy into an instrument. ToneRite safely recreates and magnifies the same physics that naturally occur while playing. This stimulation generates a change to the instruments integrated components and increases the resonate together as a whole. Not only will your instrument sound better, but the notes themselves will come easier and allow for playing difficult passages with less fatigue. The ToneRite will result in added volume with a fuller and more balanced sound. Det funkar!! . 2500 SEK