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A.M.P. Practice amps. NEW.

Many in stock.Both for guitar and bass.Prices from:. Superdeal 495 SEK


Ashdown Acoustic Radiator combo. Used.Vg cond.

Perfect little combo for acoustic guitars! WAS 3500 SEK, NOW crazy deal:. Superdeal 2995 SEK


Flot-A-Tone AMP. 1950s.



Gibson GA-5 Les Paul Junior Amp.Plexiglas 2004ca.

All ORIGINAL INCL ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX! Wow! This 5 watt, volume only amp is a beautiful sight. All tube (EL84 and 12AX7), clear BLUE plexi glass enclosure and an 8" Gibson Pure Goldtone speaker. Simple as possible, made to rock and surprisingly loud. Gibson only made 250 of these, so you may not find another! . MINT cond. 11500 SEK


Hagström Amp.Model 85 reverb combo 1966ca.

Everything works.The first transistor model amp in the world? 2 x 12 inch alnico speakers.Inkl cover. Crazy deal .Tidigare pris 3500 SEK. NU 1999 SEK

Hagström - SOLD

Hagström Amp.Model 39 combo 1960s.

Newly renovated with new caps.Upgrade with 10 inch Fender speaker.Sounds great.. Superdeal Sold


Harmony AMP model H400.Combo. 1966.

Made in USA.Handwired.All tube model.3 tubes.A few caps upgraded and full trafo for safety.With original Jensen alnico speaker.Original powertransformer dated 1966.Sounds great!.


LAB L5 Combo Amp. BB King 1978.Ex cond.

All original.100 watt. 2 x 12 speakers.Built in compressor & reverb.The Lab Series was produced by Norlin in the 1970s using both Gibson and Moog resources. The L5 is best known as BB Kings first choice amp on tour, and it has been associated with his signature sound from the 1970s to date. Lab Series are built like tanks with solid construction, robust filter capacitors, and a huge transformer. Incredibly dynamic for a solid-state amplifier, this amp features a Compressor, Reverb, Multi-Filter and Semi-Parametric EQ. These amp have also been used by guitar legends like Allan Holdsworth and Ty Tabor of Kings X. Known for Their Fantastic Sound, Response and Versatility Specs: 100 watts RMS into 8 ohms 2 CTS USA 12inch 16 ohm speakers (1377826 codes on speaker frame) 2 channels with Master Volume 2 inputs (high gain, low gain) per channel Compressor, Reverb, Multi-Filter, Bright switch Effects Loop Line Out. OnHold


Laney 4 x 12 cab.Model Bass 100.. 1969.Used, vg cond.Made in England.

sounds excellent.Very well built with real quality plywood in cab and back, (no particelboard!). . OnHold

Laney VC-15 combo. Made in UK. Excellent condition.

Tube amp.2 channels.Reverb.Leather handle.Laney VC15 är en 15 watt, 2-kanals combo-förstärkare med inbyggt reverb, som uteslutande använder sig av rör. I förförstärkaren sitter det 3 x 12AX7-rör, och i effektförstärkaren sitter det 2 x EL84-rör, som producerar 15 watt rent rörljud, som skickas ut genom en 10” Custom Jensen-högtalare. På den rena kanalen (clean) har du endast en volymkontroll (behöver man mera?) och en "Bright switch", som lyfter diskanten lite, speciellt när man spelar med låg volym. Drive-kanalen har en drive-kontroll samt en tre-bands passiv EQ, en reverb-kontroll og en “Tone"-knapp, som du kan använda till att ta bort lite topp på ditt ljud, om du behöver detta. Den rena kanalen bjuder på det traditionella, brittiska, rena elgitarrljudet, speciellt när man använder "Bright switch". Utan "Bright Switch" och med en smula extra bas-boost blir tonen fyllig och fantastisk för solon. På drive-kanalen kan du vrida in dig på en milt förvrängd rörton till en mera tät och komprimerad soloton och allt däremellan. Nypris:5395kr. Superdeal 3400 SEK
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Malmberg - SOLD

Malmberg 2x15 Cabinett 1971 ca.

MINT condition!! We got it from the original owner.. Sold


Premier AMP model 120 combo. 1950s.


Premier AMP model 88N combo. 1950s.



Roland Amp:model Cube 40 Combo. 1980s.

Made in Japan.The classic jazz guitar amp.Original orange tolex.Small and Sounds great!. 2900 SEK

Roland - SOLD

Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus combo.

A vintage Classic amp! 2 X 12 SPEAKERS.. Sold


Silvertone AMP model 1442 (or1446?). 1960s.

sounds great! Built in tremolo..